The Practice of Personal Integrity

 The Practice of Personal Integrity Can Be Defined As A Moral Uprightness.

The Practice of Personal Integrity is A Commitment to Honest and Forthright Intentions and Alignment in Thoughts, Words and Actions.

Doing what one will say one will do and acting as one says that they will act.

A congruency is required to be able to deem oneself of good moral standing and principle. This is the practice of personal integrity.

Your ideals, your convictions, your beliefs, the standards you keep, the boundaries you delineate and your habitual and mechanical behaviours  make up who you are.

  When your behaviour is aligned and congruent with your values you profess to adhere to, then you can be consisdered to be  a person of integrity.

Living with integrity is a self esteem win because you develop faith and conviction in yourself .  The practice of personal integrity is when you behave in ways that align with who you express yourself to be.

When we behave in ways that conflict or contradict our own judgement then we lose faith and trust in ourselves.

Having a moral code and principles in which to govern yourself is a vibe that is well to do to be invested within, for oneself.

If you find yourself lacking boundaries or standards, then your self esteem is taking a hit.

If you do not take conscious control over your will and right to a creatively directed life then you will be subject to living a life of mechanical will in which you are pulled by the forces that surround you.

The practice of personal integrity is a practice that takes investment.

Going within and discovering the beauty that is yours to uncover.

Your unique individuality in heart and mind.

The beautiful combination that expresses itself so abundantly when you offer these spaces within,  is unconditional love and acceptance.

Accepting the self is a base for improvement, growth and expansion.

We cannot shift that which we do not accept as real.

Are you honest?

Are you reliable?

Are you Trustworthy?

Do you keep your promises?

Are you a fair person?

Congruency is a good feel when it comes to the art of personal integrity.

Your words and behaviours are a spot on match.   

There are those whom you will encounter of whom you can invest your faith and trust and those whom you do not. The manner in which we decipher whether someone is worthy of our trust is that they say what they will do and they do what they say.

 When incongruence is present, then trust flies out the window because how can you really invest your faith into a person who says one thing and does another?

Welcome to most of the population who deep down have a fear of abandonment indoctrinated into their beings which teach them to suppress their most authentic feels of truth and congruence.

For a person to live congruently, is a person who is organized in their energy expenditures and are living with integrity.

In business and personal relationships trust is gained with congruency and trust is lost when promises are made and contracts have been bound and one or more parties fails to act congruently.

 It really does simply boil down to what you say, what you do and even how you feel are all to be aligned.

A person who boasts about their good deeds but never actually invests in such pursuits cannot be considered a congruent individual.

 An individual of this kind demonstrates lack of esteem in themselves should they feel they need to boast about achievements and accolades that they haven’t acutally achieved.

  Many people are quick to judge and defend what is right, yet many people themselves do not heed the calling to do what is congruent and aligned based on many factors.

 The motivation is usually not wanting to be considered a bad seed or a person who lacks integrity but the truth is there is a mix bag of individuals in this world and we all share the factoid that we are all human.

In our humanness, where we share the planet and the society in which we live, it is a solid endeavour to cultivate yourself into someone who has a solid sense of congruence and integrity.

To be a leader who is trusted and leader who is able to execute a successful management of satisfied employees, then it is an axiom that the individual must be honest, a person who keeps their word, an unbias even handed approach to all, upholds and follows through with their commitments and demonstrate consistency in their leadership behaviour.

Every Choice You Make is Exactly That.


The multiple opportunitiues you have throughout the day to make choices that are congruent and to make choices that are not, is entirely under your own governance.

Many people live by a mechanical will and very rarely exercise their free will.

 Our permissions are taken away at every turn and no one really makes a choice outside of what is “appropriate” or what society deems acceptable.

 The quantum field demonstrates to us our pure potentiality.

When we take conscious governance over ourselves and our energy expenditures in a regard that encompasses practices of healthy self esteem then we live in an elevated energy and bring that to the relationships we entertain and nurture.

Because of the intrinsically connected nature of us being humans that share a unified field energy of existence, we do co-regulate and influence one another with the kind of choices in which we govern ourselves.

The Energy of Guilt and It’s Correlation With Your Sense of Self

The energy of guilt is a low vibe for your human bio suit.  It is well to cultivate a practice of self and social responsibility to ensure one is governing themselves with integrity.

 To hold yourself accountable for your wrongdoings and atoning for your errors and learning from any misaligned effects you may have caused.

Once you ask forgiveness, and you have atoned for your error, then you are free.

No need to harbour and hold resentments and grievances against yourself, and then exponentially other people who are reflecting yourself back to you.

 It is your right to live in a state of being that is unconditionally loving and self accepting of all of who you are and are becoming.

Owning up to who you are and what actions you have engaged within that prove an impact of a deficit to another being is a manner in which to govern yourself with integrity.

