The esteem of which you carry as a human and your human thought determines that which you will enable yourself to choose for yourself in this world.

 Being able to be at one with ones own hearts dictates and aligning the mind to the calling of the heart is the energy of a goodvibe. The HEART is its own intelligence and has an energetic propulsion much more powerful than the human mind.

Being able to have command over your mind to listen to the intuitive guidance of your Hearts Intelligence is a very powerful state of condition to cultivate.

 To permeate your life with good vibratory expressions is a surefire method to align and co create with the natural force laws of which the real world in which we all exist are propelled by.

The nature of life is to express itself.

We as humans live in a symbiotic energetic state to the energy of the natural force order that compels the life of which we are able to direct, create and experience.

The presence of mind

The Human Mind Has A Lower Mind & A Higher Mind.


One is conditioned in the dense realities of past creativity beforehand and already materialized and the other is Universal and connected to all creation.

When you are able to consistently and effectively make your choices and decisions being governed by your higher mind, than you yield an energy that is aligned with the energy of the EarthForce, and essentially all of Creation.

This does not speak of any kind of structure of religion. Religion separates, whereas the higher mind understands that all in the Universe is inclusive and all is allowed due to Infinite being the nature of our planetary existence, than limiting yourself and your ideals to the lower survival mammalian bred mind is the peril you see in today’s antagonistic energetics that are displaying themselves in many a form of destruction and challenge to the human race.

The human race is highly creative yet most are quite unaware of their thought powers of creativity. 

The good fortune of the awakening propelled by the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine denotes to us humans that we always have a choice as to how we are going to gear and direct our thoughts towards any subject that comes into our experience to field.

Energetically, The HeadBrain Acts As A Recording Device, not a warehouse to store information.

Brain recordings

The education structures enable a good deal of education based on a model of everyone dependent on the same outlook of achievement and success which is hierarchical in its approach.

Nature never wastes energy and energetically, all matter has the same value.

 This kind of structure of mentalized thought and adherence lends itself to results highly antagonistic to the natural order of the reality of life of which us human species all truthfully exist within. One that acknowledges and integrates the very real but unseenMETAPHYSICAL counterpart to our PHYSICAL EXISTENCE.

To be in command and purposeful generative activity of ones own delineated thoughts is highly creative and powerful way to begin to mold the creativity of which you have at your disposal being a human bio electromagnetic being.



The simple mixer of a creative life is that what you focus on expands. Humans are so adept at determining what they do not want, that they forget to program themselves towards what they do not want and it is done so in a way that makes it seems to themselves as if they are doing right by themselves, when in fact they are just engaging in toxic positivism.
Not everything in the human repertoire of experience is showered with unconditional love and understanding. In fact it is fraught with a good deal of human predilctions built on the dependency of ones own “perceived” inadequacies.
The energy of unconditional love interdependent of any lower vibrational poles, is symbiotic with the human species brains limbic system.

 That kind of energy cultivated in a human being is aligned with the natural force order of things however the structures of human conditioning and mentalized investments make life the density it is for you as you propel it.

To simplify the complexity that is the marvel of the human brain you can go general and break it down easily.



Emotional energy is very powerful so enabling your own acumen of emotional intelligence, which will be very different in terms of each species male and female.

 Adapting your own understanding and repertoire of yourself as a human species is a natural thrive feel.

Love law lit

Many people can get into a cycle of negative emotional relating and than it becomes their habitual modus operandi. The thought forms you generate are attitudinal in terms of a positive outlook or a negative outlook.

The predilection for the human mind is to thwart towards a negative outlook and than perceptions and results are generated from this kind of energy.

Here is a little tale to demonstrate the conditioning of programmed thought through experience of the consciousness. 

At a sharma a cow was always tied up at night so she would not wander away. One day, the rope used to the tie up the cow could not be found.

A student tried to guide the cow into the cowshed so she would be safe and dry in case of rain, but she would not go inside.

The student went to his guru, who told him that the cow was conditioned to being led by the rope, but since the rope was missing, the should pretend to tie a rope around her neck and lead her with the imaginary rope.

In doing so, it worked and the cow got up and came along meekly.


 The next day, when it was time to go out and feed on the grass, the cow would not go out.

 Once again, there was no rope to lead her. As before, the teacher instructed the student to pretend to tie the rope and lead her out. Again, the ploy worked.

