The Practice of Purposeful Living – The 5th Pillar to Esteemed Living

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The Practice Of Living Purposefully.

In this day and age with the technology that we have developed, the political climate & many influential industries that have been exposed as lacking integrity for humanity. The practice of purposeful living is almost being forced upon humanity in a backwards way.

The knowledge that is available to us in terms of our own individual creative powers we ALL possess to be conscious participants in the fabrication of our life experience…. The practice of purposeful living is a vibe we would all do well to ride. passion leads you hereOne Can Learn To Understand That Living By Hope & Chance Are An Old World Model.

A modality of belief that your world happens to you, and not for you.

When a human decides to take on the knowledge and implement the knowledge of conscious living, self-acceptance, self-responsibility and self-assertiveness, then the practice of purposeful living  goes hand in hand with the development and experience a human being has in their life experience.

To have the world handle you is giving away a good amount of your creative powers.

The world does happen to you indeed, but it also happens through you.

If you are not too clear on what that means, it is all good!

A little information can go a long way.

Our lives are designed from the moment we enter this world.

By way of the environment and nurturing we receive determines a good portion of how we perceive and interpret the world around us and how we make sense of it.

There is a rising in the globe’s frequency and the general level of consciousness amongst the collective.

Many individuals are awaking from indoctrinated living of stress and accomplishment to ease and efficiency of work so as to live abundantly and free to explore all that brings them joy and is good with esteem Many people, are oscillating between these two approaches to living and the very clever of many are living abundant, carefree and killer lifestyles with the polarity of many individuals living in squalor, poverty and famine.

Promotion of balance has always been at the forefront of good living.

To live in a balanced fashion in ones own personal life, extends out to the world beyond.

Nature thrives in a state of homeostasis/balance.

When the Earth is mistreated with unbalanced practices of humans, it looks like natural disasters…. This is a basic result of cause and effect. Misaligned people treat the Earth as a product to capitalize upon rather than see that the intrinsic health of the Earth resides in the health of humanity and our ability to regulate and balance our own selves.

There is a good amount of desire and greed that is cultivated at the expense of the planet’s health and it seems like this mode of operandi is also indoctrinated into the society in which we live.

The same is for you and the governance of your human bio-suit.

A balanced diet, a balanced amount of exercise, work and play make for a very vibrant and easy existence.

balance leads to optimal living Living with purpose can propel us into the individuals that we were meant to encompass in terms of our highest and accomplished selves.

To live with no purpose, is to be at the hands of the people, situations and circumstances outside of yourself, leaving everything to chance.

The Power Of Purpose

When you harness the power of purpose, you are living to achieve the desires that resonate within you at your core level with the beautiful expression of your own unique heart and mind.

Whatever your predilections for purposeful living, whether it be family, career, invention, innovation, creation, discovery, inquiry and/or relationships it is these goals within us that propel us to energize ourselves within our own existence of this life we live.

When you have purpose, you have productivity. captivated with purpose

Productivity to make a decent and successful life for yourself by way of supporting your endeavours through purposeful actions and behaviours that propel you in your journey of achievements.

When you take responsibility of your own self you own your existence and do not burden others with the chore of dialing that in for you.

One not need be super productive to be considered successful, but a person need be aware and exercise their right to productivity as a gateway to accomplishing one’s goals set out before them.

The power of purpose in a person’s life proves an outlet for one’s own expression of ideas and intelligence.

When a person lacks purpose they wander about aimlessly achieving results for someone else’s bottom line.

If that is to be the purpose to serve, then so be it, but if you want true autonomy, then cultivating a healthy relationship of esteem within and cultivating enough loving support for the self to actualize into a person with purpose, can lead to very rewarding outcomes.

peaceful rock vibes

To Go & Pursue Goals of Your Own Choosing With a Purposeful Energy Generating Your Outcomes, There is Success to Be Found with a Resoluteness of its Own That is Encompassed in This Energy.

One of Decisive & Courageous Creativity.

This is what is enabled within, when you implement all the pillars of self-esteem – living purposefully being the fifth.

When you encompass self-esteem and the principles that entail this aspect of your life experience then you are operating from a conscious level of control over the outcomes in your life.

The Ability to Produce a Desired Result

To live purposely means that we can govern ourselves with a level of competence in specific areas of our lives to enable us to have the efficacy to achieve our desired goals.

To be able to master certain tasks to achieve our goals lends itself to having an acumen of efficacy. It is not a manner in which we prove our worthiness in the achievement and attainment of our goals, but the process in which we become effective participants in our own life and competent at living those lives.

Specificity and clarity are huge factors in determining your ability to produce an intended desired result in your outcomes. Many people take this approach to their work and are supremely successful. Most take this approach to work but fail to implement it in their personal lives which may account for failure in marriages.

When we are specific and have crystal clear clarity on our intended outcomes, then that clarity is exponentially useful in our achievement of these outcomes.

the lens of clarityWhen you have clear direction, you know where you are going and are able to track your progress to be able to adjust or alter your actions while you receive feedback from the surrounding circumstances during your journey.

To concern yourself with the practice of purposeful living is to be aware and asking yourself what you are trying to achieve, how you are trying to achieve it, why you think the means are appropriate to the achievement itself.

