How To Be Confidant – Ownership of Self & Expression Thereof

There Are a Good Amount of People in the World Who Have It Dialled In On How To Be Confidant

These individuals who know how to be confidant seem to sparkle and have light that emanates out of them that magnetized people to them.

They Need Not Ask How To Be Confidant.

They just are.

How to be confidant was never really a model of learning in schools, nor taking ownership of self, yet having these human tools at your disposal would be a thrive to anyone who is not naturally confidant in who they are.

The confidance vibration

There Are The Weak Links and There Are The Strong & The Happy Hybrids of the In-Between.

Shadows & Light Within Us Humans Is Omnipresent

Our humanity seems to encompass infinite varietals of the type of humans who inhabit this Earth and the esteem they carry within.

One need only look at the state of the globe to understand that acting confidant can yield a great deal of force, yet true confidence and ownership of the Self is what yields true power.

Those who need to implement acts that aim to take the confidence away from their fellow human being in order to gain in their pursuits is dinosaur consciousness and a super low feel.

Competition and game playing and all things implemented at the cost of satiating one’s lack of confidence runs rampant in our societal structures and normalized as good living and appropriate relational dynamics. How very funny. Like, peculiar, not ha-ha.

It is a dense space in which to create your highest good.

Spaces such as these can be transmuted through you, for you when you cultivate true confidence within your own state of being.

The coolest orange kat

It is not easy to develop confidence if you are not in support or esteem of your own being.

The Self Love Movement Is A Movement For A Reason.

It shifts you out of who you were told to be, to who you really are. It not only allows you to be who you are, but you give yourself permission to be exactly as you are, how you are.

There is so much resistance energy thrown into the world, and a direct reflection of the wars that we wage within ourselves.

Be fearless be you

You look around and tell me if esteemed vibes of living are omnipresent in overall governance of the collective.

It is a falsity the struggle to be anything but purely and cleanly exactly who you are.

What is paradoxically hilarious is that the influences you are nurtured within and the impositions that are put upon you from your external provide very little fodder for autonomous self-expression.

Expression of the self

It Is So Wonderfully Beautiful To Be In Expression Of Oneself.

It Is Completely Paralyzing To Be Encumbered With The Inability To Express Oneself Wholly & Authentically.

The more you suppress the truth of who you are to your deepest feelest feels the more unusual your life becomes.

When people do well and are rewarded with acknowledgment they gain a sense of their own self from the approval of others.

This is a very dicey human relational pattern to be engaged within as it puts all of one’s individual power in the hands of others.

It needn’t be a big palaver either to get yourself righted in the confidence game. We would do well with people who have tangibly epic channels of ideas and well nurtured hearts to come forth with some confidence in this world to transmute that which serves us not.

We put forth into the world what we put forth within ourselves.

Self investment yields dividends

If we are waging wars within ourselves then the battle will recycle and perpetuate the same results.

There is no sense in fighting who you are. Just let yourself be who you are and adopt the belief that you are just totally awesome.

Your focus of attention determines your vibration and many a human is vibrating at the fear level of virus death.

This is not to negate the toll this virus has had on our humanity as a whole and my heart goes out to those who have suffered great loss as a result of the overall misalignment our humanity is steeped within.

Spread positivity and not the virus

It is an ironic state of creation based on ignorance of the truth of who we are and it is a dense, dense vibe.

It is an odd paradigm in which we find ourselves.

The Best Avenue to Harness Your Own Confidence Is To Take Ownership Of Yourself.

If you were expecting a list of easy band aid fixes to get you feeling confidant within your own skin, then take a look in the mirror.

Being exactly who you see there is the most natural order of things and the most beautiful expression of yourself.

Even someone who may deem themselves super ugly bears by societies standards is still so beautifully their own in their unique and individual way.

The Expression of That Authentic Beauty That Is An Axiom To Human Life Is Something That Breeds Confidence Naturally.

Pink Pineapple Express lane

It is getting all up in your head about yourself to a deficit and recycling those untruths that keep a dense energy permeating within. Each of us humans would do well to adopt and attitude of acceptance rather than judgement, no?

Put your energy into adopting an attitude of complete acceptance and peace within oneself.

With This Comes A Natural Confidence.

Natural confidance

It is painfully obvious when someone is uncomfortable in their own skin and sometimes it is more subtle and delivered in abusive and unnatural ways that permeate dynamics.

