Make Humanity Great Again – Are You In Esteem Of Yourself To Govern Your Life Autonomously?

There is Vibe of Victimization Circling The Globe & Being In Esteem of Oneself is An Act of Courage and Autonomy To Make Humanity Great Again

Rubix cube

We As One Humanity Have Been Impacted As A Whole By The Mindsets & Governance Of Those Who Lead The Collective.  It Doesn’t Feel Like It Will Make Humanity Great Again

Very few questions the dictates handed down by the influential governments of this globe and yet many watch on television, desktops & on their mobile screens some of the most abhorrent displays of normalized abuse to humanity through the political forums in which we base our laws of living. How can we make humanity great again with such normalizations?

Breaking news

These laws are not indicative of the nature of our existence and are actually not fixed laws at all.

The laws of life are governed by an expanded and universal approach to LIFE FORCE.

An appreciation for the world in which we live and cultivates life for us to enjoy is a sweet feel and you can tap some of that knowledge and insights with this link here, if it so resonates for you to do so.

Are You Ever Curious As To The Content You Are Being Fed?

Is It Indeed, In Your Best Interests?

With Heightened Esteem & Autonomous Empowerment of Lifeforce, One Certainly Could….And Dare It Be Said….


When I worked on a Netflix show in an animation studio I was told that I was not to be paid overtime. In fact, I didn’t even receive an introduction and that was the Production Managers opening line to me.

Edging Good Out

I had just come from a successful hospitality background and customer service excellence to understand that EGO is very much in play when someone has to come and throw their authority around before properly introducing their humanity to you.

Ego mind is super ugly feels

It was indicated that the work needed to be completed regardless of the time it took and with the normalized diminished caveat of subtly saying:

“We Don’t Really Value Your Time, Space And Attention To Your Craft And We Need You To Be A Mere Cog In Our End Goals.”

That was my interpretation, in hindsight, especially after I had to address HR about the entire staff being instructed not to be labeled as stupid donkeys by the studio manager in his efforts to keep cleanliness in the shared employee areas.

Donkey skater

The ride was fun though, as it was not something I had knowledge of nor experienced and the going through it led me to many further insights and education about myself.

I have become a more empowered, elevated, confidant and powerful woman as a result.

It is In My Nature to Always Lead With the Attitude Of Elevated Humanity.

All conflicts I have encountered in my experience have been a result of abusive energy or unregulated behaviours brought on and recycled in the lower vibrations of human behaviours.

When you are riddled with toxic stress as a growing human system, it is normalized and then sold to you as good living, the fallout and recovery from that adorns you with a good deal of wisdom.

It also magnifies for you in experience what really is appropriate to life, and what is not.

How about this feel

I have had to do a good amount of work in self-esteem inquiry due to my psychological capacities taking a turn after being subjected to too much diminished and abusive energy to my human biology.

It catches up with you, the energy you carry throughout your life and if you have unresolved emotional, psychological and physiological disturbances within you from ill repaired situations to your detriment then it shows. And not in a sweet feel.

At All.

Stress is an unnatural life vibe

Such normalized practices are a detriment to one’s life force and ability to feel fulfilled in their entirety because by participating in it, you are affirming your own lack of self-worth.

When You Normalize Such Practices For Yourself And Your Investment You Indicate Very Clearly To People Your Level Of Self Worth.

Just Because Everyone Does It And It Is Done, Doesn’t Make It Okay To Be There Doing It If It Diminishes The Very Fabric Of Who You Are As A Human Being.

Courage from conformity

Yet, The Conditioning of Most Lends Itself to Innocently Lacking Inquiry of Any Kind As To The Propriety of Such Practices In Terms of Yielding a Truly Successful Life.

When I turned to my co-worker as if to be like “Hey dude, that is totally offside!” His response was to “shoosh” me coupled with the index finger to the mouth as if to convey “say nothing” and then coupled that with words of “If you want to stay, you don’t bring that up.”

Well, I brought it up, and well, that’s that.

The exit is this way

I learned that in order to remain in that space and be a successful story artist in the studio, I had to invest my time and skill into a company who thought my acumen not to be worthy of compensation.

And not only that, but this was the norm and people were okay with it?

That is the wrong way to dial in

The ego mind may be able to feel proud about working in television and having your name on the big screen, and that is all fun and everything, but what about your self-respect and dignity of self?

It is almost as if these aspects of our humanity are elusive when such practices are not only normalized, but then celebrated(???)

Don’t even get me started on the falsehood of celebrity fandom. In our own individual rights, we are all stars and the sooner we encompass such an outlook of dignity for ourselves, then the sooner you will be in like company to that which you may have once revered.

