Practices of Esteem of Self – The First Pillar of Esteemed Vibes – CONSCIOUS LIVING

According to the good information of the work and investment of Nathaniel Braden, there are 6 pillars of self-esteem. Through my own implementation and now with experiential knowledge, I can attest to the efficacy this 6 practices of esteem  prove in terms of elevating and harnessing an empowering relationship within.

Practices of esteem of self are practices that will serve you throughout the entirety of your existence as you are the only one you are always keeping company with.

Given you are not able to walk away from all that you are and the experiences that have shaped how you view yourself and the world around you, then it may prove to good vibe to make the very best of who you are.

Who You Are Is Valid and The Practices of Esteem Prove Thisyou have great worth

Who You Are is Beautiful.

be courageous and explore

Who You Are is Someone Who Has Something to Contribute to This Life.

A good & healthy esteem of self and the knowledge and experience of the six pillars of self-esteem implemented into your life, will add exponential value to you and those whom you share your world.

When inner appreciation and respect is cultivated, then it propels you on a path that allows you the freedom to pursue a life path in which you are in harmony within with the world outside.

What you put your time and energy towards, and the work you infuse into the world with this kind of energy, has an exponential impact of good on the collective, provided it is cultivated from an empowering and self directed nucleus of inner love and worth.

The formidable combination of a connected Heart and a well directed Mind are what have created some of this world’s most prominent and successful individuals that have impacted the world in which we live.

When are being loving to yourself, being who you love, doing what you love and enjoying that which you do, it provides an energy of great momentum that will soar you to heights beyond your wildest imaginings and gift you with infinite sources of abundance and prosperity.

The work to encompass this kind of vibe is easy or difficult depending upon your receptivity and openness to taking a good look within, going through and coming out transformed.

There is credence to the quote “the only way out is through” because if you can’t look within and go through what is not serving you to eliminate from your present consciousness, then it will always prove a hindrance to your growth.

When an individual can stand in their own skin and fully embrace the entirety of who they are and their life experience with absolute acceptance, non- judgement and assuredness of Self, then this is an individual who has armed themselves with immense and unparalleled power that is ever present and influential in their life dealings.

Understanding and encompassing this kind of vibe is something that can be accomplished by any human with a rational, healthy and functioning biology.

It can also prove to regulate the biologies of those who are adept at victimization, worth issues as a result of abuse, neglect and lack of nurturing the heart space for the individual.

When you know and love who you are, it matters not what people say or do, for this kind of power is not something that can be robbed from you once it is in place.

There are 6 pillars to Nathaniel Braden’s formula for dialing in some serious self-esteem and the first one that we will touch on in this post is the first pillar which is


What is Conscious Living?

In this day and age there are those who have awakened to a higher consciousness and those who remain relatively low in their own consciousness.

So, one may ask, what is the practice of living consciously and what does it actually mean to do so?

Living consciously is your ability to live and survive – the basic awareness of your environment, your relationship to it and your ability to guide yourself and actions with capable and appropriate awareness.

To be a conscious participant in your own life means you take responsibility for your life path. Conscious living and different levels of consciousness exist in this world just given our different life experiences and levels of energy and awareness.

Consciousness can be perceived as the highest manifestation of one’s life. The degree to which you cultivate and encompass conscious living in your own experience will prove to determine the outcomes you encounter in your own life experience.

Awareness is a byproduct of higher levels of consciousness.

When a person goes about tracking their attention, they may find that they are consumed by their inner thoughts or consumed by or reacting to the outside world around them.

How often do you encounter a person who is fully and consciously present and in a state of relaxation and being.

If an individual brings an appropriate level of consciousness to their actions, with mindful and deliberate focus of attention, then the results will yield an empowered sense of self efficacy and respect as a result. Feeling clear, focused and directed in our Mind’s intentions lends itself to a feeling of competency and accomplishment.

Consciousness in this respect is not in relation to spirituality or religion although seeking higher aspects of our existence is something that we would all do well to endeavour upon as this life is lived by you and you alone.

It may prove a good vibe to elevate your relationship within so as to be able to face and navigate the world and its challenges with ease and fortitude.

Implementing a conscious relationship to the Self as well as the world around you, is an empowering place to be. To live unconsciously is to avoid. Avoid the meaning behind why you do what you do and avoidance of the self, really. It is natural for us as humans to expand. It is the very nature of our existence. In order to automate new knowledge into your subconscious functioning, we must do it with repetition so that our level of awareness in terms of explicit focus can be freed to learn and implement new information.


1. An Active and Discerning Mind

Your ability and conscious choice to THINK, UNDERSTAND, KNOW & SEE WITH CLARITY are fundamental acts of self responsibility and self-assertion. A passive Mind is not one that is in the driver’s seat of its own destiny. It is the courageous and brave act of being in the KNOW that you are the sole decision maker and thinker for you and your life experience, and no one else.

If you are indulgent in the fantasy that someone is to come and do your thinking and make your decisions for you, then you disempower the very optimal and magnificent technology that is your human brain, not to mention your autonomy as a unique individual being.

correctness of mind You are the only entity responsible for your own existence and your own happiness. Living consciously enables you to comprehend and implement this fundamental truth into your experience.

