The Practice of Conscious Living

A Couple of Weeks Back We Discussed The First Pillar of Self-Eesteem which involves The Practice of Conscious Living

In order for knowledge to be fully experienced, it requires that the knowledge you absorb mentally, also be practiced experientially. The practice of conscious living is not for the faint of heart.

This solidifies the teaching so that it is not just a concept you keep in your Mind, but a tangibly felt experience to lead to true knowing.

You can read up and learn all about the ins and outs of skydiving and say “I know what skydiving is!” or you can pay a few hundred dollars, strap on a professional skydiver and plummet yourself to the Earth from 10 000 feet up in the sky and have the real knowledge of what skydiving is all about.

One is done is theory and the other in actual experience.  The practice of conscious living is similar but in the depths of your beliefs and values.

The practice of conscious living suggests that you are aware and in conscious control over your energetic expenditures.

diving in is the key

How Does One Go About Experiencing The Practice of Conscious Living?

A modicum of self awareness and an aptitude for learning about how to optimize your particular individual self is a great way to start having a conscious relationship to yourself.

This will only lead to the same vibe of relating in your relationships and activities.

Below is an exercise sheet for you to write out and fill out for you to gain in the practice of conscious living.

conscious awareness of yourself

When you take conscious control of your life and invest in yourself then the rewards you reap are endless. The practice of conscious living.

The investment and commitment must be made, however, if you are to succeed.

Nothing comes from nothing so if you put in no effort or work into yourself, then of course, your beautiful body will continue on living in spite of you but will you really be able to say that you are living your best life?

the mental frames you hold

Taking the time to take the time to be good to yourself and engage in some self exploration and reflection is a gift.  This is a gift  you are well deserving of and paramount for you to receive if your life is to thrive. It is fully engaging the practice fo conscious living.

Journal writing and scripting can be very creative and somatically advantageous pursuits. It is a huge win in today’s technologically driven world to be able to sit in presence with a book and write out some sentences that describe your intentions for yourself and your own relationship to living consciously and what that means to you.

Uniquely yours.

Sentence Completion – Tool 4 Your Kit – The Practice of Conscious Living

A deceptively simple yet profoundly powerful exercise that is recommended in Dr Braden’s book The Six Pillars of Self Esteem is that of sentence completion.

We as humans, all have access to infinite intelligence.

There are resources available to us to access this intelligence.

The one that keeps our heart beating, or lungs breathing and our organs functioning. The one that causes flowers to bloom and trees to dwarf us and oceans that prove majestically powerful and beautiful as well as demonstrate destruction and impact to which us little humans are capable of impacting yet in no way have any power in its governance.

Sentence Completion Is A Manner In Which To Access This Intelligence Within Us – The Aspect That Each & Every One Of Us Hold Within.

The Whisper of Pure Potentiality.

If You Still Yourself, Meditate in Presence, This Whisper Is More Audibly Heard.


There are many ways to do many things in this world and the sentence completion task ahead is one of those things. The manner in which Dr Braden recommends and proves effective is the procedure taken from his book and is delineated as follows:

“The essence of this procedure is to write an incomplete sentence, a sentence stem, and to keep adding different endings – the sole requirement being that each ending be a grammatical completion of the sentence. You want a MINIMUM of 6 endings.”

take the time to write

Making it an even 10 would be a great investment and service to yourself. We are expanding, always. Embracing this aspect of our humanity is extremely empowering.

This should be done in a delve in and do it kind of attitude.

The more you dwell on what is not working for you in your being, the more you generate that kind of energy in your life and you end up on a recycle belt of living in the same skin day in and day out with no growth.

Acceptance of yourself and where you are at in your life is the biggest obstacle in implementing change.

An awesome way to practice full acceptance of self with no resistance, is to understand that everything about the world in which we humans live, is an all-inclusive universe. This means you can be okay with anything and everything and you just cultivate enough strength of will or discipline to govern yourself in a discerning manner in terms of your emotional and psychological intelligence.

writing is a gateway

The suggestion is to just do it and don’t ruminate or think about it too much.

Sit down with a pen and an “I love myself” notebook and write down 10 sentence endings, as intuitively as possible, without pausing for reflection or thought to these sentence stems:


IF I BRING 10% MORE AWARENESS TO MY ACTIVITIES TODAY_____________________________________________

IF I PAY MORE ATTENTION TO HOW I DEAL WITH PEOPLE TODAY ____________________________________________


5-10 sentence completions for the above can be done in the morning and after you have written your responses you go on about your day without looking at them again.

It is advised you repeat this exercise Monday-Friday without looking at the answers that came from you the day before.

It is possible that you will encounter similarities and you will encounter new items on your lists.

The purpose of this exercise completed daily and with no judgement or rumination from your Mind, allows your psyche to start generating new possibilities for you and your being.

At the end of the week, relax and then on one day on the weekend when you are in a chill and good state, reread what you wrote for the Monday – Friday sentence completions and then proceed to write a minimum of six sentence endings/completions for this stem:

IF ANY OF WHAT I WROTE THIS WEEK IS TRUE, IT WOULD BE HELPFUL IF I_____________________________________

An aspect of us as humans is that we are incredibly capable to harness and direct our own selves in terms of our thought forms and the words we use to describe and communicate our experiences.

empowering thoughts empowering life

When you enter into communication with yourself in terms of delineating the aspects of yourself that could live more consciously, then it is a given that this conscious investment and commitment to yourself will generate the energy you require to shift into a more conscious participant of your life.

This is only 10 minutes of your life per day to cultivate a serious level up in your state of being and consciousness.

The exercise itself is a tool.

A tool that allows you to become more aware of your participation in your own life.