Self Development & Cultivating of Esteem Takes Investment Into Ideas, Pursuits, Emotions and Actions That Resonate With The Higher Aspects of Who You Are.

It Takes Courage.

Love is life and life is love


You love yourself, you yield life and your world will take care of you if you can encompass a state of being in your entirety to let it.

I ventured out on my own and proved quite successful with the freelance route and on my own terms of which I was extremely grateful as it allowed me to use all that extra time I wasn’t being paid for at the studio to invest the expansion of my child and his development.

When You Choose Yourself & Then Act In Truth Of Your Inner Experience & Voice, Your World Will Take Care Of You.


Truth speak of the worl

When you broaden your scope to independent and esteemed living within and start to explore the forces you have access to generate within to your favour to be in receivership of this expanded knowledge.

An Overall State of Humanity In Which The Lifeforce Thrive Of Each And Every Human System Is Subject To Eradication??

Truth speaker buzzkill to that belief is that humans being eradicated from the globe by deadly viruses is something that happens and is a part of life.

It is a thrive?

Well, no.

So why the magnification on it?

Masking humanity is not the answer

Rather than dwelling in the fear of the virus, why not transmute our humanity to an elevated vibration or health an optimal empowerment for individuals?

Why so fearful of it?

I have experienced/endured a good deal of loss and an inordinate amount of biological and psychological trauma in my life.

I wish no dismissal or lack of validation for the Souls and families that have experienced great loss from the effects of the virus. I am not in denial about the realities of others experiences and I would convey to them deep affection and kindness and love to their families.

Love candy time

This is out of my choice and respect for individuals and their own individual choices in experience, whether they are unconscious to it or not.

My focus is on the higher aspects of our existence and our rights to choose the outcomes of our realities.

Everything is allowed and included in the INFINITE so KNOWING this, logically, but also in implementation of your experience will keep you OPTIMAL.

Let us be human together

Mass shootings that have eradicated more humans from this planet than I would deem necessary due to impoverished esteem of one’s own feelings of insecurity and lacking love energy in the world.

At what point does the lives that get atrociously discarded before someone acknowledges that citizens with weapons is a low feel for permeating peace and harmony in the world?

If people want to own guns, then awesome! What kind of people should be allowed to have them? Everyone? Even the addict? Even the insecure? Even the unregulated or those ridden with PTSD? You want to infuse such volatility into the collective, then it is informational to the esteem it holds for it.


Such acts of violence against our humanity is normalized by one of the most influential countries in the world.

The mental health deficit too of some of the political leaders does not have an avenue of reproach in terms of governance of values rooted in purity and the upliftment of humanity.

People see this and experience this and then STILL buy into the dictates that are passed down by such an institution.

Is That Insane Only to My Eyes?

One of the most influential amendment rights in the USA enable people to defend themselves with weaponry as their inherent right.


I’m Over Here in Love Land & Joyful Living Wondering What The People Who Came Up With These Ideas Are Inherently So Afraid Of In Relationship with Others(?)

Which, As The Quantum Proves & We Now Know, Is Really Just A Reflection of Themselves.

Mirror in the mirror

You can see this in the likes of the governance of Costa Rica which has been defenseless for over half a century and hosts the most beautiful and high vibrational living a human could enjoy.

Permeate That Vibe Amongst the Globe and We Will Find PEACE and HEALING for This Globe and Its Inhabitants.

The vibration

If You Can Find Peaceful Exchanges in Your Intentions With Your Fellow Humans Then There Need Not Be Weaponry Except For The Mere Enjoyment & Recreation Of It.

To demean and deny another human life by way of premeditated ideals of needing protection is a falsehood to the infinite Capabilities we contain as humans.

Be peace and be smiley

If Your First Move Is To Try To Gain Respect & Authority Through Arming Yourself Out Of A Chosen & Preconceived Potential Fear of Needing Force, Then Can You Really Say You Are In A Place of


In waiting


The Land of America is A Vast & Beautiful Land & The People Who Inhabit Those Lands Are Made With The Capacity Of Such Beautiful Souls.


Many Encompass This In Living & It Magnificently Impacts to Balance the Indoctrinated Amendement Rooted in Fear

My Perceived Misalignments Are Not With The Humans That Live As Americans Nor The Beautiful Land They Inhabit.

It Is With The Esteem of Which The Magnificence of Both The Humans and The Earth Space in Which They Inhabit is Governed By An Indoctrination of Fear Based on Mindsets Rooted in Experiences.

