Self Esteem is a Vibe We All Carry Within – Where Are You At With Yours?

Self Esteem is a Vibe We All Carry Within as Humans Here on This Expanding Globe We All Share as a Collective.

Many entanglements are initiated at the onset of our lives here on this planet. Self esteem is a vibe that is something every human has to manage.

Whatever the environment, circumstances and people we were bred within doesn’t change the fact that you have the autonomous right to choose for yourself the kind of life you wish to live on the path laid out before you.

The quantum world has taken the old world modality by storm and blown the once perceived immutable laws of indoctrinated society to be just that, immuntable laws. The truth of the real world shows us that inherently we create the worlds in which we choose to exist. Given these facts, self esteem is a vibe that thrives.

Immutable law dawg

 To understand how this is accomplished, a person has to have a good look at themselves and with a set of lenses that are free and unencumbered by mistruths ingrained within them by influences past.

How we adopt our senses of selves is largely determined on the influences we experienced as a child and our beliefs about the world can be formed based on the information we receive and the emotional and psychological nurturing in our formative developmental years.

The mirror of you

I have been able to acquire the ability to reinvent mysel anew from a blank slate due to the fact that I literally lost my mind on and off for upwards of 3 years fielding a complex post traumatic dissociative disorder that the mainstream claims to be incurable.

Fake news about functionFake news bubble fun

   It is purely the management of your energetic state and a doozy to unravel and disentangle, however given the nature of our true capabilities, can be HEALED, or rather, transmuted.

Not by a psychotherapist who shares with you her trauma and you pay her two hundred bucks to feel even more uncomfortable in your skin or another one who delves into your experience with you and looks at you with tears in their eyes and sadness and pity.

The kind of healing I am speaking of encompasses a higher grade quality of governance and management of our Divine Human Lives.

It’s A Good Feel to Stay Lit in a World That Unconsciously Generates a Good Amount of Well Intentioned Darkness. 

Transmute to light

The whole scene is lumped in victimization when the most solid way to heal trauma is to seed the opposite energy of it to an intense and systematic habitual repetition of the opposite polarity to that low vibrational and LifeForce depleting energy.

Society pays for people to be disabled.  There is something called disability.  My mother is a retired physician and I have memories of remarks being made with some frequency about the validity of some peoples claims in that vain. I also worked in a bar for a while and had a regular who was an injury insurance claims officer and he would have to track people to assess the genuintiy of their claims.

Normalized disability

It yields a dive rather than a thrive and in terms of the planet on which we inhabit, that handy science vibe demonstrataes that expansion is the name of the game and remaining in a contracted state just won’t do.  The expansion is where we want to hold to, no?

Bruce Lipton states that 95 percent of all disease is stress related.  Which means that only 5percent of our population is with physical ailments completely within their conscious control to manage and transmute out of their consciousness.

What if, we governed ourselves in the esteem of that which serves the truth of our Minds and the directives we instill into society as a whole when it comes to how we govern our own lifeforces.   Being lumped in a disability and being compensated for it is a normalization that is askew to optimal and elevate living.

The way to heal this beast is by equipping yourself with as much knowledge and understanding that is humanly possible for you to field the chemical imbalances and energetic deficits that are the psychological and self regulation fall out of repeated trauma.

The Law of Conservation of Energy & The Transmutation of It.

The first law of thermodynamics can be applied easily to denote the trauma incurred upon a biological system.  As humans we can be considered as an open thermodynamic system exchanging energy and mass with its environment.

Thermal heat energy

When a human system is seeded with energy of a harsh and violent nature repeatedly with no polarity of energy to transmute and realign it, you get a very miswired and misfired human system in the brain and thus, the body.

 The Sweet Feel About Being In Illness of a Most Epic Mental Kind is That You Have to Figure Out What Makes You Optimal & Feeling Like a Human Being Again.

Being fully human again

 How We Look at the Situations That Arise in Our Life Experience is Exactly How We Will Field Them.


They will determine the path of which we set forth for ourselves in terms of how we level up or keep ourselves in a downgrade.

Expansion is the name of the game so if you are saddled with mental illness then there is light to be found at the end of that dark and unfeeling tunnel.

The path back to balance
Actually accomplishing optimal lifeforce energy from seeded toxic stress upon formative development is something a person could feel super accomplished and proud of to manage and field out of themselves.

