Pillar Number Three – The Practice of Self-Responsibility

The Practice of Self-Responsibility

We nowslide in with the third pillar of self-esteem as per Dr. Bradens work and that is the practice of self responsibility.Once you have dialed in the comprehension and application of the first 2 pillars – that of living consciously and living in total acceptance of yourself

Taking responsibility for yourself, your actions, your goals and ultimately being in the attitude and practice of self responsibility for the aspects of myself that need and require nurturing and cultivation.

This is the practice of self-responsibility and it is a very good vibe to harness and acknowledge the opportunities we hold within to implement and thrive off of such a practice.

practice self responsibility

Being able to sit comfortably in one’s own skin and say that I am responsible is an empowering spot to be.

It is all you fabulous human!

To come to a place in your being where you are confidant to express

“I am and I take responsibility for the achievement of my desires”

“I am and I take responsibility for my actions and the choices I make.”

“I am and I take responsibility for the level of conscious attention I bring to my activities.”

“I am and I take responsibility for the level of consciousness I bring to my relationships.”

“I am and I take responsibility for my behaviour with other people – co-workers, associates, customers, spouse, children and friends.”

“I am and I take responsibility for how I prioritize my time.”

“I am and I take responsibility for the quality of my communication.”


The life force and energy that you cultivate and carry within you is for you to direct responsibly.

To acknowledge that you are the one that is responsible for the achievement of your desires says that you know that what you make of your life and the goals you set before you are to be conceptualized, designed and created by you.

If the goals of the achievement of your desires, which are your sole responsibility. The practice of self responsibility. self reliance to achieve If you need other peeps to help you out on your path to achieving your goal, then that too, is your responsibility in terms of yourself gaining a knowledge and understanding of what they require of you in order to help you obtain your end goal and that which you can legitimately provide and within the boundaries of what you are willing.


Taking responsibility for your choices and actions takes you right out of victim mode and into the drivers seat of your empowerment.

Blaming others, situations or even inanimate objects for the causes of your woes is a form of low self-esteem in that you are not engaging the practice of  responsibility for the effects in your life outcomes.

You are the cause, your life is the effect. Self responsibility entails taking accountability for your role in how things roll in your world.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the first pillar to be rolled in with this esteemed vibe where to live consciously and be aware of how your own actions, thoughts, words and behviours are responsible for the outcomes you produce in your external world.

That is where the whole as within, so without thing means.

step out into responsibilityWhen you step into responsibility of yourself and take accountability of yourself and the infinite intelligence you have within you then you are playing on a whole new field of pure potentiality.

The choices you make are exactly that.

Your choices.

You can be put in any kind of situation and have automatic reactions based on what is coming at you from all directions, or you can be rooted in connectivity within yourself where you are clear about how your actions and choices are yours and yours alone.

Someone can incite the most murderous anger within you and on a humanity level you may have good cause to be in that state but how you respond, or react, and it charged with such a powerful emotion, then the choice is always in your hands if you can take responsibility for yourself.

Consciously Choosing 2 B Responsible 4 Yourself & Choosing 2 Refrains From Getting Drawn Into Other Peoples Emotional Turmoils Is A Pursuit That Will Serve You Well In This Life.

Emotions are very beautiful and formidable aspect of our humanity but if you have them run your life, then you are in for a world of trouble.

Developing Emotional Intelligence about yourself is an aspect of taking responsibility for yourself and not being at the expectation of another person to govern and manage your emotional responses.

This is beautifully done in a connected way from a parent to child, with an invested parent.

doors to your own freedom As adults, however, we must nurture, honour and repair our own inner child so as to be able to live free of any burdensome emotional energy within us from ill repaired experiences that we may or may not end up recycling in the experiences of the people with whom we share our love.

Whether a person is alone or surrounded, our humanity is universal.

The human body’s intelligence is so formidable and ever expanding

Gauging your overall day in and day out emotional scale is something you could add to the more conscious living sentence completion exercises from pillar numero uno.


The level of conscious awareness that you bring to your own life, in all areas of it in which you play varying roles.

How you speak to others, how you relate to others, the manner and tone in which you speak, the words and vocabulary you express.

These are all aspects of your own behaviour in which demonstrating conscious control of these aspects of yourself demonstrates your taking responsibility for yourself in your interactions with other people.

