Having the Esteem and Courage to Be Exactly Who You Are – No Apologies & Full Acceptance of You

Having Esteem and Courage The Power of the Self

Esteem and Courage are not always axioms to a humans behaviour.Coming into alignment from a broken brain body connection is an experience that results in a good deal of wisdom once success has been achieved back into balance.


In healing to wholeness from a misfired and miswired cerebral nurturing of abuse and toxic stress to complete peace and mastery over the entirety of my life force energy is an accomplishment that I am supremely proud of.

It has cultivate within me a good deal of esteem and courage as a result.

Ut has solidified and affirmed for me my capabilities to be anything that I consciously choose to be.

Infinite energetic being

My life experience was seemingly stolen from my consciousness almost 3 years ago by way of complex neural post-traumatic stress situation I had to manage, the darkest parts of it having me nearly ending my own life.

Thank goodness for the GoodFeels of being a Mama Bear and having solid friends in the world that made the point at which that decision was a resonant energy in my being I CHOSE otherwise.

The Esteem and Courage It Took For Me To Choose Me?

The Power of Love Enabled Me to Find My Way Back to Myself.

Life energy optimal

It’s an unusual thing when you carry the feels that your own life is not worthy of being.

It is a really beautiful thing when you see a child you made before your eyes reminding you of the gift of life.

Beautiful Max is epic feels

Innocent, full of wonder and viewing the world as a ball of light energy – always seeing the best in everyone and everything.

I think that natural part of who I am is what enabled me to remain consistent in achieving the interpersonal and professional goals that I did.

The tricky part of being human and treated inhumanely is that it propels you to create coping mechanisms for your survival.

The energy of hope

It is a really big weight psychologically because the ideals of society project family values and the pursuit of life, liberty and freedom.

The truth of most domestic realities do not encompass the individuation of one’s human rights and the enforcement of boundaries of those inherent rights.

If you look at many of the practices that are indoctrinated into our society it is only logical to observe that we are taught to normalize diminishment.

Question the abnormal

Even well-rounded families that seemingly have a level of normalized diminishment in their vibes too. This leads to misaligned developments of people and their own self perceptions.

I knew a dude once who was made to feel so guilty about an error he made as a child that his whole life now is based on the energy of cultivating situations that yield him guilt.

It is insane the impact your formative years has on who you become as an adult.

Idea to doing to done

To know yourself is to be in management of yourself.

To be in optimal management of yourself, then you are impacting the whole to a benefit rather than dragging people down around you.

In order to do this, it takes esteem and courage.

It is not to point fingers in the duality blame game of good and bad.

It is a misnomer to judge.

It really is.

In judgement we create resistance.

 In an energetic state of resistance, nothing of renewable and sustained value will be yielded from that energy. Esteem and Courage, especially

Give what you get

We as humans have been impacted as a whole.

There are political arenas in play that are so misaligned with the good of humanity it is no surprise that a good amount of people in the world are left feeling uncertain about what is right and good in the world.

It Is a Sweet Vibe For You to Ask For Yourself What Kind of World You Are Really Cultivating for Your Life Path. Indicative of Esteem and Courage?

Pathway to wholeness

To create and forge a deliberate and successful life path it is easier to flow in that without any kind of resistant energy.

Anything you are complaining about in terms of yourself?

Chuck it in the bucket and set about the task of cleaning up your self perception. Affirm for yourself you have Esteem  and Courage to be exactly as you are and intend to be.

I have encountered a good deal of people from various walks of life given the work and travel I have engaged in my 4 decades in this life.

One Aspect That is Universal to Us All, Despite the Pigments of Our Skin and the Variety of Predilections We Engage is Our Humanity.

Our Shared Humanity.

When we find ourselves at war in the world, who are we really fighting?

If you were to think about life in a logical and uplifting way, there is no reason or purpose for suffering. It is all the MIND and the constructs of the collective consciousness.

Any person who has encompassed and enabled esteem of themselves in their entirety and infused that into their pursuits need not take command or power over anyone or anything.

If The World Were Educated From the Get Go About the Unique, Dynamics and Inherent Marvel That is a Human System, Then People Would be Walking Around in Skins Lit Up Like Rainbows.

The rainbow of life is bright yall

To Live With a Set of Beliefs, Indoctrinations and Conditioning That Conveys to You That You Are Undervalued and Worthless is a Prime Environment to Learn, Empower and Educate Oneself of the Truth of Who They Are…. If You Gain Enough Education and Insight to Do So.

It can no doubt be a challenge to be an advocate for your own well-being and nurturing if the spaces you were nurtured in were in any way antagonistic to you feeling loved, appreciated, invested in and safe and secure in feeling whole in who you are.

Anyone who feels unworthy of unconditional love and acceptance of exactly who they are is living misaligned the nature and truth of being human.

We as humans have so much potential in terms of expansion, creation and transformation that it is literally an insane idea to lump ourselves into habitual and recycled ways of being in the world.