Neuro logic

The very nature of life is expansion, so adopting a method of governing our humanity that encapsulates EXPANSION AND EMPOWERMENT vs FEAR AND TREPIDATION is a harmony building energy for the entirety of the human race.

Anyone who has experienced life and themselves within it knows that life is not something you yourself can delineate into a controlled structure.

Life is scripted unexpectedly

Doing so only proves to exacerbate your energy to your deficit as the structure is already very much in play.

Life is on a film roll of activity and we are all just characters playing our roles within it.

This can be seen and felt by those who get emotionally or psychologically stuck in a moment only to discover that life will continue on with or without their participation.

Film cut

Our Jobs As Humans Is To Create & Uphold A Significant Devotional Investment To Our Own Esteem.

Cool stuff is being you

Purified in the Truth of Who We Are As Beautiful Individuals Rather Than False Egoism Expressed From a Lack of Understanding of Ones Own Connection to Spirit and Higher Vibrational Living.

To consciously and autonomously control and direct ourselves in our entirety within it.

If you have a country with that kind of amendment in place as the fundamental guiding principle then how is the esteem of humanity being considered with such an implementation?

Love yourself out of fear

I think guns and weapons are an energetic marvel and I have shot handguns, shotguns and automatic fire weapons and it is thrilling because it enables within you a false sense of egotistically power as if you are immune to harm by anyone, however through my healing to wholeness I have come to KNOW that a

A Gun Won’t Do That For You And Never Can And Never Will.

The gun goes off

The Individual Human Being Is The One Who Yields The Life of Which They Encounter & Live.

When you arm a collective group of people who are unconscious of their own selves with egotistically driven lethal power rooted in lack of esteem of themselves, how do you suppose the results of that investment are to return to humanity?

The stats of truth

What is the point of law makers and the upholders of the law if every citizen is free to be their own law implementing, gun slinging solo rodeo show? Uh, no thanks.

In The Hands Too, Of An Uneducated And Unregulated Human – How Is This A Choice Of Esteem?

Logically explain the reasoning of that one for me because from where I am sitting it looks like an under developed investment into the esteem of and individuals capacities proving it is a construct of societal misaligned thinking based solely in fear.

If I showed up to your young child’s birthday party packing a handgun in the holster of my jeans, it would hardly be appropriate for the expansion and growth of a thrive to the psychology and nurturing of that young child however if I were to take a child to a shooting-range, I would be all good?

Kill the gun culture

At what point does our morality to the dignity of life become compromised and why are we so emphatic about defending our right to be victimized in a world that normalizes such a cavalier attitude to the dignity of human life?

The thread here is that no matter the forum in which you are immersed, weapons are weapons and the very definition of weapon is:


The weapons of life

And here we are on the globe as a collective and the majority of the humans are now protecting themselves from a BIO WEAPON that has descended as a result of the majority of us humans being out of alignment with ourselves and our Earth.

Perhaps We As Humans Would Do Well To Rethink the Way We Are Doing Things?

Mind on and open

My parents did very well for themselves.

They overcame childhoods from war times and immigrated to Canada to become successful physicians and serve the community to a benefit for over 4 decades.

They were not immune to being human, however and did not take responsibility for the abhorrent traumas they experienced in their lives for reasons that defy the very dignity of their humanity.

This proved to impact the relationships that were created and cultivated when they endeavoured to breed 7 children.

I’m the lucky number 7 and gifted a wealth of knowledge as a result.

My father was declined from opportunities due to him being a mixed race and endured the most abhorrent treatment in South Africa during the late 40s to mid 60’s.

The darkness of humanity normalized

My mother had to endure misogynistic abuse and belittled because she had the acumen and desire to become a physician but was told that a woman’s place in the medical industry was a nurse’s station only.

She was consistently harassed and subjected to diminishment in attitude, words and actions for just being who she was.

There is a normalized diminishment that permeates the collective that deems the below advertisement as something worthy of the dignity of a divine feminine energy that is the woman.

For real this was for real

She had a lovely mother and beautiful relationship upon her arrival into the world when here father was absent at war.

Upon his return at 2 years old she was ousted from the nurturing love of her own mother and received a man ridden with PTSD as her new primary male caregiver.

When he died of an unusual cancer she didn’t’ seem so perturbed and chalked it up to all the strange chemicals he would play with in the garage.

The war time feel was a low vibe

I never knew either of my grandfathers but my three sisters did and had a relationship with one of them.

My father told me that he lost 3 brothers in the war and his mother wrote a letter to Winston Churchill asking to spare her 4th son. He was sent to Jamaica to peel potatoes to send to the troops. My father noted it had similarities to that film Saving Private Ryan.

