The Daily Devotional – An Investment of Honour into One’s Own Esteem

Do For Others As You Would Do For Yourself or Do For Yourself As You Would For Others

Many people live for themselves and many people live in the duty of pleasing or providing for others. To live in the authenticity of the Self and a daily devotional investment to the expansion of your present self is to live aligned.

It is an esteemed vibe to understand the intrinsic nature of our connectivity as humans in relationship with ourselves and each other.

The monkey mind mirror effect

An Investment of Honour Into One’s Own Esteem Can Be Generated With The Daily Devotional Practice Of Self Love & A Self Investment Of Care & Optimization Through Naturally Led, Effortless & Joyous Pursuits.

Fielding relationships has a good amount to do with ones esteem of oneself.

The people you attract into your life are a mirror reflection of the vibration you are emanating presently in your life experience. You attract to yourself aspects of yourself that are seeking expansion.

The name of the game in establishing a higher consciousness is expansion. Expansion of the self. In order to encompass this expansion, as a human, it is imperative to acknowledge the wonder and spirit energy that is omnipresent within you.

Our very cellular structures and the nature of our existence lends itself to this axiomatic truth.

The cells of life biology

Yet here we are in global climate that is delineating their focus on victimization, human capacity limitation and death.

The One Thing That Is Also An Axiomatic Truth In This Wonderful Life We Are Yielded Is That Everything Is Allowed.

One can only look around them to know that nowadays, people have seen almost anything and everything that plays out and be completely desensitized to the darker aspects of our humanity being normalized as appropriate living.

If you are like me, and enjoy the beauty of your breathforce and the feels of deep breathing and connecting to the oxygen the Earth provides, then you may be at a dissonance in your community should the wearing of masks be a mandatory thing you have to adhere to.

Another axiomatic truth in life is that the only person you can control is yourself.

The worry wart release

Many people, however, gain their sense of identity and self by the dictates and behaviours and beliefs of other people.

Many people still watch the news and deem it a reliable source of information and buy into the information they are fed as if it is law when the truth of the matter is that the laws we govern ourselves by and adhere to, in a societal capacity are misaligned in terms of the dignity and capacity of the Universal laws that are actually governing us.

This is where the whole “Knowledge is Power” comes from and can be very empowering to any human being who endeavours to expand themselves with a little bit of self inquiry.

Taking Ownership of Your Esteemed Life

With a rampant energy of victimization being normalized and indoctrinated into the modality of world views, one of the most profoundly uplifting investments a human being can make for themselves is cultivating and adhering to their own individual standards of living.

In deserving vibrations

It is not to say that people should go around and behave as animals but to instead, become more conscious of their own empowerment and worth within.

One way any human can expand and elevate their own worth within is to make the daily devotional a non-negotiable.

What is a Daily Devotional?

This is an investment of time, space and attention into your own well-being.

Not the well-being of you attached to everyone else’s idea of what that looks like, but what you, as an individual and autonomous being know within yourself is the most nourishing and compassionate practice you can invest in yourself.

And daily.

We make eating a non-negotiable and the daily devotional should be no different.

It Is Pure Nourishment For Your Mind, Body and Soul and The Rewards You Yield Are Immense, Life Altering & Prove To Withstand The Vibe of Expanding.

The conditioning of most puts self care in the backseat of the care of the things, people and circumstances that need tending to outside of themselves.

This is a detriment to any human because it bleeds energy like you wouldn’t believe.

Systematically investing in a daily devotional practice cultivates a momentum of energy that will prove to shift your overall vibration in a gradual and expansive manner.

It takes an investment and a commitment to do this, yet many individuals will invest and commit to other peoples needs or dutiful expectations they have been indoctrinated to follow, so being individual in the choice of the daily devotional investment of the Self is a supreme thrive for the overall well-being of any human being.

In to me i see

Keep it Fluid – In the Flow of Life

Consistency is a good feel and can gain a good momentum towards your end objectives but being too rigid can prove to work as an antagonistic energy in your life vibration.

The wholeness and wellness of an individual life system is intrinsically connected to ones own esteem of invested self care and self nourishment.

When you create and maintain a standard of devotional investments to your most optimal state of being and in the authenticity of its expression and nurturing, your world will indeed reflect that back to you.

The flood flow of life

Being Fluid With Yourself & The Vibe You Dial In Is Key To Living a Life That is Infused With The Feels of Ease and Freedom.

Be aware of how much pressure or lack of support you generate to yourself.

Humans can always be their own worst critics and it is a good feel to maintain balance in the way in which you invest within yourself in terms of the habits and expectations you put upon yourself.

Give yourself credit and give yourself the gift of authentic reality in terms of your own self assessment is one of the most empowering investments you can make for your own esteem.

When you follow your authentic feels of nurturing and well-being, then the investment you make into those pursuits will keep yielding expansion.

This Is Because You Will Be Living In Harmony & Symbiosis With The Life Force Energy That Is Omnipresent In This Life We Live.

When we acknowledge the worth we have within and our right to devote an investment of time, space and attention to our own expanded version of ourselves, then everything in our outer environment begins to shift to align with this new vibration within you.

If speaking about vibration is elusive to you then you may benefit from reading this post here in regards to energy being everything.

A list of devotional activities is endless when you are a creative being.

Look to what sets your heart afire and engage within these pursuits as an investment and honour into one’s own esteem.