How To Make Change & Make It Last

How to Make Change & Make it Last

Change is the only constant in life. How to make change and make it last is a good feel for any human being to have in their esteemed toolkit of living.

Humans are a product of their habits and the consciousness of that which we keep within ourselves.

How does a human change when they are in habitual patterns of unconscious behaviours?

With knowledge we gain awareness.

Everything expands.

 In awareness.

How to make change



Here is a thrive vibe for your energetic human toolkit.

The understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind and programming.

When we bring our unconscious programming to the surface of consciousness then we come into the power of our own self awareness to reveal the patterns and programs that are directing our actions and behaviours.

To read more about the ins and outs of your conscious and subconscious happenings you can scope out this post here.

When we lack presence of awareness of our present state focus we run on a kind of autopilot.

Autopilot to change

 Becoming present and conscious of ourselves in the here and now is the key to being able to decipher the kind of trajectory forth we are propelling ourselves with.

Rooting out your unconsciousness and coming into sovereignty of your own conscious awareness and how you are investing your focus of attention in mind and thus, body.

Our subconscious programs have us running on programs that were distilled to our consciousness from birth to age 7.

 Most people have a propensity for dualistic living in the limited mentalizing of if you are good you are rewarded, and if you are bad, you are punished.

This is all fine and good for keeping order in society but it proves a lacklustre feel for the well being and nourishment of ones sense of self to a thrive.

How to think change

As children the world is a place in which our programs are downloaded where there is punishment, judgement, criticism and conditional love.

The naturalness of well being is a place that knows not of such impediments. An unconditional accepting and loving space for a person to be who they are is a freedom that is not gifted in the structures of governmental mandated living in education and industry.

The conditioning of most is in a lower vibratory thrive than what is naturally ingrained within the formidability that is their own Soul’s box of a brain and body they inhabit.

This is why it is your biggest flex as a human being to be able to take complete ownership over the sovereignty of your state of condition.

Your fundamental state of condition is responsiblie for the level of success you achieve in this life.

How can you though, when your setpoint presently is in a state of low feels or stress?

  With knowledge comes power and with self knowledge comes self empowerment. 



To manage your state of condition it is a good feel to have an awareness of the homeostatic impulse.

The pulse of life

Given our lives are directed primarily by our unconscious programs, our minds and body are naturally conditioned to a fundamental state in which resides what is called the homeostatic impulse.

 This impulse regulates a humans body temperature, breath force and commands our basic physiological set point of functioning.

This happens at the subconscious level so they are not consciously activated by our own awareness, they are on autopilot and maintaining the energetic momentum of which you find your state of condition presently.

The balance of your mind and body are perpetuated by way of your homeostatic impulse. When we aim to change our habitual patterns of how we manage our state of condition it can become a resistance challenge because the subconscious thrives in comfort.

Knowing familiarity and programmed routines feels safe to the impulse within us as our habits and behaviours we repeatedly engage become our subconsious’s default mode.

How to make change

 When we aim to expand out of our programs and habitual patterns, it can create a feel of exhaustion or discomfort as the brain prefers to conserve energy with what is known and familiar.

Any time a human enters into their own conscious awareness and aims to shift or change habits the homeostatic impulse of the subconscious mind will attempt to pull us back to what feels and is known to be familiar.

This can create a good deal of mental resistance and when one is engaged in mental resistance then there yields a discomfort in the mind and body.

Anxiety, fear, trepidation, uncertainty, ruminations, uncomfortable in your skin feels – this is your subconscious programming station communicating to you that the changes you are undertaking are very clearly causing a disruptance to the homeostatic in place presently.

This is where your resilience and strength of your own character can and will be built.

Vadim Zeland, author of Reality Transurfing and How to Hack the Technogenic System posted this a few days ago on his FB feed.  It is a useful statement to adhere to within yourself as you wake and before you go to sleep.

Remember you are always right.  What you choose, is what you get. 

Make your choices with conscious awareness and empowerment.

The peace of change



When we are seeking to change or elevate aspects of ourselves and the life that we yield, it can be a tumultuous feel if we are being pulled about in all different directions.

The process of change and evolution comes the easiest with flexibility and least effort. These states are antagonistic to the homeostatic impulse when the momentum of your comfort zone has taken root.

Being able to feel safe, secure and confidant within yourself as you expand and grow is optimal life force. In order for you to enable yourself to feel safe and confidant and in command, then the easiest way is to enter into your awareness with empowerment.

Here are some resources for you to:

Manage Your Identity

Understand Your Energy

Engage a 7Week Self Study Empowerment Energetic Program

Many people are reliant and dependent upon the actions and behaviours of others to signify to them the condition of their own safety and sovereignty within.

Taking empowerment and change over your own life force takes courage and a commitment.

Courage dear heart

  In a world where competition, judgement, comparison and stress are all normalized as healthy living, it is not uncommon to find people in the absence of their own natural well being of consciousness.

To be able to cultivate an honouring of your own well being and feels of safety within is generating health.  As the brain and body are able to come into harmony in a natural state of being, then formidability is yielded in that energy of balance.

If you are constantly bombarded with pressures and obligations from outside of yourself in work or relationships without a solid investment into your own daily devotional practice of well being, then you are bleeding your vital life force energy to your deficit.  This is no way to live.

Taking ownership over your own well being means that you find safety within your own self to harness,cultivate and nurture your own right to a dignified and honourable existence.