Tracking awareness and tracking our attention is one of the most empowering gifts you can bestow upon yourself.

If you are able to commit to this practice (which is like an hour a week) and you have become familiar with the tool you will acquire knowledge and a sense of how the procedure is working for you.

The Caveat Here Is That You Invest In Yourself.

A good portion of people look outside of themselves for guidance and support.

The answers are within you.

No one can be the ultimate authority on your own experience but you.

Take accountability and responsibility for your awareness and your conscious attention in how you show up in the world is one of the most empowering things you can do for your overall well-being.

After two weeks of working with the above tool, you will have now developed a sense for how it is working for you in terms of just getting acclimated to focusing on living aware and living consciously. It is then advisable to increase your momentum and continue to raise your level of awareness of yourself and your intentions in your life.

Examples of further sentence stems for you to complete after 2 weeks of becoming familiar with the tool itself.

The Sentence Starts The Same In Each Lesson:

“If I were to bring 10 percent more awareness to….”

….my activities….

….to how I deal with peeps today….

….to my most important relationships…

….the problems I am facing….

Fill out these sentence stems and complete them.

Then go about your day.


At the end of your day, some time during the evening where you can allot a portion of quiet time to yourself, these are the sentence stems recommended completing:

“When I reflect on what happens when I bring 10 percent more awareness to….”

….my activities….

….to how I deal with peeps today….

….to my most important relationships…

….the problems I am facing….

The idea behind doing this exercises Monday to Friday on a consistent basis, despite any repeating statements is that you are energizing this aspect of your being.

The law of energy is very simple. It is the rational mind that makes the understanding of it such a complex matter for most – the Mind sets its very task to figuring things out and analyzing and it is a very useful mechanism, however, it is merely a recording device of all perceptions and experiences you have absorbed throughout your life thus far.

Being able to write freely about yourself in a free flow of authentic expression free from analytics, logic, reason and judgements, your relationships and the level of conscious awareness you bring to them is hugely empowering for you and for the people with whom you share your energy.

Where you place your focus is where you place your energy.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Just as if you were to go to the gym and weight train every day, you would start seeing a shift in your musculature system and your biology at a cellular level.

The same is true for exercises of the Heart and Mind.

If you have no awareness or governance over your own awareness and how it impacts your overall life choices and outcomes, then is that aligned with empowerment?

What is super cool about the process Dr Braden offers in his book “The Six Pillars of Self Esteem” is that there are endless possibilities for what you can explore and enhance in your self as who you are being.

the six pillars

Cultivating Empowering Habits

If You Choose To Invest 30 minutes Towards The Cultivation Of Yourself Each Day To Engage In Some Empowerment For Yourself & For You Alone

Carving out 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to write out your intentions and awareness of your level up in your own behaviour is supremely empowering.

There is a good amount of expectation, duty, pressures and commitments that are an axiom with the western world structure of societal living.

Being an advocate for your own health and well-being is a freedom and a right that most people leave into the hands of others.

How incredibly disrespectful to the human heart’s connectivity to infinite intelligence to buy in to such a belief.

It is for profit, no doubt which is a misnomer of power that has also been normalized and enabled in the world today. This is not a gripe, it is observation.

Many people cultivate habits for a lifestyle based on beliefs and experiences set out by their influencers and the structured beliefs of society.

habits that empower you

The kind of environment and the influences a person has throughout their lives can play a large part in how they choose to live their life paths.

A good vibe to encompass for your kids, if you have any, and for yourself and the peers in your surroundings is empowering habits.

Habits of self care, self reflection and self investment in a healthy and dignified manner. Many times people can act out of obligation and expectation.

The rebellious act of self investment based solely on you and your unique self & the optimization of you is an act worthy of your value – no matter who you are or what you have done.

If you are committed to raising your awareness and participation in your own beings experience, then you can apply the sentence stem and completion exercise to different issues in your life. Here are some additional sentence stems to put into your journal.

Personal Work

“If I bring 10% more awareness to…..”

when I am mentally active and when I am mentally passive, I might see that __________________________________________

how I sometimes stand in my own way ___________________________________________________________________________

my insecurities ________________________________________________________________________________________________

my emotional responses ________________________________________________________________________________________

how I prioritize myself __________________________________________________________________________________________

Professional Work

“If I bring 10% more awareness to…..”

what my tasks require of me ____________________________________________________________________________________

how I delegate tasks to my employees ___________________________________________________________________________

the manner in which I produce sales _____________________________________________________________________________

When humans have a pattern of habitual behaviour in their modes of operandi, certain conscious or, more likely, subconscious behaviours can bring up a good deal of resistance to change. Rather than throwing in the towel and writing the exercise off as futile, one can instead, choose an attitude of perseverance

Resistance Work in Regards to The Sentence Stem Exercise

“If I imagine bringing more consciousness into my life _____________________________________________________________”

“The thing about doing this scares me because __________________________________________________________________”

“If I bring 10 percent more awareness to my fears and judgements about this exercise, I might see that _________________”

Dr Braden calls these exercises an adrenaline shot to the psyche. Having implemented higher awareness into my daily life and to see how putting your focus on this task even for a fortnight shifts the manner in which you relate to yourself in this world, it proves exponentially empowering.

In many cases, the results of being human means that sometimes we are less conscious and aware of aspects of ourselves then we are of other aspects we govern.

Assessing where your awareness requires a level up is easy, as you need only look to the outcomes you are producing in your life in terms of your relationships, the work you do and the creative output you generate.

Being Honest & Authentic With Yourself & Your Own Behaviours Is A Beautiful Way To Own Who You Are In Your Entirety & Make The Very Most Of Yourself.