This is superior energy to be entertaining in your life – do not remain so unconscious you have no idea of your impact of other people. it is not a secretHaving a modicum of awareness of how you are showing up in your interactions both casual and more involved demonstrates a level of conscious control and awareness of oneself.

That is a vibe that thrives and one that is in keeping with success.

Being in governance of your own consciousness means that you track your attention and know what you are and are not doing that is or is not elevating your activities and relationships.

You are not owed anything by anyone. You are the sole person in your own skin, and you are in the drivers seat.

If you feel this is not an accurate statement, then seek to reclaim the power you have within you.

A manner in which to do so would be to make a conscious assessment of your good feels and see where misalignment is present in your life.

Anything and everything can shift and be shifted. It is the nature of our existence.

Raising and expanding your level of consciousness is an empowerment win all around.


Do you practice taking responsibility for yourself?

Your behaviour with other people, your colleagues, acquaintances, friendships or strangers – no matter who, the common denominator is you! How you speak, how you listen, the words you say and the agreements you make are all within your scope of responsibility.

To blame others is not taking responsibility. A simple example that I see quite often are when children get into a spat over something and the “he hit me first” or “she said it first” comes out and it is our jobs as ambassadors to the young ones to show them that just because someone acts poorly towards you, it is your responsibility to determine how you react/respond.

the journey is bliss

It is difficult today to exemplify such a mindset of values when you see the juvenile and low esteemed practices that occur in politics by supposed mature and well-developed humans. No matter the stations we hold in this life, the manner in which we take responsibility for our impact as well as our own governance are hugely uplifting and supportive endeavours.

The responsibility you hold for the management and organization of your own time reflect what is happening with you. Many people invest their life energy into a system at the expense of their peace, well-being and time with their loved ones.

Understanding that you have and can take full responsibility for the outcomes in your life, then you will jump at the opportunity to develop a healthy and empowering relationship to yourself and take the reins in your hands.

happiness in youIf you are married to a technological device at the expense of your children or other people whom you share your company, then that is your responsibility to have enough awareness of self that this is your modus operandi.

Being responsible can seem overwhelming to those who have yet to step into their self responsibility empowerment, but once you develop a good conscious awareness and full acceptance of self, then riding the responsibility train is a thrive vibe.

The quality of your communication, the quality of your attention and investment of time, the quality of your self talk and consistent actions and behaviours are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Having a solid sense of your own esteem, then this will appear as an axiom in your life experience. If you are still seeking outside of yourself for your solutions, that is an elusive game that will keep you playing but never winning.

This brings us to the responsibility of your own personal happiness. Our natural states as humans are of peace and love. These are the vibes that thrive and create.

you fly when you jump

What Would Happen If You Took Full Responsibility 4 Your Own Happiness?

You fly.

You become empowered and your life is placed in your own hands.

It is not a burdensome activity to take full responsibility of one’s own life and life’s outcomes.

It is the path to true freedom.


You are responsible for the values that you govern your life by. I know of people who normalize lying as a way of surviving not realizing that their in authenticity is costing them a good portion of their life’s peace.

We seem to live in a world where the shadow selves of our beings are locked away in the dark for no one to see or make us feel exposed of vulnerable.

Understanding that vulnerability is one of our greatest strengths is indicative of being aligned in truth about the higher aspects of our existence.

Values by which you govern yourself are your responsibility. One would hope to govern themselves by values such as authenticity, integrity, honesty and dignity but in today’s climate, anything goes, it seems.

conscious living is good living

Do know, however, that you do reap what you sow, so your values, whatever they may be, will be represented in the outcomes and situations that are your life experience.

Taking responsibility of the values by which you choose to govern yourself by is hugely rewarding.

Authenticity is the key to determining by which values you choose.

To be inauthentic with your own innermost truths is a disservice to the entirety of your being.

Being responsible for who you are is hugely rewarding and an empowerment set point.


Whatever your influences and whatever your relationship to the higher aspects of ourselves, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are in control of our own esteem.

When you learn what it entails to cultivate and hold a solid and unwaveringly loyal relationship to yourself and the broader aspects of yourself – that is a very individual relationship for everyone.

We are unique. We are individual.

When we embrace ourselves, authentically, by the dictates of our own hearts and minds, then this is where we thrive.

That is not to say there will not be challenges, influences and other factors that bind us to certain ideas and beliefs about ourselves.

It is a good practice to take responsibility to identify your identity and to track how you speak to yourself and if you have any programs or beliefs that may prove to be hindering you rather than helping you.

love without condition