How to Reparent Yourself & Return You to You


In this day and age of mandates being thrown down that are evidenced of being divorced from the natural laws in which we actually live as a human species on our Earth, it is a thrive to be in check with ones own natural and good vibe.

The Earth planet from which our Sun derives us light and nourishment to the organic materials that are meant to nourish and expand our bodies is an acknowledgment we as humans are well to acknowledge.

The cultivation in which the masses are directed to consume their food is for profit and not at all in the well-being of the Earth upon which we live and the gifts it is infinitely capable of bestowing upon us.

The time we live in as a species is a fascinating time to be alive.

People are expanding, the level of connection and intelligence that is now being yielded through technological advancements are intense and profound.

With the rising of knowledge, there also comes a rising in consciousness.

There are those who are being tossed through the grinder of life and then there are those who are yielding the most epic and expansive experiences one can yield in this Divine journey called life. No matter the polarity of where one finds themselves in this life, this life is a gift to be directed.

There is an epidemic of victimized thinking and applications implemented in such mindsets that dwell in fear and anxiety.

We as humans would do well to implement a governance of humanity keeping our limbic brain systems in mind. Then we could gear our practices aligned with the natural forces of nature and thrive.


How to reparent out of victimization

On a broader scale the manipulation and the focus on power and profit have enabled such normalizations as American and Canadian Politics, cross genderism and masking ones airways to protect themselves from the hysteria of their own ignorance of perpetuated victimized belief systems.

If that truth offends you then let it.

The human race and the leaders that govern it have divorced themselves from Natural Law and we find a rising in what is natural vs what is highly unnatural.

Synthetic immunity anyone?

Seeing That The World is the Way It Is & Nature Will Do As She Pleases, Your Biggest Flex and Good Feel as a Human is to Be In Mastery and Command of Your Own Energetic Life That You Propel Through This World.

Being in command, ownership and sovereignty of your own lifeforce is an investment that will enable you to rise above anyone or anything that is aimed at dictating to you who you are meant to be.

For Autonomous Ownership and Elevation Empowerment in Your Own Experience There Exists the Opportunity to Go:





Being led every which way in life begins first with you as a baby and then growing and being influenced and conditioned by your parents or the people whom you have landed in the care of.

We as humans are co regulators and interdependent yet we live in a structure of dependency and competition.

The naturalness of the thrive of our humanity is not found in controlling the masses or making people right or wrong in their own biological health.

Life is about co creating with the natural forces and understanding that you are the master and creator of your own life’s credo.

Create the dream

Following the dictates and ideals of others will land you in turmoil every time because there is no one that can guide, experience or entail the life you uniquely express and are gifted WITHIN YOU.

The Self Love Movement is not so much a movement as it is a returning of honouring and dignity to the SELF.

Whether you had loving parents or sadistic parents or no parents at all, the foundation of your life path is found in uncovering the conditioned aspects of your life’s experience and unbinding that which you carry that is misaligned to the truth of who you are and feel and know yourself to be.

This is where the useful REPARENTING vibe can be handy for you to nurture and realign the inner child and developmental growth game of your own being.

Reparent yourself to love



Reparenting is an investment into the belief that many psychological and misaligned issues within stem from your child self growing up without your emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual needs being fully nurtured or met to one degree or another.

When a child is in a state of evolutionary growth they are in a brain state that does not enable them analytical thinking.

Analytical thinking enables a human to decipher what is real and what is not, whether what they are seeing and absorbing and witnessing something that is true or false.

This is not a Theta function and when a human is born and starts growing they take every experience that impacts them as truth.

This is how our unconscious programming and belief system is established.

Brain programs

If in the developmental years of a child their experience does not lend itself to the child feeling secure and unconditionally loved, then they can be grown up and become an adult who cannot successfully yield or navigate relationships in a healthy and successful manner.

This can come in the form of your inner child sabotaging your adult experience to get you to heal its unresolved issues.

Reparenting is an act of self-love and self ownership by providing a loving presence of self-compassion and unconditionally loving support that you were worthy of and wished you had as a developing child.

In a world of crazy it is a goodvibe for you too become hyper aware of yourself. Equipping yourself with an empowerment human toolkit is a good feel too.

The vulnerability that you contain within that may get ignored or pushed to dismissal because being weak in a tough world just does not fly.