That is, if you can get into the presence and transmutation of it ahead of it taking ahold of you.

Trauma reactivity comes hard and it comes fast and when you are in a reactive animal brain you are not able to rationalize nor find any semblance of balance

The healing of trauma is slow, harmonious, resonant, systematic and encompasses and ease of flow in living. The exact opposite energy of that of trauma.

To yield balance in your lifeforce is to be optimized in your lifeforce.  

I would even go so far as to say, from my life experience that any mental health misalignment a human system faces is probably a residual recycling of misaligned falsities seeded to a deficit within the energy system of the human body in its entirety.

Our Bodies Are Built On The Energy of Creation Which Is a Vibration of LOVE.

The love tribe

Trauma, Hate, Abuse, Psychological Terrorism, Perpetual States of Maniacal Fear and Panic are Not What Yield an Expanded Thrive for the Omnipresent Truth of our Capacities as Beings of Electricity, Light, Cells and Water.

When We Break Our Experience Down Into Energy, We Can Choose to Transmute Out That Which Has Been Seeded That serves us not.

It is an uncomfortable place to be when hindered by a good amount of trauma to the brain and body.

The impact of the cause and effect of that is serious psychological disorder. We as humans are made to be in esteem and love of ourselves. It is the natural order of things to be at ease and in peace and yet I can attest to very much being energetically senstive to a good amount of fear energy that is permaetaed and cultivated through society overall.

 This kind of energy is the energy of wanting and consuming and basic duality unconsciousness.

To be uniquely your own and elevate your lifeforce vibration out of that of the collective is what higher consciousness and elevated living encompasses.

In your sweet skin
Staying Close to Sunshine is the Name of the Game in Healing Vibrations.

The brain and body seeded to pursuits of ease, chill, love, nature, Earth is a body that is in a thrive.

The work of life

We can not only affect the transmutation of energy in our bodies through direct connectivity to the sunshine and a conscious connectivity to the absorbtion to activate Vitamin D in your body, but also the application of motion by way of your own doing (see ENGAGING LIFE here) through exercise and breathwork and energy exercises as well as neurolinguistic programming.

You can transmute the energy in your body through movement and heat as an axiom to humans being thermodynamic open systems.

 When We Simplify Ourselves Down To Our Most Basic Energetic States, Then We Can See How Formidably & Infinitely Capable We Are As Human Systems.

We need only explore and express ourselves to our highest abilities and maintain mindsets of curiosity and wonder as well as experiential validity in what we express as Truth.

My most recent conquering over realigning a misaligned cerebral environment has been the result of setting my human biological state at ground zero homeostasis and 12 hour fasting.  I have to monitor everything I consume and I can see and feel and experience the effects it has on my neural capacities.

 I have completely eliminated refined sugars and processed foods from my diet and implemented a consumption of minimal natural sugars at certain times of the day only. Empowerment of Self means figuring out what makes you thrive.

I consume what i am made of naturally, which is water and then nourish with grounding, vibrant natural vegetables and grains from the Earth.

Piercing sunlight

The journey to arrive at this space within has been riddled with abuse to self, abuse to others, addiction, hate, anger, insensitivity, apathy and near suicide.

 Trauma is unnatural to the human physiology and the effects of it are deleterious and detrimental to any living system.Self Esteem is a vibe that is natural to the handling of a human system.

Dignity and Human Rights are thing for a reason and rooted in esteem of an individual.

  I am now creating a framework program based on the INSANITY that is fielding traumatic and toxic stress to a human biological system.

The trauma brain
One thing my life experience has taught me is that you have to speak your truths and you have to live by the dictates of your Heart.

Many other distills of wisdom have been bestowed upon me through intuitive knowledge as well as absorbing upwards of 200 pieces of literature ranging from psychology, energy medecine, higher consciousness and reality creation. Reading really is a superior feel and it has the power to transform your life.

When a natural conditioning of abuse and toxic stress is omnipresent in your domesticity during your formative years then you come to yield a place inside of you that disassociates from the indoctrinated views that people in a well structured and regulated environment would be immersed within.

Be good to kids always

The two paradigms are very different in terms of being raised in a relatively peaceful, nurturing and supportive environment versus a chaotic, unregulated, violent and abusive environment.

One yields thrive and the other yields a dive.

