Self Responsibility and Ownership of One’s Own Integrity – Self Esteem Thrive for Dignified Living

Self Responsibility and Ownership of One’s Own Integrity – Self Esteem Thrive for Dignified Living

The battle for self-worth drains your energy. The secret of the maze of self-hatred and the fight to justify your own worth to others is a game that many people play within themselves.

This kind of human game with one’s own disharmonic energy that has built up within them as a result of dependent living and the hole of latching onto one’s own importance that dives them into shadow behaviours they normalize to their own the demise of others.

When you battle with yourself and your own value, you end up creating a circle jerk of low esteemed vibrations that compel antagonism and conflict in the areas of your life that ought to be effortless and in complete balanced harmony.

A genuine feeling of joy within comes with the honouring of one’s own autonomous heart and the conviction of one’s own mind.


When you can accept yourself as you really are and are able to compel the naturalness of your own unique charm, then you influence the world around you to your thrive.

The majority of the worlds political structures that people vote into and buy into as a structured modality of living are based on judgement, comparison and contradistinction.

It is a heavy and dense energy in terms of the natural force order of the energy of unconditional love and acceptance.

People judge because of their innate inner sense of justice, but what can initially be an innate feeling can then propel them into an MO of momentum of living as though this is a supportive method in which to govern their aptitude of relationships and decision-making factors.

Criticism and judgement in any relational dynamic over time leads to a decay in one’s own aptitude of self-worth. Especially when normalized of which it is, in many peoples most intimate dynamics.

Be a nice human

These kinds of normalizations inevitably lead to the cultivation and expression of one’s lower humanity expressing itself, rather than that of their highest selves.

Everyone in Canada has had direct experience of these men’s untethering and lack of self-command in ownership of the dignity and respect they are worthy of.

Bio Energetics do not lie and energy can be read very easily when one includes an aptitude of the metaphysical properties we inherently live by.

Justin Trudeau’s abhorrent displays of oppression to the citizens he governs are at a complete antagonism to the compelling good his father bestowed Canadians, and the globe, when he was in his son’s present station.

We are all connected and there is no separation.

Being able to be self responsible and adhering to a standard of integrity by way of congruence and truth is a highly dignified energetic vibration of which the Covid era was demonstrably NOT.

I do not deny that virus is intrinsic to human life. I will deny, however, that we are meant to be made victims by it. The very laws of nature and the experiential truths of metaphysical living are enough for anyone to know that the inherent wealth and health of one’s own biology is not rooted in an inordinate focus of fearing death.

Even if the theatrics of your government sell it to you like it is a legitimate state of mentalized conditioning of which you should govern yourself by.

How about a cup of wake the fuck up to get your immunities boosted to a more natural life thrive?

Pierre knew

To live detached from the dependency of others opinions and judgements of you is not to be a cold-hearted and non emotional entity in the world.

When you can match detachment with integrity, you will find yourself in a very empowered stated of condition, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

To be in autonomous ownership of congruence makes for a very strong and fundamentally powerful way to be in the world.

Self Responsibiltiy Is One of the Fundamental Pillars of Ones Own Esteem.

Here now

Many people succumb to the influence of others, the decisions of others, the trends of others and the energy that is brought to them on a global scale.

Just because such buy ins are propelled, and popular, do not mean they are necessarily attuned to your highest good.

One may only look at the odd predilection of governmental mandates focusing on death for economic recovery and manipulation to see that the general population is happy to abide by what they are told without discernment of their own self responsibility to their own sovereign and dignified biological governance.

I was gifted an education by physicians about the abhorrent use of pharmaceuticals and manipulative practices for profit to the demise of one’s own humanity.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so allowing people to be who they are is a dignity of great esteem in terms of how you perceive and engage the decisions and aptitudes of others.

Most notably, oneself.

courage dear heart

Having the courage to be who you are is a task that does indeed take a good deal of courage in a world where everyone wants to define for you what the normalized standard of living is supposed to look like.

As well as impune you and cast judgement upon you should you defy or step out of the ranks of what is deemed “socially acceptable and appropriate.”

If you are respectful and dignified enough to harness your own integrity and responsibility of self, then you can truly engage a good deal of your own energetic empowerment, regardless of what anyone else is doing in the world.