The rope of thought was enough for the cow to behave as if she were in bondage.

Yet, she was free all along.

Bondage and Freedom, Power and Powerlessness, All Occur In The Realm of Thought.


Have it awareness of this and being able to command and manage yourself with this awareness can free you from sorrow and prove to reclaim your inner joy.

 Bondage thinking runs rampant in today’s world, especially in the aftermath of such an unnatural and toxic focus that was the Covid pandemic scene.

The nature of life is to be expressed and the inordinate focus on death was symbiotic of a very traumatized governance.

Having self awareness of any cyclical activity that may be present within you in terms of bondage and destructive thinking is a powerful entry into creating sovereignty-revealing ones instead.

Minds health

Your lower mind mechanisms propel thoughts and emotions to transpire within your system.

 Having emotional intelligence and an awareness of your higher mind is key to becoming a masterful mind manager of your cerebral landscape.

When you purposefully use your HIGHER intellect/mind steering your LOWER mind to a programmed direction of advantageous perceptions than you can prove to change your deepest beliefs about yourself and your life trajectory will be impacted to a thrive.



A very easy and useful technique to engage within yourself if you find you have streams of untethered thoughts that are keeping you bonded to a negative vibration is to purposefully thinking deliberate opposite thoughts.

When you are thinking a low vibrational bondage thought, ask yourself what the opposite thought of that is and than you will yield to the sovereignty of your higher mind.

Here are some examples.

SOCIAL: What if I die from Covid? VS. I am so vibrant and healthy and my health is in my hands

RELATIONAL: This person is such-and-such and does this and that!!! VS. I can look at this person and find things to appreciate about them.

PERSONAL: I am no good at anything and I am a complete reject failure. VS I can acknowledge the good I am capable of

PHYSICAL: It is always so hard for me to lose weight VS aligning to my optimal weight is easy for me to accomplish.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: I feel insane with all these intrusive thoughts. VS. With time, space and attention, I can become calm in my mind and direct it appropriately.

BIOLOGICAL: I am reactive and feel unsafe VS. I can find a safe place to nurture myself back to groundedness.

EMOTIONAL: I feel so overwhelmed and like nobody cares VS I can take some time to care for myself and find people with whom I can relate.

Even if you do not believe the thoughts of empowerment that you are engaging, the task is to engage them. 

 Once done with enough systematic repetition, you can let go of the beliefs and habits created from such destructive thinking.

Being able to substitute greed for generosity, kindness for reproachfulness, understanding for judgement and appreciation for jealousy than you are in a momentum of energetic mind propulsion that is aligned with the natural order forces law of all of life’s creation.

This is an aptitude of programming. 

When you engage such a proactive mental practice with consistency than you program yourself to your higher minds functioning, It takes an investment into the self and being able to be honest with oneself about their own mindscape.



When you deliberately create a habit of creating constructive and empowering thoughts while restraining the pathway of destructive thinking your mind, by nature, expands and neuroplastizes.

Mind programming

 This takes you from delusional victimization selfishness to an expanded, selfless and empowered state of condition.

The progressive diminution of negativity thinking and the purposeful propulsion towards advantageous and empowering thought models within your own cerebral environment will have a direct reflection for you in the world of which you live and are a creative within.

By default your brain and thinking are predetermined and rooted in victimized or indignant frames of thinking.

It is a defense mechanism of the animal aspect of your brains functioning wired naturally within you for your life’s survival.

In this day and age of mass and imbalanced over consumption, the survival mechanism is highly askew to the unnaturalness of the western worlds dictated structures.

Being able to be aware of what thinking patterns you have on default and which thinking patterns you are purposefully by your own choice, generating.




These are all lower mind generating thoughts. 

 Quite common too amongst the world, so not to worry or be judgmental. We are human, after all and only know what we know from our experiences.

The kinds of destructive thought patterns that are denoted just above can compel many disempowering and self-pitying, victim projecting versions such as an inner dialogue that reads along the lines of such language as:

I am broken

I am a loser

I am not good enough

I can’t do this

Life is hard

I am stressed all the time and am burning out

Nobody cares about anything.

I am powerless.

And many more versions of self depricating and self abusive kinds of thinkings of expressions in this vain. This is all rooted in comparison, degradation and judgement of oneself.

How is that working?