The only other memory that was imparted to me was that he was a smoker and my sisters played with the ashtrays in the house.

Ashtrays are not needed

I think having a family is a valuable asset to anyone’s LIfeForce and I think that if you can know and learn about the people whom make up your ancestry, then that allows for insights and compassion to be bred into the relational dynamics.

I used to internalize unworthiness and diminishment within because I had been conditioned in a toxic, abusive and violent environment.


Through 3 years of intense healing and doing nothing but to take me from 6 figures in my savings to a deficit of complete bankruptcy I gained the wisdom of autonomy and understanding all of it had absolutely nothing to do with the level of my worthiness at all.

Your state of being is boss to your esteemed life.


The worth within you

All Abuse is a Product of Lacking Love Nurturing Within Our Human Systems.

Industry and politics normalize the diminishment of humans and then gear a mindset of divide and conquer. Those who perpetrate it are in painful and hurt spaces and reacting and behaving out of that state of being and following along indoctrinations to their demise.

The director I worked with in the studio came to me for energy healing and when I discovered that he was a misogynistic sex addict and told him how incongrunecy with his marriage vows would prove harmful to his alignment he told me he never wanted to talk to me again and pretended I didn’t exist.

I am not one to take offense to other peoples problems but when you take advantage of truth and kindness, it certainly demonstrates the level of esteem that person is governing himself at.

Nothing Anyone Really Does Is Ever Personal, It Is Only a Reflection of What We Carry Within Ourselves.

We project out onto others our expectations and desires only to be burned because the work is yours to do and yours alone.

Leaving it in the hands of other people to manage, give opinion upon and direct is detrimental to your well-being because they are not you and cannot live your experience for you.

Give into love not others

If Each & Every Sentient Being Were to Enable a Solid Sense of Esteem Within and Complete Reparation From Any Experienced Misalignments to Their Deficits, Then No One Need Arm Themselves With Anything But Compassion & Love.

My mother is a formidable ginger haired woman, making her one of the 4percent that carry that gene.

She persevered with her goals despite the diminished views of her capablities and such occurrences as the placenta afterbirth some of the male residents thought it appropriate to put in her dormitory bed to enforce their beliefs upon her that a woman is good for only certain pursuits.

Women are equal people yall

This not only diminished my mother but the women whose babies those men delivered and the integrity of the female investment that enables our humanity to thrive.

Women Are a Force To Be Reckoned With, And The World Modalities of Living Would Have Done Well to Acknowledge That Energy With Great Investment and Dignity.

Presently I see masses of people adorning masks and my immediate knowing and impression within is that they are not of themselves.

How can a human be of good health and sound mind about the magnificence of their health by hindering the very breathforce and oxygenated life the human system needs to survive and thrive.

If you can explain the logic of this to me out of factual evidence and not fear ridden falsities then I am all ears.

It is an unusual approach to living when you are riddled with fear and have to cover up your respiratory airways as a form of health prevention.

And breathe it in

It is seems counterintuitive to me as my breathforce is expansive and formidable as a result of my developing a conscious and invested relationship to it.

If that is something you want to learn more about, the expanded Fred Dodson has some serious sweet feels in his repertoire of content and investing in a BREATHWORK journey can open your mind up to the experiential

I tried to adorn a bandana to go to a life drawing class and I lasted 2 seconds. I respect the choices of any and all, but concerning up my face with a mask as an investment into health is just a backwards and unusual feel for me as it feels and denotes fear and lack of lifeforce should I not be able to BREATHE IN AND OUT FULLY THE OXYGEN THIS WORLD PROVIDES MY LUNGS FOR SURVIVAL.

Breathe in floral feels

But Hey, To Each Their Own.

People are beautiful and have the right to choice and we can live and let be the choices of others.

I choose to express and love and be nurturing with life rather than in fear of losing it and as a result I come into adversity with those who deem me a person whom they can dictate how to govern my own physiological, psychological and emotional well-being. I am of enough esteem of myself that I know this is my inherent responsibility, right and duty to command my lifeforce optimally myself. My parents riddled me with CPTSD and were physicians for 40 years, the man who anesthetized me to take my wisdom teeth out fondled my bare breasts inappropriately while in his care as young girl, I healed a broken lumbar spinal crack using meditation and energy work after the medical community told me that they were happy to do surgery on me but it may mean that I would never walk again, when I had my baby I was 7 and half centimetres dialated when I arrived at the hospital and they tried to divert me because they were full and deemed me as being “dramatic” with my contractions. When they did an exam on me, they rushed me into a spare room and several hours later I had my beautiful child only to be separated from him for several hours even though I repeatedly asked them to see him. I had an instrument left in my body after a dental surgery, I waited for seven hours in the emergency room with severe vertigo only to be laughed at by the residing physician that I should have looked up the solution online and that I had wasted an entire day. There are many more instances where my humanity and care for it in its entirety was abused rather than nurtured so forgive me if I question the dictates of those who endorse mainstream health modalities of governance. They are rooted in an energy of victimization.