No matter the polarity from which we have come as adults we have the responsiblity of self to manage and govern ourselves to our optimal. Self Esteem is a vibe that helps us do this.

Learning new skills, equipping yourself with tools and pursuing expanded knowledge are gains to accomplishing this endeavour.

  The best thing to do when you don’t know what to do and you are up the creek without the paddle is CHILL.

Be SuperChill.

Solutions Arrive to You of Their Own Accord When You Are in a Chill State of Being. 

Peace in the house

Not as easily done as is said, as when the fan has been hit you care not really to be relaxed about it, however, the quantum framework that Vadim Zeland offers mentions and delineates this very thing.

 There are no real problems in your life, only your mental attachment of importance to the situation you presently find yourself within.

Detaching from your emotional and psychological reactivity in terms of your ability to regulate your own state when it comes to events and circumstances that impact you is a sweet feel in terms of creative management of your outcomes.

Answers Most Certainly Do Not Appear When You Are in an Emotional State of Reactivity and Fear.

Self Esteem Is a Vibe That Yields Inner Peace

It can be tricky with a complex trauma situation.

The necessary functioning skills of a human are not developed to their optimal when the environment is riddled with abuse and toxic stress.

To then have such an environment normalized and sold to you as good living is a form of psychological terrorism.

Self esteem is a vibe that is well to encompass for any trauma survivor, and any human, really.

Hand to help

There are all kinds of people in this world with different standards and levels of intelligence and life experiences that it is a super weird feel to impose conformity upon a collective as a mode of operandi when we are all so uniquely individual and empowered through our innate naturalness of our own expressions.

To be truly of oneself is to be free to express oneself in their entirety free from feels of judgement, criticism and condemnation – a tough gig in a world that comprises its model on competition and comparison.

To own oneself fully independent of that which influences us to an untruth of who we are is to be a person of courage in a world that controls through playing on the fears of the human psychology.

More love and less fear
Taking a look at the variety within we have to manage in terms of the different parts of ourselves.

We have our psychological maintenance and health.

We also  have our emotional awareness, intelligence and expressions to manage, we are bipeds with a physiology to fuel and govern living on a globe that is a spec in an infinite universe.

Our lifeforce contains all these parts of ourselves and our relationship to the more expanded aspects of ourselves and our humanity.

How Are You Managing Your Self?

When I did a bio energy healing training program in Costa Rica there was an epic good feel and you can read more about that here if it pulls you to do so 

 A handy tool I picked up was the management of self by way of a pie chart

You can divide the pie into quandrants and each quadrant represents an aspec t of your own governance.

The four pies of your lifeforce

  It Is My Experience That True Mastery of the Self is Encompassed in Living in Aligned Congruence.Self Esteem is a Vibe that Enables This.

Living in misaligned fashions where your Mind is invested in one way yet your Heart is feeling and telling you an entirely different story is lacking a congruence thrive.

 To have your Heart invested in one place yet professing its commitments elsewhere, is energetic incongruence and will leave you at a deficit that basically deteriorates your LifeForce.

Another option would be to just be confidant in the dictates of your Heart.

 When my family and friends spewed judgments about my choice of partner, I had no doubt in the feels of my Heart that my choice was the right one.

Now I have a beautiful child and am the most authentic woman I can be.  I have accomplished this and take credit in pride for my achievements but without the support of my partner, they would not have been possible.Self esteem is a vibe he has carried within for a good deal of his life.

In fact, dealing with the fallout of many of his insensitive and apathetic behaviours as a result of misaligned conditioning have made me an effect superhero at demonstrating unconditional love.  That part of me was bestowed by the FORCE.  It is my life’s work to instill peace and love into the lives of others and the paradox of that is that my shadow I have fielded was the most evil and dark expressions indiviative of that which gave me this task in the first place.

We Are Love & We Are Linked. Self Esteem is a Vibe in All.

Love As One

 The human experience is a shared experience and yet we all walk around as if separated by class, race, status.  It goes against the natural flow of life, which is harmony and balance. Self esteem is a vibe in harmony with this flow.

  Cultivating and making prosper our value within, in balance, is what we would all do well to heed for a most optimal planet.

 People do the shadiest of shadiest things to themselves and their fellow human when they fail to acknowledge our truest feels about who we are. Self esteem is a vibe where shady happenings are few and far between.