More than

I have aimed to cultivate a balanced and dignified esteem within the mental and emotional growth and wealth of the child I bred into this world.

This knowledge and acumen of empowerment came from a very toxic and depleted state of condition that I was recycling in the depths of disassociated trauma of which I am fully now aware of and every day, still taking responsibility for.

We are not immune to our choices, nor the consequences of them, however we always have the opportunities and potentiality available to us to make choices that enhance our propulsion of effects we generate for ourselves in these lives we are gifted to govern.

A basic recipe I bestow in simplicity for my child to adhere to, of which I do too, is when you make choices that make you feel good, you feel good about yourself. When you make choices that feel bad, you feel bad about yourself.


It really is that simple, yet many people are unconscious to their own present awareness and choice points, they find themselves muddied in the effects of the causes of their poor self choices and then have a heck of time trying to yield an honest feeling of goodness within themselves to get out of them.

People are very sensitive by nature and will build stories and falsities to appease the sensitivities of others as well as protect their own deep sensitivities of which they have not the courage to express.

Where integrity and self responsibility really take the cake is when you are able to be congruent and honest within yourself about what you are immersed in whilst you are immersed in it.

If someone takes offense with your truth because it offends their sensibilities, it doesn’t make it any less true for you, it just means that that particular person is not in resonance or understanding to the autonomous individual expression you are compelling from yourself.

Self responsibility means you need not carry the offense of others nor have to divert from your own expressions of truth to do so. This doesn’t mean that you are free to be abusive or combative in any way.

Divergence of beliefs and autonomy need not be in any way conflicting.


Love and Peace

Conflict is a result of comparison and contradistinction.

If you take away this kind of energy and yield towards curiosity and understanding, you can achieve results that are symbiotic with the natural force order of life laws, rather than impede your own experience being at war within yourself and those around you.

It only becomes so, when one is rooted in judgment and failing to find communicative understanding through curiosity.


Instead they allow their emotions to lead their value and then cast judgement as one being good or bad or offensive, when in fact, everything is inherently neutral and that which we attach to and make important gets inflated into what then become personal relational conflict.

To feel competent and worthy within oneself is to be in command of one’s own existence.

This means taking full responsibility for one’s actions. With a trauma induced state of condition, this is almost an impossibility for many who normalize their own abuse and just keep on keeping on without acknowledgment to their own inherent worth of value and dignity which is A NATURAL AXIOM TO BEING HUMAN.

Self responsibility is essential to self-esteem. The practices and behaviours one engages and propels are a direct reflection of their own worth within,

When you as a human can come to these realizations listed below and ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT THEM. then you are on your own path of a great thrive of self responsibility.

We as humans are co resonant creatures, so what you compel from your own being you reflect out to the people with whom you relate.

Everyone governs their own level of consciousness so your experiences are axiomatically self growth inducing.

It is up to you to see this and decipher where your level up could use some investment.


You Are Responsible For The Achievement of Your Desires.

You Are Responsible For Your Choices and Actions.

You Are Responsible For The Level of Conscious Awareness You Bring to Your Life, Your Work, Your Relationships.

You Are Responsible For Your Behaviours With Other People – ALL OTHER PEOPLE YOU RELATE TO.

You Are Responsible For How You Prioritize Your Time.

You Are Responsible For The Quality Of Your Communications.

You Are Responsible For Your Personal Happiness.

You Are Responsible For The Choice And Implementation Of The Values You Live By.

You Are Responsible For The Aptitude Of Self Esteem You Govern Yourself By.

A person is not responsible for the encumbrances of abuse trauma.

A person is responsible, however, for how they choose to deal with such encumbrances.

The focus of one’s own responsibility falls into the scope of what you, the individual are able to CONTROL.

You cannot control the behaviours of other people, but you are in full command of how you deal with those people. Read here on your rights to boundaried peace and how to dial that in.

You are not in control of environmental or global disasters, but you are in full command of how you respond to them.

Understanding within yourself what is yours to carry and what is not yours to carry falls under this topic of self responsibility. If you lack esteem within, chances are you lack the capacity to compel BOUNDARIES.

You are not responsible for the invasion of other people trampling on your personal boundaries, but you are responsible for how you uphold them.