Seeking to understand the nature of why you act out of integrity is informational and a springboard from which you can resolve to shift that aspect of your behaviour.

We are always drawing towards us our state of being and what we have going on in our subconscious programming.

Making the unconscious conscious is a powerful and life changing pursuit one can engage within.

Making amends and committing to learning from our behaviour that does not serve is space of immense self integrity.

When you govern yourself from this space you emanate a vibe of trust and good will with those whom you share your life force.

Aligning Your Values

To take a look at one’s own standards and to determine if those standards are  aligned with expansion and growth.

When the values or standards of which you live suppress your most authentic feels and imagination, or prove to act as a self destructive mechanism then the time has come to re-evaluate your standards.

I have had the experience of living without integrity and had to learn about this pivotal aspect of mine own self governance.

Esteemed practices or integrity would be advantageous as an axiom in the dealings that impact the collective, but it is not taught nor educated by many caregivers, as the caregivers themselves have never been gifted the acumen of what integrity is modelled upon.

It is important that we all take responsibility of our own selves and governing ourselves with a modicum of integrity collectively as a form of respect for ourselves, our experience and that of those whom we share this earth.

For instance, an indoctrination of shaming sexual activity as sin is a vibe that goes against the very nature of who you are.

A sexual being.

Our sexual energy is a creative and powerful energy.


How is that sinful?

The constructs that people put around their beliefs need to be questioned.  You look at the state of the US political arena presently and I ask you, how are your systems and beliefs working for the betterment and upliftment of humanity?

You look at pedeophilia in the churches and I ask you, how is that modality of belief structure working for those kids?

 If you profess to be a person or represent an institution of a higher power, then that power in itself is nothing but integrity.

Misaligned congruence is seen every which way in this all inclusive world in which we all share and live.

  Everyone has free will and can choose to govern themselves out of their mechanical will.

This means being discerning of ones own self and relationship to their own beliefs and values aligned with the highest good of that individual and all.

I ask you, are you a person of personal integrity?

 When you are, you are in a very optimal and abundant space.

It is a solid vibe to be aware and discerning about the kind of values that you hold for yourself and if they serve YOUR highest self.

Many people live with indoctrinated beliefs and values that do not serve them and they have absolutely no awareness that they have the power to change their experience.

Well, you can and when you decide that you can, you do and when you do, you see….. your state of being, the values and principles by which you govern yourself are pivotal to the outcomes and experiences you are generating in your life experience.

Taking time for some self exploration and time, space and attention to who you are BEING and what beliefs you hold.

Are your hips too much of that?

DId your grandfather have a disease and now you are defo going to get it and live in fear everyday of it onset? The practice of personal integrity can negate such fearful meanderings.

  These kinds of mental frames and beliefs are not in any way empowering and yet we, as a society have normalized struggle.

Struggle with health, happiness, freedom – it seems like one big race.

Where is everyone racing to?

There is much power in BEING.

 Your State of Being is BOSS.

Your world reflects your state of being so if you are in a life where you are hindered wtih heavies  all around you, taking an inward look at what is not working for you is one of the most courageous and empowering acts you can perform for yourself.

Connecting Your HeartSpace to the Practice of Personal Integrity

Connecting to your Heart is a solid vibe in terms of figuring out what you need to release or shift in your present experience that is suppressing your most authentic Heart feels.

 Many people live in a cerebral vacuum.

 Living with integrity, and being Human,  connection and the ability to govern your decisions with a heart centred approach enables an energy that is a formidable force far greater than that of your useful brain.

A good portion of people breathe shallow breaths and are in a perpetual state of reactivity and survival mode.

 It is as if society is set up to stress people out and then capitalize on it. When you connect a specific relationship to thine own heart and cultivate a consistent ritualistic practice to keep it engaged and heed its authentic dictates, then the living with integrity vibe goes hand in hand with that.

A person living from their HeartSpace is a person who is yielding a good amount of useful energy.

  Living in an intellectual vacuum depletes your very lifeforce.

Seek a thrivevibe and stay true to who you are and what your Heart wants autonomous from your family/non family’s indoctrinations and separate from the norms of society.

Have the courage to listen to the speak within you that is your Heart’s desires and express that which you contain within you.

 This life we hold is an opportunity to create and expresss ourselves to the maximum potential capacity that we are able to muster.

Taking a look at your own values and the esteem you hold within is a vibe that will prove to thrive for yourself and those whom you share your time and attention upon.

 Living with moral integrity in thought, word and action is an extremely good feel for yourself and the esteem and trust you then cultivate within and then, exponentially to those whom you are impacting.

It takes work and it takes courage and a solid investment, but the truth of this world is that you are your most important relationship and the one you maintain throughout your entire life experience, no matter what. 

It is a thrivevibe for your life’s outcomes and the experiences you generate to be mindful and aware of yourself and your relationship to your own acumen of personal integrity.