Make Humanity Great Again –  Are You In Esteem Of Yourself To Govern Your Life Autonomously?

Make Humanity Great Again – Are You In Esteem Of Yourself To Govern Your Life Autonomously?

There is Vibe of Victimization Circling The Globe & Being In Esteem of Oneself is An Act of Courage and Autonomy We As One Humanity Have Been Impacted As A Whole By The Mindsets & Governance Of Those Who Lead The Collective. Very few questions the dictates handed down by the influential governments of this globe and yet many watch on television, desktops & on their mobile screens some of the most abhorrent displays of normalized abuse to humanity through the political forums in which we base our laws of living. These laws are not indicative of the nature of our existence and are actually not fixed laws at all. The laws of life are governed by an expanded and universal approach to LIFE FORCE. An appreciation for the world in which we live and cultivates life for us to enjoy is a sweet feel and you can tap some of that knowledge and insights with this link here, if […]

Having the Esteem and Courage to Be Exactly Who You Are – No Apologies & Full Acceptance of You

The Power of the Self Coming into alignment from a broken brain body connection is an endeavour that yields a good deal of wisdom once success has been achieved back into balance. In healing to wholeness from a misfired and miswired cerebral nurturing of abuse and toxic stress to complete peace and mastery over the entirety of my life force energy is an accomplishment that I am supremely proud of. In doing so, it has solidified and affirmed for me my capabilities to be anything that I consciously choose to be. My life experience was seemingly stolen from my consciousness almost 3 years ago by way of complex neural post-traumatic stress situation I had to manage, and in doing so, I nearly ended my own life. Thank goodness for the GoodFeels of being a Mama Bear and having solid friends in the world that made the point at which that decision was a resonant energy in my being I chose […]

Self Esteem is a Vibe We All Carry Within – Where Are You At With Yours?

Self Esteem is a Vibe We All Carry Within as Humans Here on This Expanding Globe We All Share as a Collective. Many entanglements are initiated at the onset of our lives here on this planet and whatever the environment, circumstances and people we were bred within doesn’t change the fact that you have the autonomous right to choose for yourself the kind of life you wish to live on the path laid out before you. The quantum world has taken the old world modality by storm and blown the once perceived immutable laws of indoctrinated society to be just that, immuntable laws, when the truth of the real world shows us that inherently we create the worlds in which we choose to exist.  To understand how this is accomplished, a person has to have a good look at themselves and with a set of lenses that are free and unencumbered by mistruths ingrained within them by influences past. How […]

Self Esteem Wins & Making It a Sweet Vibe for You & Your Relationships – Tracking Your Awareness

AWARENESS OF SELF It has been a trip to discover myself. It is a weird vibe to walk around in your skin only to realize that within you have an entirely disassociated part of you that had been created out of mere survival of which you had no knowledge. The testament to love being a force that is unparalleled was the path to my becoming whole once again. In my exploring what self-esteem and really rebuilding oneself up from nothing taught me is that we as humans have the freedom to be exactly who we are, how we are and if we embrace our own unique selves and encompass the principles of self-esteem within, the world really is your creative playground of discovery and amusement. Your Sense of Self is Determined by Who? Our formative years play an influential role in how we frame ourselves as individuals. Our influences that surround us as well as the tools and acumen inherently […]

Pillars of Esteemed Vibes -The Practice of Personal Integrity

Integrity is Defined as a Moral Uprightness. A Commitment to Honest and Forthright Intentions and Alignment in Thoughts, Words and Actions. Doing what one will say one will do and acting as one says that they will act.  A congruency is required to be able to deem oneself of good moral standing and principle. Your ideals, your convictions, your beliefs, the standards you keep, the boundaries you delineate and your habitual and mechanical behaviours  make up who you are.   When your behaviour is aligned and congruent with your values you profess to adhere to, then you can be consisdered to be  a person of integrity. Living with integrity is a self esteem win because you develop faith and conviction in yourself when you behave in ways that align with who you express yourself to be. When we behave in ways that conflict or contradict our own judgement then we lose faith and trust in ourselves. Having a moral code […]