The Paradox Lies in the Fact That The More You Enable Your Vulnerability to be Expressed and Nurtured, the Stronger and More Resilient You Become.

It is in the hiding, shameful and resistant application of focus that one puts on themselves which creates a good deal of imbalance and energetic weight to have to upkeep.

It is best to let go and allow yourself to be exactly who you are, where you are and in your authentic feels in every moment.

Your mastery over your own acumen to accomplishing this is equal to your level of self responsibility and self ownership.

Welcome to the land of ESTEEMED LIVING.

Reparent to thrive


1. Connect to yourself. Engage and inner or even audible dialogue in a private and safe space and ACKNOWLEDGE that you are human and were not once young and now old, but are you through and through. The inner child part of you who learned what you learned and experienced what you experienced deserves your undivided and unconditionally loving attention.

2. Write yourself a letter as the adult you are today to the inner child within you that is unhealed or still exhibiting misaligned conditioning in their behaviours. Express to them the acknowledgment of their experience and write down what you know could have been handled differently and how the effect of it had on your sense of safety and well being. Acknowledgment is extremely cathartic for healing.

3. Reconnect with your inner child through a sense of play. Reconnect with your inner sense of wonder, curiosity, fun and play. Go engage an activity you used to love to do as a kid or step out of your zone of comfort and engage some new adventurous experiences.

4. Affirm your inner child’s worth by reprogramming your inner dialogue of any unworthiness, rejection, judgement or criticism. Having a list of go-to affirmations and even keeping post-it notes around and about your living space will enable the visual/kinetic programming to take effect.

Taking TIME, SPACE and ATTENTION in order to nurture and harness your own healing and connection to your inner landscape and state of condition is something that is gifted to you when you take ownership of making yourself a priority.

Get good sleep


Trauma has a deleterious impact on the cerebral and biological functioning of a human system. Having come from normalized toxic stress conditioning in an affluent and educated family I speak from experience.

The mental health fallouts a person is infiltrated with as an aftermath result of too much abuse is something that is made common in relational dynamics yet is highly and destructively abnormal and unnatural.

For a complete guide on healing from PTSD or CPTSD please contact: BEX at as well as engaging all the free and effectively proven resources found at

Abuse and trauma recovery is an investment in getting in and through the body with cerebral mastery and reprogramming. It takes an investment of value, consistency and persistence.

One trauma can throw you out of balance for years. It is imperative you dignify your experience by setting boundaries and asserting time, space and attention for your well-being.

Reparent to peace within



Being able to be your most compassionate supporter is a stretch when you are ridden with misbelefs and unhealed traumas. It can also be difficult when the expression of such is not really found in droves about you in your experience.

Being able to release the self-criticism, the self judgement and the unworthiness feels to instead, holding yourself as you would a vulnerable little child, is the making of some sweet compassion feels for your entire being.


Shame is a low feel and can come as a result of a person being punished or treated as somehow inferior in the truth of their experience. No one is coming to save you and this life is entirely your responsibility. The best way to field these truths is to be your best and most worthy supporter.
If you are in a distress or in a low feel, engaging the DEEP -DEVELOPING EMPOWERMENT ENERGY PROGRAM will enable you an entire inner landscape restructuring.




When the world feels like it is against you, it is a wise knowledge to understand that the world reflects back to you your relationship to it.

Putting your faith into the behaviours and actions of others will fail you every time.

Building trust within yourself, your perceptions, your choices and your own acumen of self mastery?

You’re laughing.

This can be done by setting tasks for yourself and following through on them. This also comes in the form of following what FEELS GOOD to you and putting boundaries up to what gives you the LOW FEELS. Then, when you assert your boundaries, you will gain the energy back that would have otherwise been sapped by engaging people, places or events that you do not naturally resonate with.

Follow your feels.

Trust in your right to feel right and good and safe in all moments, even conflicting ones.


It is a deep regard of peace and wellness for yourself to engage and implement self-love. This means you carve out time, space and attention for the esteem and dignity of your life experience.

Here are several websites that offer FREE and EMPOWERING KNOWLEDGE.

When you equip yourself with tools and the implementation of these tools, then your self worth enhances as what you focus upon expands.

Taking responsibility, and implementing boundaries will assist you in harnessing the self care you require and deserve.

Reparenting is taking a nurturing and dignified approach to your unconditional love and acceptance of the unique individual you are.

The natural order