I see a strong woman oh yeah

Experiences have shaped my perceptions and knowledge of myself and the world in which we live. Through all of these traumas to the dignity of my true health I have come to know that you cannot and should not leave the wholeness of your life’s health to anyone but your own MIND & SPIRIT IN HONOUR of the beautiful BODY that is your life’s vessel. On your terms and by your own dictates. ALL IS MIND. CULTIVATE A PRISTINE IDEAL IN MIND AND IT WILL BE GIFTED TO YOU BY YOUR OWN DIRECTIVES and INVESTMENT INTO SAID IDEAL.

The truth about the lies

Science shows us that 95percent of all disease is stress related (Bruce Lipton Cell Biology). Instead of peacefully stepping back and contemplating the magnitude of the energy we have created as a collective, we are reacting to it in the same low, dense vibe in which it was created.

This Is Formidably Good and Chill News To Receive As We Can Take a Step back from the low vibrational feels of survival living and dive right into the abundance of creative and empowerment in our life force & choices.

The empowerment of your health and that of your children is found in gaining and implementing the knowledge you experience first hand in understanding you are the one and only ambassador to your state of health and regulation.

It Is Your Life, Afterall

There are fundamental principles and habits that we can provide in leadership and example the little humans we are guiding and raising. Understanding the fundamental basics that keep a human system optimal and thriving is made to be very simple and easy.

The naturalness of our life forces and the intelligence of the human system is a pristine garden of divine synapses and connections that enable us to do all the wonderful things we do in this lifetime.

Keen to Optimize The Health And Well Being of You and Your FamJam There are Some Sweet Tips & Resources Found in The Links Below.

In these very economically priced for a lifetime reference of optimal living so you can relinquish the vibration of fear and uncertainty and gear your life towards a supreme and self empowered thrive. Help contribute to making humanity great again.


May the force be with you


This handy book is a sweet feel and delineates the first 3 forces of your own life energy empowerment.

To read this and actually use it in experience will propel the lives of you and your little one’s to an expanded and elevated vibration of living within.

When this occurs and there is investment into these forces as you ignite and govern them, then you shift your life and the life of your children to a higher and more effective life path trajectory.


Your life force wins


The second book of your life forces of empowerment is a continuation of the first. When you harness these 8 steps (oopsy in the title numbering due to brain processing issue & first Ebook venture, but coolbeans because you get an extra one)

….You Elevate Your Life Force Exponentially.

It is not for the complacent and victim mentality to engage in deliberate, creative and vitality in living.

It Is For Those Who Know the Investment Into Self Is Paramount To Abundant and Free Flowing Living.

When you optimize yourself by way of these forces, your life elevates, the people, the offers, the experiences, the entire life ride. It all just starts to transmute, shift and flow and you enjoy the discovery, adventure and ride of you newfound freedom in living.

Getting lumped in a Groundhog Day feel of your life is unnatural to the nature of our Universe and our life ESSENCE.

In this day again

To be broadly expanding, creating, wondering, wandering, exploring, digesting, observing and acting upon our most inherent desires and expressions of our own human experience.

It Is A Paradigm Of Thinking & A Deliberate Attitude

Game of kings and queens

Many subscribe to the mechanistic approach of dealing with the body as if it is a separate entity from themselves rather than be in complete ownership and operation of its management and directives.

We are the vessels of which carry us through our lives. We would do well to educate ourselves to their optimization – through self referral of experience. This can make humanity great again.

What may be a thrive for me in the expression and discovery of the above forces may be completely askew to that of another.

That’s okay and the natural order of things.

We Share Our Humanity But We Are All Very Individually Our Own Humans.We Can Make Humanity Great Again Understanding This.

With these forces of empowerment you take your own life force and command it to your optimal benefit.

They enable you to expand your conscious awareness of how you dial in your own vibe. If everyone does this, we can make humanity great again.


The principles of health that you find in this book here will keep you optimal if you CHOOSE to ENGAGE THEM and INVEST IN YOURSELF.

There is an avenue of peace, health and well-being for all sentient beings on this planet. In order to encompass this, you have to take the TIME, SPACE and ATTENTION to do so. This is how we can make humanity great again.