The Level Up of Esteem Found In BreathWork

In Esteemed Vibes of Oneself We Engage The Level Up of Esteem Found in Breathwork

The breath is a lifeforce that exists within every human being. It is its own entity and it plays an active roll in your functioning as a human being.

The level up of esteem found in Breathwork is an astounding practice to engage your most optimal and highest vibrational self. Esteem of oneself is a self responsibility vibe.

The experience of breathwork cannot be quantified in mere words.

The Level Up of Esteem Found in Breathwork Is An Experience That Will Shift Your Entire State of Being.

You have to have the experience of it in order to believe and see for yourself the magnitude of the breath’s power.

The first time I engaged a breathwork ceremony was in a beautiful a magnificent multi million dollar condo that boasted a panoramic view of the entirety of the city of Vancouver.

I was told that breathwork would release any trauma in my nervous system and clear out any lower vibrational energies that I was carrying in my biology.

The level up of esteem found in a panoramic perspective

During my formative years growing up, I was very grateful to have a wealthy and educated large family.

My father had never healed his trauma and as a result was a very abusive and violently toxic caregiver.

I am the youngest of seven children born in a ten-year period and I was the last one to show up.

Gummy bear

My three brothers above me were conditioned by a violent, alcoholic and dissassociative rages male, so me being the weakest link in the chain, received an inordinate amount of terrorizing and traumatizing abuse as a young girl.

From my hamsters head being cut off with garden shears, being handcuffed to the fridge and cabinets for an 8-hour period, being hung off a roof with a chain while adorning a life jacket to witnessing my brother being slashed on his bare backside with rose thorn bushes from my Mum’s garden….the list is pretty vast.

Those kinds of events were commonplace in my home and what I was bred to believe as functional human behaviour.

In the affluence that was our world traveling and higher education family it was normalized and accepted.

As a result my mentalizing processed were impacted and a dissassociative aspect of myself was created to cope with it all.

It was polarized with an affluent and materially wealthy existence. I am grateful for all my parents gave me and provided for me in that respect. Through my healing, I have come to this place of peace and appreciation within.

Hamster love level up of esteem

My Mother is a strong woman and beautiful kind Heart and Soul. She did formidably with the husband she chose. She told me he was as sweet as pie and then as soon as the kids arrived, it all started to show itself.

My Father was a beautiful Soul to his core and his unhealed traumas of living as a coloured man in segregated and racist South Africa and losing his mother and father at an early age obviously curated for him a biology that was fraught with trauma too.

I don’t think I would have been able to find this clarity if it weren’t for the connectivity I made to a higher source through bio energy healing and engaging breathwork.

So the cycle of abuse was my choice to transmute and the cycle ends here.

My son has no relationship with my parents and my relationship with my family is pretty much non-existent after I endeavoured to heal myself after an imposition of CPTSD.

This imposition was my midlife crisis rape of my psychology and I have spent the last 3 years realigning to wholeness within.

The Level Up of Esteem I Found In My Life Experience Through The Modality of Healing That is Breathwork was a Spiritual Awakening and An Education to Propel Me Into Higher Consiciousness Living.

The mainstream mental health modalities proved to set back my healing and trajectory forth.

Level up of esteem in love

Engaging my own therapies through bibliotherapy (you read about your issue and you self educate out of it), bio energy and breathwork were my saviours.

Those fundamentals along with a consistent and systematic implementation of high intensity exercise, Qi gong, meditation, yoga and Tabata and the modality presented by Vadim Zeland literature has enabled me to be a functioning human being completely pharmacologically free. CBD oils proved useful at the onset of the trauma reactivity.

I engaged it until I could muster up enough of mine own self awareness and acumen to get a hold of my disassociated aspect of me.

My first breathwork in that multi million dollar condo was a multi million dollar experience that started a path of clarity and empowerment within myself.

Upon engaging the breathwork my body’s nervous system showed its history and the energy that was released and expelled from my being was so infused with electricity the ring I was wearing flew off my hand and across the room about 20ft.

My hands looked like they were balls of electricity and my entire clothing was soaked with my perspiration as if I had just jumped into a pool of water. The ease and well-being I felt after that first experience was so profound I had to remind my MIND that it did actually happen.

Level up of esteem to electrify yourself

After that epic foray into breathwork, I then went to do a level 2 bio energy practitioner training in Nosara Costa Rica for 2 weeks when the breathwork experience was expanded even further.

The contents of those experiences and the sound bath journey I engaged was life transformational.

I cannot speak logically about the experience one has engaging the higher aspects of our beings through breathwork, I can only attest to its complete life altering and consciousness expanding bestowment.

What is The Level Up of Esteem Found in BreathWork

Engaging breathwork provides you with a self education. The experience proves different for every individual however the commonality is that we all breathe and have dynamic life experiences to navigate through/from.

It can be done in a ceremonial fashion or one on one with a breathwork facilitator.

Breathwork can be classified as intentionally changing your breathing pattern to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

The technique that was engaged in the sessions I did was a consistent circular breath from the belly with a deep inhale and an efficient and fast expellation.

After several minutes of implementing this circular breathing, the natural intelligence of my body took over and I was no longer breathing myself, but my body was breathing me.

Level up of esteem in your body

Sounds insane right?

Except it is actually the natural order of things.

The Breath Is Its Own Force.

It is a life force that is connected to the source of creation.

It exists within us humans as an entity for our benefit and survival. Short chest breaths are communication to your cell receptors that your body should gear up for fight or flight. Deep diaphragmatic belly breaths are communication to your body that you are in rest and digest mode.

The body contains its own natural intelligence and this fact is evident when you engage a breathwork journey or practice.

It blows the mechanistic approach to mainstream indoctrinated medicine out of the water because it allows the natural intelligence of your body to heal. This is far more empowering than treating your body as a mechanism separate from yourself to be manipulated from the exterior.

There is No Regression With The Level Up of Esteem Found in Breathwork

The nature of the Universe in which we live is expansion.

Expansion is best yielded with flexibility and least effort, symbiotic with the resonance of the Earth.

When we purposely connect to our lifeforce of the breath with conscious control then we empower ourselves huge!

The big support

Here Are The Many Benefits You Can Expect to be Found in the Level Up of Esteem Found in Breathwork

Improves trauma impositions such as PTSD and CPTSD

Supports positive self empowerment and development

Boosts your immune system

Transmutes emotional and psychological energy that is traumatic or painful

Increases self awareness and belief in one’s capacities to own their biology in its entirety

Develops life skills

Improves relationship to the self which means relationships with others is enhanced

Increased energy and confidence with stagnant energies being released from the nervous system.

Circumvent addictive behaviours and dependency

Alleviates anger hostility energy thus reducing reactivity

Elevates a system out of a depressive state and can be extremely therapeutic for depression and anxiety

Can elevate the whole vibration of the body’s system and relieve chronic pain and illness

Helps a person process grief

Releases emotional and psychological energy to a deficit in a human system.

Level Up of Esteem To An Optimal Degree.

I can attest to the experiential practice and optimal results that breathwork imbues into your life experience to your optimal benefit.

Don’t take my word for it.

Experience it for yourself and you will have no doubt of its efficacy.

Stay Esteemed Sweet Souls