 What we want and where we are going in terms of all areas of ourselves is an empowerment thrive that will serve you to the degree that your alignment is assured and your impact one of expansion and elevation for you and the collective in which you exist.


Your Envisionment for Who You Expect to Be As The Years of Your Life Progress.

 To delineate clearly within your feels, the place you are, the people you have around you, the commitments you are immersed within, the work you do, the time, space and attention you invest in every moment….to know this, to be in charge of this, to have a daily and well delineated action plan to this effect is your lifeforce management.

Some Simple Questions You Can Pose To Yourself To Gain Clarity About You:

“What is the EMOTIONAL QUALITY of your life?”

“WIth consistency, do you feel happy?”  “When was the last time you laughed really hard?”

“Are you LEARNING anything new or engaged in EXPANDED INTELLECTUAL pursuits?

“Are you fulfilled in the work that you do?”

“What is your investment and view of your PHYSICAL body?” “How confidant, assured and connected do  you feel in your body?” “

“What is your relationship to the higher aspects or your EXISTENCE?”  “Do you connect to that aspect of our lives, the unseen, the ethereal?”

“Do you feel understood, held and heard by those whom you share your love?”

“Do you like who you have become and are today?”

A check in of self and the ability to be honest and authentic in the answers of these is an energetic expulsion of pure optimal.

Many Times Humans Seek Counsel Outside of Ourselves to Determine What is Right For Them.

 There is An Internal Intelligence & System at Your Disposal & the Manner in Which You Access it is to Seek Within in Silence & Heed Your Most Authentic Truth of Who You Really Are. 

 When we can look at where we are presently along with taking creative responsibility for our roles in arriving oneself in these spaces, we can empower ourselves to shift and elevate that which is proving to keep us at an energetic deficit.

What we choose to ignore or normalize becomes a stagnation station vibration to our expansion.

If you are inherently uncomfortable in your being on a consistent basis then the kind of life result will be yielded lacks the thrive.

Storm clouds a brewing

When I endeavoured to heal myself back to wholeness from a complex neural stress disorder that I seemed to be creating unknowingly for the entirety of my existence and became aware of at 38 years old by way of super strange and violent and has taken 3 years for me to come to the wholeness of who I am.

 In doing so I relinquished all attachments to relationships that were cultivated in that state of being. It is extremely difficult to ones psychology to try and make sense of forgiveness and peace to people who enabled, allowed and/or perpetrated physical and psychological harm repeatedly to you during your years of developing and making sense of the world around you.

  Many Times People Normalize the Mistreatment of Their Own Feels & Self Directed Values of Justice and Good in the Name of Duty, Loyalty or guilt.

 To Be of One’s Own Empowerment is to Be in the Optimal Space of Lifeforce Because You Are Solely Dependent Upon Yourself & Yourself Only.

Now some may argue that this makes for an unfeeling and isolated way to be in the world but it actually proves to provide the opposite.

Rather than being dependent upon the approval and investment of others for your self worth, you cultivate actions and practices that expose the authenticity and light to who you are and as a byproduct of that you magnetize solid and successful humans around you.

Be free and be happy


When you make your worth, your value, your safety and your well being dependent upon the treatment you receive from others, then you put yourself at an immediate deficit to your own optimal lifeforce.

  Our societal indoctrinations of education and industry are quite far apart to the truth of the world in which we live in terms of the expansivity that could be imbued.

Embracing a higher consciousness and open minded approach to the structures in which we govern our views of what is possible for us on this globe we share is something that would serve everyone and leave a deficit to none.

It’s all good
Presently our globe is seeking to expand beyond the parameters fo the old Newtonian perceptions of the world and leaping into the quantum where anything that was, is and ever will be is very much in a state of play for our choosing.

I have maintained a 20 year dynamic with a man I am still very much in love with and still passionately invested within in all aspects of my being.

Having fielded the last 2 decades of mine  own growth interdependently with that of his has made me an expanded individual in many respects.

Expand towards the future

Rather than throwing in the towel and acting in separation anytime the sh*t hit the fan, we seek to understand to be understood.

Regardless of where you are in your world and what kind of relationships you keep in your life, you are an autonomous and separate human.

Your esteem and LifeForce are yours and yours alone to expand and manage. 

Stay Lit.