Despite your family influence, your ingrained beliefs or the current space you presently find yourself – if you are making other people responsible for your choices, then you are living for someone else’s consciousness.

I understand that culturally, it is a common practice for people to follow in the footstep of their predecessors – you may find, though, that this approach usually leads to dissatisfaction or lack of happiness due to the individual following a path that is not true to their own desires and fulfilled out of obligation.

With such influences, it can be very difficult to assert your own Mind’s independence, but if you are to be truly living for yourself, it is your right and almost duty to self to ensure that your Mind is yours alone and directed by the dictates of your own heart and desires regardless of the cultural or familial expectations imposed upon an individual.

2. Maintaining a Broader Perspective of the World While Practicing Presence

Being present is something that has been written about extensively. Here at the GVL we have a post here that you can read on the value of presence.

Being present to what you are doing while you are doing it shows a level of conscious living.

Especially in today’s day and age where most people are consumed by the electromagnetic screen to the degree that they are walking into people or cars with no awareness of the world around them – this is a vibe that does not thrive because it denotes no conscious awareness on the part of the person who is immune to their outside world.

Being present to your activities and interactions and remaining in presence to accomplish them while still able to maintain a broader perspective of the world around you, is an act of conscious living.

presence is power

Your most resourceful state is that of presence. Cultivating a conscious relationship with yourself and your awareness of attention in present moment awareness is an empowering and solid space in which to show up in.

Can you track your awareness and your present moment attention?

Take a conscious look at your focus and delineate to yourself where you may be able to enhance your awareness and presence in terms of your focus in relationships, work, society etc.

What we focus on, expands.

What do you hope to expand in your experience and are you in governance of your Mind’s focus? These are great questions to ask oneself for one’s expansion.

3. Open To Growth and New Knowledge

When you think you know everything, it is hard to be open to anything that contradicts your own knowledge.

Having and open mind and being able to embrace change and new information is a sign of a healthy and well directed Mind.

A person who is open to learning new ways of seeing things or open to processing new knowledge is someone who is inherently riding with the flow of the Universe.

There is no stagnation in the world in which we live.

Our bodies are ever-changing and transforming, as are our Minds. Being open to growth and new knowledge harmonizes with the natural world around us.

Nature never wastes energy and nor should we.

Digging your heels in and professing there is no new knowledge to be gained is a huge energy suck.

If we can be open to new ways of thinking, new ways of expanding and open to understanding that growth is an axiom as a human, then we cultivate a space of empowerment and growth – aspects that help our species thrive.

If you think you know everything already, you limit your potential.

It’s a goodvibe to check in on your belief systems and the stories you tell yourself.

Infinite intelligence is something we all have access to In which you have great capabilities to create and expand your own life experience.

4. Actions and Words are Aligned

Doing what you say you will do is a good vibe and indicative of alignment and conscious governance of oneself. This is fundamental to practices of esteem.

Whether your actions and words convey a commitment for work or for your personal relationships, practices of esteem affect everything.

Practicing enough alignment in word and action that you have cultivated a solid relationship with your own Mind to know that it can trust in your own Word is indicative of living consciously.

5. Know Where You Are At and Where You Are Going

Having a conscious relationship to your goals, your relationships and your commitments is an aspect of living consciously. When you are able to discern and delineate a clear path for yourself and your intended achievements and are able to track your progress, then you are acting as a conscious participant in your life.

6. Taking Accountability for Your Actions and Willing to Correct Mistakes

To live with conscious awareness of the Self means that you are able to admit to a level of humility that indeed, you are human and make mistakes.

The very nature of our existence relies on our expansion to face and overcome challenges. It is a Universal Law, of which you can read more about here.

If you are unable to admit your role in error nor are willing to repair the impact of your actions, then the bet is on a diminished sense of social responsibility is shining its light on you, which is code for lacking esteem of Self.

7. Having a Solid Relationship to Your Inner and Outer Worlds

Understanding the world in which you live as well as having a good and connected relationship to yourself, within is a golden nugget in conscious living and harnessing a vibe of self-esteem.

Understanding how you are impacted by the world around you and the various aspects it entails such as culturally, socially, politically and economically. This is what practices of esteem support.

Governing yourself and checking in with your values and beliefs that you carry through your experience is a very good and solid life choice. Practices of esteem to study and adopt to make your life super solid.

Your innermost thoughts, desires, needs and aspirations are aspects of yourself that one should be in concert with should they be aiming at a conscious living.

A combination of your Heart and Mind in the most authentic expression of who you are is a formidable combination, indeed.

relation to self

Seven Principles of Conscious Living that are Directly Correlated to a Person’s Sense of Self.

If you can check off the above criteria, then a kudos and congratulations to you as you would be considered someone who is succeeding at this game we call life and being human. You are well immersed in the practices of esteem.

There are about a half dozen more topics that can be touched upon in terms of conscious living and we will delve into those in the weeks to come.

For the present moment, the above is a good introduction to the practice of living consciously and the practices of esteem.

What is Your Relationship to the First Pillar of Self-Esteem?

Would you deem yourself a conscious participant in this life?