Giving your energy any negative focus within or making the external opinions and judgements of people important to your sense of self is a surefire way to make your confidence dwindle entirely.

Connecting to your own SOUL the speak that it guides you to enabling you to empower yourself to be a person who knows who they are and understands their inherent right to express that with no hindrance in its expression.

Believe in who you are and believe in your right to be accepted in the skin you are in.

Adopting and engaging yourself in humbled balance is an energy that serves you well.

Drop importance of balance

To be confidant, you understand you are not superior to anyone, nor are you inferior to anyone.

You are in complete acceptance of yourself and how you dial in your specific vibe.

Developing your strengths and adopting complete acceptance towards the truth of who you yields confidence.

Choosing the entirety of you to support without any ill will or damage to others is a place of confidence that enables you to thrive.

Finding the sweet spot means being neutral with the world around you.


No Superiority or Inferiority Complexes at Play.

To be Confidant, You Are You, Unabashedly and In Balance.

If you lack confidence and are unable to just consciously create yourself to experience yourself as you please, then the work of self inquiry and self development are avenues to explore.

If you are steeped in your Ego and think you have absolutely no shortcomings and you are the best version of yourself then FABULOUS., so long as you diminish not the people you encounter.

If anyone is at the hands of your energy to diminishment and you are unaware of it, then your confidence is false.

With the mirror quantum principle always at play, you can gauge your level of confidence by the impact and relationships you keep.

They are all a reflection of you and your vibration and your emanations from within.

Reflection in the self


Physical Actions to Gain Confidence

Physical motion is the natural order of our human biologies.

Connecting to your own body through various physical practices such as breathwork and/or Qi gong – physical exercise endeavours and investment consistently to connecting to your body in order to feel trust and optimal governance within it.

Mental Frames to Gain Confidence

Thoughts are extremely creative and when you systematically and repetitiously frame to yourself mentally that you are complete and accepted just as you are then you can gain some equilibrium.

Being completely unconscious of yourself or in complete conscious governance of yourself, either aptitude when adorned with positive frames of mind and assumptions of acceptance and the best in store, then that is what is yielded.

There is no struggle and there are no problems.

Only that which is created by your dominant MIND FRAMES.

Make them golden, and with persistence, your ill perceived short comings will fall away entirely.

Affirm for yourself you are doing well and acknowledge yourself when you do so. Ignore all other evidence to the contrary.

Emotional Alchemy to Gain Confidence

Having an awareness of your emotional landscape is a well-to-do investment.

By nature in the indoctrinations many male frames yield non emotional connectivity and the female to be overly endowed with emotional energy.

The truth is that as both male and female species we are here to balance one another out and we all contain the same energy, we just process it differently based on factors of survival and perpetuation of our species.

Women are emotional nurturers by nature and men are hunters and gatherers by their nature.

It Is Not a Sexist Thing, It Is a Human Biological Thing.

The species truth

That is not to say that a man cannot be emotionally expressive and feminine in quality, and a woman be masculine and non emotional in her application of her execution of self.

The Expression of Every Individual Human is Just That.


We have entered times when our species is cross gendering itself.

To each their own.

The humanity that we share as a collective is indicative of biologies. Presently our biological collective is not in a thrive, yes? So, how do we return to a thrive as a collective?

Through the Individual. Seriously, if everyone showed up and took ownership and great confidence for being exactly who they are, then there would be a higher level of conscious awareness and governance omnipresent in our experience as a whole.

Global pandemic is not a thrive and buying into it is super informational. I negate not the impact of deadly virus nor is it my intention to diminish anyone’s very real and human experience in regards to its impact.

I merely acknowledge that as biological systems virus is an inherent part of our survival .

FIf we are out of the symbiotic and harmonious relationship with it, then we are in a deep dive rather than an elevating thrive.

Our choices in attention and investment of our MIND FRAMES WORDS and BELIEFS all culminate to our experiences.

If the (false) powers that be said there would be unlimited funds gifted to any and all citizens that can demonstrate optimized functioning in their physiologies by way of a systematic and regimented routine of investments that elevate the entirety of their beings and LIfeForce, how do you suppose the energy of the climate would look should that be what is FRAMED MENTALLY and EMOTIONALL to the collective?

Thoughts & Words Are Very Creative & Can Yield Confidant Results For One & All.

Choose your focus of self wisely and you may just find that how to be confidant is a natural by product of you giving yourself permission to do so.