 I will tell you that in my human experience these kinds of low vibrational and dominating thoughts completely impede your ability to operate effectively and successfully in the world.

Not only that, with the metaphysical mirror at play that is comparative to our physical experience they keep you locked in a feedback loop that proves to deny the naturalness of your own magical worth.

You are a human, you are a child of the creator and you have the acumen within you to create as you wish. 


Touch light




This creative ability of yours derives from your momentum of consistent thought forms you are generating within yourself.

 These kinds of thought patterns engender sorrow from an inordinate and unnatural energy of grief, self-blame, self-shame, self-criticism, or self-loathing which mirrors a state of condition leading to loss of esteem of the self, diminished self-confidence and depleted and non-existent self-worth.

 This generates a normalization of recycled emotions of despair, despondency and very depressive energetics within the human system.



Thinking patterns that are rooted in negativity, indignation, blaming or self-pity are usually related to ones own SOUL’s desires being thwarted and our most natural desires being ignored.
When life does not go as we were taught it would be, as humans we tend to blame ourselves, feel victimized and than consequently feel ourselves to be dissatisfied and like we are never enough.

 The pitfall of dependent relationships has us comparing, competing and measuring ourselves against the likes of others leaving us in spaces that make us believe we are never enough.

The natural order truth of your life energetically is that you as an electromagnetic being of light and colour is always infinitely emerging.

Yet we abide by these thought patterns that keep us out of our naturalness and root us in density of ill thinking and the realities that ensue from such a delineated focus on what we are not.

A human who is immersed in such thinking are often in a replay of depressive feels, sorrow or a trauma resonant vibration. It proves less than a thrive to your goodvibe.

When you engage in blameful thoughts, you are generating unresolved anger within you.

Leading yourself back to yourself with your own ownership of your role in where you are standing enables you to take the focus of whomever or whatever you feel is oppressing you and generates a stronger psychological health which than subsequently leads to a greater peace of mind.

 These consistent and programmed SELF CHOICES are your path to your inner freedom and joy.



Two words for you to become identifiable with in terms of your own MO.

These are your reality evoking THINKING PROCESSES.

DISCERNMENT – involves being able to be objective about what is real and what appears to be real to you based on your perceptual thinking patterns. It discriminates between falsehood (negative and low vibrational thoughts) and truth (empowering, evolutionary thoughts)

DETACHMENT– follows discernment where we consciously unhook ourselves from the falsehood of victimized thinking and no longer generate any power to them.


It is very unhealthy for you to deny any of your EMOTIONS.

Being emotionally intelligent means that you do not ascribe too much negative thinking to your feeling states and vice versa.

 The emotional body of a human being is the unconditional state within the human being and can generate a good deal and range of emotions from thinking.

 With this LOGICAL REASONING we come to understand that our ATTITUDES OF THOUGHT play a PIVOTAL ROLE in our EMOTIONAL STATES.

 When you invest the time, space and attention into your own energy which the basic recipe there is alignment of your energy than you than generate a state of condition in which it is easy to be masterful in your thinking, and thus in your emotional body management.

Being mental takes on a whole new meaning of empowerment when you take stock of how you focus your mentalizing processes.

 Being able to discern if your thought patterns are here and now and moving forward in an advantageous light or instead ruminating in events of past or anxieties of your future.

Having your own power of mental focus in present moment awareness is key to determining your thought focus.

 How you choose to purposefully create your thought patterns is a much more powerful and influential force than allowing them to run rampant and direct your own empowerment of consciousness away from your own sovereignty of SELF.




The the easiest training a human can engage in order to become purposeful and masterful with the direction of their thought forms is to track your awareness.

Developing a habit of asking yourself where your attention is and if you are in a present state of focus is super useful to being manageable with your brains receiver of upwards to 70k thoughts per 24HOUR cycle.

Becoming an observer of your minds thinking rather than being taken away with its conditioned programming as well as systematically and repetitiously inserting thought forms that prove empowering and supportive such as
Everything is working out for meI am doing great at lifeEverything I aim for is supporting meI am super capableLife always works outI love all dimensions of myself

You are a functioning and mentalizing human have skills.

 Skills of your own purposeful thinking and the ability to direct your thoughts accordingly to your advantage.

Empower yourself and take ownership of your thinking.

 The better it gets, the better it gets.