To be mindful and to be discerning with ourselves and the programs, ideas, beliefs and projections we carry within ourselves about our own selves is a huge element to being a person of success in this world.

Do something great and wonderful

An Authentically Successful Person in This World.

To Be a Person of Value Who Uplifts Rather Than Impedes is The Thrive to All Sentient Beings.

Having worked in the entertainment industry was actually one of the catalysts to propelling me into uncovering my complex trauma.

The normalizations of diminishment in that industry is an unusual phenomena in how diminishment to both creative men and women exist and a particular emphasis on misogyny and verbal bullying and abuse as things to be jested with.

Not nice to bully

Hierarchical living and taking power over other people is not yielding authentic success even if it gives a portrayal of being infused with success and opportunity.

If You Are Not Creating a Self Directed Life in All Areas of Your Being Then You Are Expending Energy Unnecessarily.

I left the animation studio game and went on my own back to freelance because they expected me to work upwards of 100 hours per week and be paid for 40. The Canadian Government in British Columbia has an overtime caveat for technicians. Technicians work on computers and make a decent hourly rate so need not be paid overtime.

Artists work on computers and therefore can be considered “technicians” even though the rate is not equivalent. It is suggested you get your work done in as many hours as is necessary for you to be deemed acceptable to remain.

I have a child. If I am not going to be paid for my time, then that time is going to my child and not to someone who thinks it’s okay to normalize trying to take advantage of my skills and time.

Thinking outside the box

A vibe for the good of all and that can look like calling out that which diminishes some and favours others. Not in criticism, but for accountability.

That which you allow you become complicit to.

At least, that’s the moral compass I guide my rule book by. How can anyone in good conscience be okay with normalizing abuse? It is insane, yet rampant in humanity.

Blaming and Judging and Criticizing is a Low Vibe Energy.

It can be perceived as such by those who do not take responsibility of themselves nor accountability for their in congruent behaviours that prove to add to the diminishment of their fellow human.

I’ve been in the depths of trauma and understand very well how the controlling, judging and critical being can emerge which is a huge indication of a person being out of harmony and completely misaligned.

It is an unbalanced and untruthful approach to how we are made to be nurtured and supported and is basically normalized abuse in the name of fame and profit…..which are constructs of an ill directed MIND absent from the intelligence of the HEARTSPACE.

Live and Let Be is a Sweet Vibe to Value in Esteem and Courage.

To Be Who You Are, In Your Entirety is the Most Advantageous Level Up You Can Provide Yourself and Others With Whom You Come Into Relationship.

If you feel uncomfortable doing something, then heed that discomfort and honour your feels meaning do not engage in activities, pursuits or even dialogue that is contrary to the presence of exactly who you are in this moment.


Expanding, however and not living in an energy of victimization and fear.

Even if you are, then recognize and accept that is what you have going on and now…..field it. Field it out by empowering yourself with the choice to do so.

To not be a victim of other people or circumstance. I have been dealing with and relinquishing that kind of permeated vibe and it is just a huge weight and deficit to the well-being of a human system.

To Negate ANY Aspect of Yourself is Incongruent with the Energy of Which Your System Was Made and Bestowed to You.


To unshackle yourself from any indoctrinated perceptions or internalizations you have picked up that are incongruent with feeling empowered, elevated, joyful and whole are ones you would do well to acknowledge, accept and then transmute out.

Being a brave advocate for your well being is a courageous act and an axiom to optimal life force.

To stand alone in your own morals, values and beliefs of your own choosing rather than following the conditioned norms of society is a solid way to be in the world.

It lends itself to autonomy and when you are in esteem and courage to be exactly who you are.

In the skin of peace

Victimization is an energy and a way of being that has become normalized in this world when the abundant Truth is there is nothing inherently wrong with anyone.

Only their own misaligned perceptions of themselves.

The thief is with the belief he lacks and needs to steal. Victim. The murderer is with the belief that killing a person is their only option to be satisfied or safe. Victim. The cheating spouse is with a belief that dishonouring his wife/her husband is necessary for wholeness, release and/or survival. Victim.

The mirror of you reflected

If each human took significant effort to invest in themselves and honouring the entirety of who they are then victimization conditioning and behaviours would diminish exponentially.

If each person in this world were to harness self-esteem and all that is involved in the principles and experiential implementation of such knowledge would elevate our humanity massively.

Where are you at in terms of your own esteem?

What is your daily devotional practice to honour who you are?

Are you relating from a place of genuine expression in exactly who you are or are you playing a game of appeasement and disingenuous investment to those around you?

To Be Exactly Who You Are Is An Epic Endeavour.

From here you invite expansion and growth as well as alignment and elevation. To be in resistance in any way, shape or form to who you really are in any moment leads to deterioration and lack.

Yes to yes

The fullness of life is granted to you when you embrace all that you are in your entirety.

If these words resonate with you, there are many resources available to you to harness and optimize the esteem of you.

When you make the decision to trust in your world and encompass a divine belief of your inherent worthiness and value the gifts are abundant and bestowed accordingly.

Stay True 2U & Close to Sunshine