The Practice of Purposeful Living – The 5th Pillar to Esteemed Living

Our Next Post That Rides In On A Thrive Vibe Is… The Practice Of Living Purposefully. In this day and age with the technology that we have developed, the political climate & many influential industries that have been exposed as lacking integrity for humanity. The knowledge that is available to us in terms of our own individual creative powers we ALL possess to be conscious participants in the fabrication of our life experience…. living purposefully is a vibe we would all do well to ride. One Can Learn To Understand That Living By Hope & Chance Are An Old World Model. A modality of belief that your world happens to you, and not for you. When a human decides to take on the knowledge and implement the knowledge of conscious living, self-acceptance, self-responsibility and self-assertiveness, then living purposefully goes hand in hand with the development and experience a human being has in their life experience. To have the world handle […]

In Esteemed Vibes – The 4th Pillar Of Empowerment – The Practice of Self Assertiveness

The next pillar of self-esteem that we will expand upon in this post is the 4th one out of the 6th and that is the practice of self assertiveness. What Is It To Be Assertive? How Do You Define Your Ability To Assert Yourself? We can be passive participants in our own governance, or we can be tremendously brave and courageous and take the reins of our own vibe and how to enhance the best vibe we can for and within ourselves. To be able to assert yourself is an indication of your ability to honour all aspects of yourself, your wants, desires, needs. If you do not assert yourself, then you are contributing to a factor of disempowerment. Being able to confidently assert yourself in any situation has an impact on your outcomes. A person that is well versed in their own esteem will enter a room and their energy is encompassed with assertiveness. It is a characteristic and […]

Pillar Number Three in Esteemed Vibes of Self -The Practice of Self-Responsibility

Once you have dialed in the comprehension and application of the first 2 pillars – that of living consciously and living in total acceptance of yourself we then slide in with the third pillar of self-esteem as per Dr. Bradens work and that is… The Practice of Self-Responsibility Taking responsibility for yourself, your actions, your goals and ultimately being in the attitude and practice of being responsible for the aspects of myself that need and require nurturing and cultivation. This is the practice of self-responsibility and it is a very good vibe to harness and acknowledge the opportunities we hold within to implement and thrive off of such a practice. Being able to sit comfortably in one’s own skin and say that I am responsible is an empowering spot to be. It is all you fabulous human! To come to a place in your being where you are confidant to express “I am and I take responsibility for the achievement […]

The Practice of Conscious Living – A Powerful Tool 2 Level You Up

A couple of weeks back we discussed the first pillar of self-esteem which involves living consciously. In order for knowledge to be fully experienced, it requires that the knowledge you absorb mentally, also be practiced experientially. This solidifies the teaching so that it is not just a concept you keep in your Mind, but a tangibly felt experience to lead to true knowing. You can read up and learn all about the ins and outs of skydiving and say “I know what skydiving is!” or you can pay a few hundred dollars, strap on a professional skydiver and plummet yourself to the Earth from 10 000 feet up in the sky and have the real knowledge of what skydiving is all about. How Does One Go About Experiencing Living Consciously? A modicum of self awareness and an aptitude for learning about how to optimize your particular individual self is a great way to start having a conscious relationship to yourself, […]

The Practice of Self Acceptance – An Esteemed Vibe & Gift For Your Well Being

To Accept Oneself Our next pillar of self-esteem that takes us into a trajectory of expansion and optimal living is the practice of self acceptance. If you are capable of being with yourself and invest in your best interests, than the practice of self acceptance proves to be an esteemed vibe and a beautiful gift for your well-being. What does it really mean to accept yourself? It may feel completely natural to you to know who you are and how you feel and glow in your own skin. You also may not feel like that at all and maybe never even given yourself and your well-being a second thought. As a person who has fielded neural stress and rewiring as well as repeated trauma and abuse and the subsequent recovery and healing of it, I only too well that feeling shameful of yourself, doubting your capabilities and judging who you are in a negative light only leads to further situations […]