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love acceptance peace I am a female human who has lived a colourful life in my soon to be 40 years, and in my decade shy of a near half century upon this planet, I have endured, experienced and cultivated  intense life experiences.

I have overcome and self- healed addictions and injuries throughout my experience.  Crack cocaine, crystal meth, cigarettes, alcohol, Absinthe, depression, 1 broken, 1 slipped lower lumbar spinal discs AND successfully rewired my neural pathways through meditation, to navigate and manage optimally, complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

This manner of being in the world, under the label of C-PTSD, I was to learn,  was due to the environment where toxic stress was normalized and present in my childhood home experience for the first 16 years of my life.

the types of stress

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Through all of these experiences I have still managed to cultivate a healthy Mind and Body, provide for myself, maintain and strengthen a 20 year partnership with a man who is a tremendous human, and as a result, have been gifted with a healthy, beautiful, spirited and vibrant ginger haired child.

From what I now understand and have experienced with the quantum model and our capacities to create our own realities,  is that for the duration of mine own responsibility in my adult life, I recognize that all these experiences were of my own making and attracting due to my state of being and perception of mine own worth and value.

Many experiences that resulted in disempowering and undignified outcomes were brought upon due to my own actions or as some cases may have been, inaction, that were congruent with self-defeating and sabotaging behaviours.

The likes of which were a result of my sense of self-worth having not been an aspect of my life experience that was introduced in conversation, let alone nurtured or cultivated.In fact, if we are so incessant on looking back and going over with fine tooth comb the events of history past, it has shown us that the vibe the world was giving off was not one of optimism.

Yet tide and time wait for no human and so we continue to evolve and expand despite these obstacles and challenges to our human spirits that were and are war, poverty, famine, racism, slavery, and many more practices that are fundamentally misaligned with the abundance and beauty of the infinite Universe in which we exist and our inherent connectivity to one another and treatment of our Earth in which we live.

I was always praised for my intelligence by both my parents and that has always remained with me. Despite the climate that are the expressions of  unhealed mental and emotional trauma, I have used the memory of those words as a good solid piece of fortune on which I can rely on and hold within always.

Parents are the most influential beings on a child and how that child adjusts to the world around and ahead of them, regardless of a parents investment, behaviour, presence or absence,  this truth is one that holds true for everyone.

The last two years of my life have been the most transformational and expansive. As a result, I have been inspired to create this site in an effort to share and empower any other fellow human seeking to expand or enhance the relationship they have with themselves- at any age.

The intent of is to provide knowledge and empowerment in order to cultivate an inner state of being that is affluent.

affluence is loving the self

The more healing and inner work I accomplish, the more educated and connected I become. As I have expanded my life experience through travel, openness, research and self inquiry, I recognize how self-esteem is pivotal in terms of weaving a fundamentally solid fabric in one’s life and in society.

Shady deals and misaligned practices may be few and far between if everyone already felt whole, complete and satisfied in their own skin.

When any human, of any age and entertaining the majority of a sound mind understands self-esteem and cultivates it within, at any age, then life can only prove to elevate. That impact is felt in all areas of life for the person who invests in their own nourishment, and not only for that specific person, but also  the ones whom they are surrounded.

Our practices in society have demonstrated to us that one can have enormous wealth and fame and still suffer from low self-esteem.

In fact, the abhorrent nature and volume in which common practices that are diminishing to the human spirit/condition are normalized is alarming in industries such as food and entertainment.

Maladaptive practices in the name of efficiency and revenue are maladies of society. These aspects may lend themselves to a serious level up should those in governance of such practices have a solid, moral and cultivated esteem of oneself and a connected relationship with the natural world around them.

It is a curious thing to me that our relationships we keep with ourselves, which are the most intimate, knowledgeable and longstanding relationships we will ever keep are not adapted into our learnings through education.

Our educational systems are expanding in today’s day and age and as people awake, new initiatives are being implemented which is wonderful.The most integrated and long-standing modalities, however, do not encompass a modality of learning that includes such topics as self-esteem, self governance and our relationship to the emotional and intuitive aspects of our humanity.

A person who has a healthy and morally aligned relationship within and who understands the value in self care can produce and create astounding feats that benefit all.

the intent of this site

A relationship in Heart and Mind as well as living consciously and with dignity is a person that need not succumb to activities or dealings that compromise the welfare of any other fellow being nor be interested in the motivations that are undignified in the pursuit of the end result.

My work with self-esteem came from having to rebuild and reestablish my identity after the onset of a complex neurological stress disorder that manifested into my experience from a toxic relationship with a mentally and emotionally misaligned person that proved to be the catalyst for me to unveil and heal ill repaired toxic stress and suppressed emotional trauma from my childhood experience.

For further insights into who I am, the website is a site I started after leaving the entertainment industry due to the practices that proved to exacerbate my “disorder.”

Quotation marks used as I would like to denote that no positionality is ever fixed.

Be mindful of what stories you buy into about yourselves.

Everyone’s journeys are uniquely their own and we are all in the possession of amazing brain technology that is plastic and malleable. Transformation is omnipresent in our systems.  We need only direct ourselves in the right direction.

My self healing and work has been in large part of trial and error and many misguided and disgraceful expressions navigating my neural space and harmonizing with my autonomic nervous system.

blossoming from the mud

Reading, research, meditation, yoga, energy therapy, persistence as well as the unconditional love and loyalty from my partner and son are what have propelled me into the person I am today.

During my recovery to optimal health in Mind and Body, I absorbed upwards of 50 books from various doctors, physicists, neurologists, self-help, spiritual perspectives….whatever empowered me with knowledge to understand and navigate what was transpiring within me.

3 books that were profoundly advantageous in my self restructuring were the gifts that come on the form of books from a Dr Nathaniel Branden.

This site is inspired by my own inner work and restructuring my neural head space – the amazing books and subsequent implementation of his mediations by Dr Joe Dispenza were pivotal in my achievement of this.

It has been an investment and a rocky road, but the advantages I am now in receivership of are a direct result from the investment I made in knowledge about aspects of myself and how to maximize and optimize them.

Self esteem and my relationship to myself has been and continues to be cultivated and nourished.

The rewards I am reaping in my personal and professional outcomes and relationships are tremendous.

you are worthy of love

My sincere intent is that the content here will prove to elevate every aspect of your life experience.

It starts with you.





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