You inevitably put your own esteem of worth in jeopardy when you carry that which is not yours to carry.

Understanding what is up to you and what is not up to you is where your empowerment of self responsibility and esteem begins.

The dependent relationships people often generate and most certainly lead to the bleeding of your own autonomy and sovereignty of self virtue.

self ownership


The consciousness of which you have volitional control is your own and not anyone else’s, not your spouse, not your parents and certainly not the bullshit of the government.

When you blame, judge, criticize, abuse, diminish and attack anyone else for your standing in life, then you are lacking your own self responsibility.

Even if you have been brutally beaten and encumbered with toxic stress conditioning since a young child, the responsibility of your life and its success lies solely in your own hands. That is not to say that you do not need empathy, sympathy, comfort, support, healing and nourishment.

It is a highly unnatural vibe to impose abuse on the innocent lives of children who are ill-equipped in their own command of choice to take responsibility for themselves in such a vulnerable stage in their developmental life, but it happens and as a result you have many adults encumbered with addiction and predilections, and coping mechanisms as adults that perpetuate the cycle.


It is in this space that the adult of the wounded child must learn and adapt their own self actualization and knowledge to be able to break the cycle of self-abuse that inevitably bleeds upon those whom they share relational space with. Information is everywhere and available to anyone who has an internet connection.

There is no reason for anyone to remain tethered to a state of inner ignorance unless they are unconsciously or even consciously choosing to do so.

This again, reverts back to one taking responsibility over the list above.

To be in acceptance of oneself fully is enabling a space to be able to take such responsibility.

A person who is at war within themselves but pretends as thought they are not is generating a war regardless if anyone can see it or not.

Wars over

The energy you compel, the energy you focus upon and the energy you adorn yourself with in terms of your own mental and emotional management is highly creative. It can lead to your ultimate demise or your most empowered state of condition.


Never Ask Yourself To Work Against Your Own Self Interest As You Understand It.

This is an abandonment of yourself and it is a feeding ground for manipulators and abusers to compel even more of the low vibrational energy of which you wish to absolve yourself.

This does not mean that you are ignorant, selfish or abuse the respect and dignity of others. When you compel true self responsibility, then this is mirrored in the effects of which you yield in your life.

You accept what is yours to carry and you carry it, you boundary that which is not yours to carry and your uphold it. This does not need to come at the expense or degradation of another.

It is simply an affirmation that who you are, and the dignity of your own life is worthy of respect and autonomy. The moral foundation of self-respect breeds mutual respect in the manner in which you handle people in your life,

No one is made to be a sacrificial entity for anyone else’s gains, however you you look at the political structures of life, this is the premise of which the moral standards are built upon.

Take ownership,

Be sovereign.

Act in your own integrity.

When you do what feels good to you, you feel good, not at the expense of others, but in a justifiable and balanced notion that your life is worthy of dignified and respectful treatment.

The practice of personal integrity comes into play here.

When your behaviour is CONGRUENT with your professed values, when ideals and practice match, you have integrity. I refer you to this post of CONGRUENCE once more.


If you hold low standards within yourself, you compel them outwardly. When you act in ways that are conflicting to appropriate and aligned human behaviour, the effects of this cause is demonstrable.

The human condition of every being is synonymous with the LIMBIC BRAIN SYSTEM. This is a system that propels and initiates your own aptitude of self growth.

Do not forfeit your rights to a dignified existence, no matter the compulsions of others. No matter how powerful or superiority socially classed these people may appear.

It is your life, after all and you have the right to choose to direct it as you please. The level of integrity of which you compel this governance is entirely up to you. This can seem like a great responsibility and a good amount of invested work, but the payoffs will yield you your freedom.

Owning yourself is a very esteemed vibration indeed.


Trying to take ownership over the esteem of others will demonstrably keep you very powerless as the only person whom you have complete control is yourself.

If you expect people to jump through hoops or behave in manners to keep you regulated or in a certain state of condition, then you are lost to yourself.

Expecting other people to adhere or to comply with what is ultimately your own responsibility is an energetic bleed of disempowered momentum you are not inherently built for.

Coming into your own autonomy and self responsibility is an investment worth making.

Know yourself

Know your worth.