Energy Healing in Vancouver for Esteemed Living

Energy Healing in Vancouver for Esteemed Living

One of the most advantageous ways a person can elevate their own esteem and get to know themselves is by way of connecting to themselves and their own energy.  

Energy healing in Vancouver or Burnaby, BC for esteemed living is readily available for any person to consciously invest and created a more connected and healthier relationship within themselves.  

Distant healing is also available, so if you are not local to energy healing in Vancouver, you are still able to receive the benefits.  
To wrap your head around this concept, see this post here on how distant healing works. 

Energy healing in vancouver

What is Bio Energy Healing?


Bio Energy Healing is a highly effective modality of healing. It is a completely non-invasive, hands off healing treatment formula implemented by formulaic hand motions around the body and in the bio field of an individual.

   This proves effective by way of the electromagnetic nature of the hands, intent and training of the practitioner.  

 This kind of medicine tackles the entirety of your physiological issues.  

Mental, Emotional AND Physical.

  It is a whole healing system.  

The practitioners in energy medicine guide themselves by way of the higher consciousness aspects of our human existence here on Earth. It is an understanding of the metaphysical aspects of our existence and capitalizes on this very real and tangible truth. 

 The bio field is a field of energy that surrounds the human body and is connected to the ethereal planes of existence.

  Within the human body, energy centres and energy meridians give function to the body’s entire energetic health. 

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Your body’s natural design is created to heal itself. In fact, the body’s ability to maintain pristine health and overcome illness is one of nature’s most remarkable feats. An experience with this energy healing in Vancouver will demonstrate this to you.

In order for you to come into your own energetic health means understanding that the method in which you have been conditioned to understand the body may need expanding.

The world of mainstream mechanistic medicine leaves a dependency outside of yourself and most often upon pharmaceutical dependency.

To be consciously aware and connected to your own body and its energy is where your foray into energy medicine begins.

 Your body is made up electromagnetic pulses and subtle energies that give your entire body’s physiological system life. 

Subtle energy creates the fuel and atmosphere for the entirety of your health.

Energy healing in vancouver

How Bio Energy Healing Happens & What You Can Expect


One session of a bio energy healing treatment lasts just over an hour from entry to exit.

 Upon your arrival to the healing space you and I, the practitioner will sit down and check in with how you are doing overall and create a dynamic of well-being with each other before the treatment begins. 

You can ask any questions and express any concerns or intentions you may be carrying.

The only thing that is required of you during the session is for you to connect to your breath and relax yourself as much as possible by quietening your MIND.

You are here in energy

This can be done by purposefully focusing your MIND’s attention on the task of deep belly breaths through the nose and out the mouth. 

The more you can get out of your head and into your body by way of your deep breathing, the more energy you engage within your cells through the oxygenation of them.

The first portion of the treatment involves you standing with your arms rested at your side while I do a series of formulaic hand movements around your body, close to the surface of your body, but completely hands off.

 These movements last 15minutes in the standing position and then you will be asked to be seated with your legs up on a stool for another 15 minutes and then back to standing for yet another 10-15 minutes.

Bio Energy Healing sessions require you to relax and connect to your breath and experience the sensations of the work as they present themselves to you in your own body.

 The ease of which you are able to encompass in your state of biology in presence and relaxation makes it a very beautiful experience. If you are prone to great stress and unable to relax, then no worries, as there are techniques to bring you into a more peaceful and relaxed state of being.

After the energy session is completed, you will be given the opportunity to express your experience by providing feedback and ask any questions or inquiries you may have.

Energy medicine harnesses a simplicity and deep respect for the dignity of your human life and the care of it.

 The energy healing session is symbiotic with this truth.

Energy healing in vancouver

How Honouring Your Own Energy Is An Esteemed Vibe


Many people live in the paradigm of mechanistice medicine treating their body like a separate mechanism separate from their own minds or command.  Coming into understanding your own energy is to understand the dignity and honour you deserve in nurturing it. 
 The world can be a scary place and circumstances and people can come at you from every which way with all kinds of experiences.  
Being solid in your own biology, confidant in your mind and secure in knowing how to manage your own energy within your body, mind and Spirit is one of the biggest esteemed investments you can make for yourself.

In the bath is an energetic thrive

Being in Your Skin


There is a kind of amnesia that exists among humans today. They are immersed in their conditioning and programs of thoughts, feelings and habitual behaviours.   

To be in command of your own energy is to know how to optimize it. Not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  All these energetic aspects of ourselves, determine the level of health we cultivate for ourselves.

When you invest in a bio energy healing session, it opens you up and expands your self awareness.  The engagement of a full course treatment can shift the entire vibration of your life to a more expanded and progressively positive experience.

Metaphysics demonstrates that we as humans are very creative and very magnetic.  When you take ownership over your identity in its completeness, then you can be deliberately creative with what you intend ahead of yourself. 


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