So how does that exactly get done?  Safety for oneself.   The good feels of boundaries is a sweet vibe to put in your toolkit of empowerment.



Your ability to set boundaries with people is your protection in this world.

 They enable you to govern yourself with balance and empowerment.  They enable you to take ownership of yourself and are imperative for you to experience authenticity of love.

Boundaries are the foundation of your relationship dynamics within and with those outside of you.

Being able to say no to people in honour of your own vibe without feeling compelled to owe them or feel guilty is a freedom most do not realize to gift themselves.

The indoctrinated practices of dependent living run rampant in the structures of how society is bred that is an act of courage to stand firm in ones own delineation and upholding of personal boundaries.

When we are bred or conditioned in a way that makes us question our own worth and leaves us feeling powerless to our own safety, we tend to associate such conditioning with the truth of who we are.

 This insecurity within ourselves proves the catalyst for how we behave in our relational dynamics with other people and makes us susceptible to the same resonant energy that we carry with our trauma wounds.

This energy is not the truth of who we are in a natural state of pure well being and health.

We enter into dynamics of self betrayal and guide ourselves by our external influences rather than our own internal guidance system.

 Returning and honouring our own internal guidance system that is fully and unconditionally nurtured by the forces of nature is a where the implementation of boundaries proves a very big thrive.

 Boundaries are your protection.

They enable you to implement and uphold balance and keep you connected to your intuitive inward self.

 They are crucial for being able to cultivate long lasting and authentic love in relationships.

They are the foundation of every relationship you engage.

 They enable you guidance and security for yourself in your own sovereign determination for the uniqueness that is you.

They are your retaining walls as to what feels appropriate, dignified, safe, authentic and on the level with your own determination of sovereignty over your own life’s dignity.

In anything in life, it is best managed in an energy of balance. 

Balance of change

Sometimes with trauma or ill implemented relational dynamics, our balance can be skewed in terms of how we govern our own protection of boundaries.

They can become quite rigid after having been so loose for so long.

When I endeavoured to fully unencumber myself from longterm developmental toxic stress conditioning and realign to a functioning human being I had to explode my world of everyone and anything that triggered me.

  I basically enclosed myself in my home and even had boundaries on the amount of time and energy I was able to share with my own child.

With complex trauma there is no room for abnormal normalizations.  In society you will find abnormal normalizations everywhere.

Like every which way.

 One who is not discerning of their own boundaries whether they be loose, rigid or flexible, is one that needs to come into greater knowledge within themselves.

Most humans are conditioned to beliefs that do not necessarily empower the truth of who they are.  When you take sovereign control over your right to a peaceful and dignified existence, then boundaries are your best tool to ensure this to happen.



Assessing where you are at in terms of your nervous system is a healthy and balanced feel for your entire life force.  Normalized stress is a feel that is all too present in the dynamics of societies structure which has divorced itself from the power fo the natural world.

You as a human being will find your biggest flex by reconnecting to not only the nature that supports your life, but the nature within you that thrives in PEACE.

Being able to have awareness and knowledge of mind-body healing practices is a nurturing and good feel for the well being of your human bio suit.

Peace train restore

 The kinds of consumables you engage have a huge impact on your minds capacity to function.

 If you are dependent upon substances such as caffeine, processed foods, sugary sodas, pharmaceuticals or drugs and alcohol then these coping mechanisms present in your life are a clear indication of your present state of condition.

 Being able to regulate your nervous system in an empowered and natural manner is where your real personal empowerment is bred.

 You need only rely on the directives of your well delineated mind and take complete command over your own habits to become masterful over your own life experience.

Your capacity to not only assess and get real about what you have going on and be able to look at it with sobering and authentic eyes will be the key to your aligning to the change you desire.

For full biological elevations and realignment, see this site here.

Your physical well being through movement and play is paramount to your overall well being.  Additionally, being emotionally intelligent to be able to regulate your own emotional state of alchemy is where the rubber meets the road in terms of self ownership. 

Having a solid and connected relationship to your own being, your breathforce and your energy is the gateway to restoring health and balance.

If putting your realignment into the hands of another seems too invasive or daunting a task then the good feels of engaging a self study development program is an integrated feel to enable and expand your own responsiblity and ownership of your empowerment.

 Here are the links to the DEEP framework.  

You can read about the efficacy of this program here. 

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Bex at or leave a comment below.

The freedom train


Being able to restore and align yourself back to a natural state of well being and growth involves understanding that it is no ones job to save you or take responsibility for you.
This can be a hard pill for many to swallow when the predominant teaching and download to most humans in the mainstream is to “do for others”.
This is a solid feel to embrace in living as all our experiences are bred from relationship.
Makes logical and empowering sense then, to be in complete command and mastery over the relationship you keep within.
Being authentic and congruent within yourself, your needs, your feels, your perceptions, your wounds, your traumas, what you carry and who you really are is a method of ownership of independence.
Then being able to integrate the highest aspects of yourself in the relationships you engage and the work that gets your energy then it can only be reflected back to you in empowerment.
Being authentic with yourself and your dependencies on people, places or things to make you feel fulfilled, then you open up a space of truth in order for you to take culpability for your own lifeforce.
When you gain mindfulness and mastery over your energy and how you direct it, you become an interdependent entity to the world around you and free of dependence from it.

Radiate sweet harmony