Acknowledging and assessing the feedback from the environment in which you are creating your achievements to better gauge what is working for you and what needs to be shifted.

This goes back to living consciously.

To Live Consciously Goes Hand in Hand With Living Purposefully.

These are pillars to be well-informed on and to practice in our daily lives should we seek to be living in affluence of our own creations.

If you are able to apply these ways of being into both your professional and personal lives, then you are riding a thrive vibe.

Many people put all their energy into their work and very little to the success of their relationships and thus you see a huge fail rate in marriages yet a great success rate in business.

Balance is the name of the game and honouring all areas of your life, personal, professional and interpersonal relationships and pursuits will again, yield a thrive vibe.

Raising your level of conscious awareness and living with purpose, in all areas of your existence.

Sounds pretty empowering and a pretty sweet deal to encompass. Having a clear delineated action plan to your purpose is a vital life enhancing practice.

Discipline of Self In The Practice of Purposeful Living

The word discipline can seem like a powerful and almost daunting word. When engaging the practice of purposeful living it is an empowerment.

When I send my child to school and I have to fill out forms for his teacher, one of the questions is “How do you discipline your child” which to me is a statement that implies you have to have a level of conscious governance to your child’s behaviour.

I stated that we do not discipline, that we hold our child accountable to the degree that his cerebral environment will allow him to comprehend his actions and the consequences of those actions.

Making a child bad is the worst thing you can convey to a child’s developing esteem.  The practice of purposeful living means holding your children accountable in acceptance of all they are and are being.

Invested & conscious parenting is a good vibe. It, in itself is a practice of purposeful living.

Take the time to take the time with your kids to teach them and invest in their experiences and knowledge base. investment of time is pricelessThis allows for easier parenting in the long run.

Teaching discipline of self to my child is another attribute that I know will serve him well as it has for me.

I learned the value of self-discipline when I healed a complex neural dissassociative disorder by mine own will and self directed disciplines of inquiry and practice.

I will let you know that having done so has left me with the experiential knowledge that all the answers really are within you and if you cultivate a vigilant relationship to yourself and a commitment to a serious dignified level up to how you perceive yourself and the awareness you bring to your daily, hourly, minutely focus….you can achieve anything.

The quantum model of living with the infinite field of potentiality makes this a conceptual truth and if you are a human being, you have the ability to work in concert with this truth, and then, through doing so, gain experiential knowledge of its truth and therefore be forever changed.

Many people fear the unknown.

Many people fear abandonment for being different.

We as humans are so vulnerable and behave as if vulnerability is some sort of weakness.

Another truth, you will find, is that allowing your vulnerability to be expressed and nurtured, can become your greatest superpower.

Meditation and self inquiry are methods to determine the most effective manner in which to dial in your unique and most optimal vibe. It is a freedom and it is creatively very powerful in the directives you project forth.

To think, plan and live with a broad view of implementing a level of action and awareness in your life that encompasses investment.

This is a thrive vibe for your existence.

Without a delineated trajectory forward from a powerful presence you are living aimlessly.

The pursuit, cultivation and mastery of self-discipline goes hand in hand with leadership and success.

Self Discipline as A Survival Virtue

As a human your ability to govern and manage by thine own free will an aptitude and practice of self-discipline then you have met one of life’s processes requirements.

Balance is the name of the game. Nature never wastes energy.

Everything in the Natural World, Offline, is Divinely Created in Harmony and Balance.

Nature will always try to maintain balance.

This is a truth we would do well to encompass as humans living on a planet, in the natural world – even if it appears our world is becoming more and more unnatural should you engage in mainstream media.

Effective guidance for the youth of today would be the effective teaching to embrace presence without a disregard for what is to be assessed in the future and a focus on what is to be created in the future without impeding the ability to harness the magnificent and powerful present moment.

To live intuitively and be guided by your own directives in a conscious manner is a cultivation of esteem within that is massively empowering and yields a total thrive vibe.

pristine reflections

Do not mistake self-discipline to be something that hinders your ability for a free flowing and spontaneous existence. Quite the opposite.

To live consciously and in direct concert with thine own discipline of your own directives increases your faith within when you note the outcomes of empowerment that are demonstrable in your leveling up.

Rest, Relaxation, Self Care & Nurturing Are All Intrinsically Linked To Self Discipline.

Always go back to balance.

Implementing balance in your life in all areas of your life is a thrive vibe.

Choose your actions consciously, they can include any random or frivolous activity that enables you reckless abandon.

We are all human beings with the right to exercise our free will – it is ours and only ours in which to do so, all we are saying is just to be mindful of how you do exercise this divine right of yours and if the manner in which you are exercising it, lends itself to your greatest good and cultivation of your highest self.

Keep in mind with a thrive vibe attitude towards transformational living that abandoning your purpose does too, serve a purpose.

purposeful lives are happy lives

Transformation and regeneration are able to be bred from such a place.

Keep in mind that we know so much more about our capabilities as humans permeated with electrons and atoms that are forever in motion and communication.

We really are only limited to the restrictions and boundaries we put upon ourselves with the manner in which we frame our capacities.

How To Dial In The Practice of Living Purposefully

1. Understand and adopt the knowledge that it is you and you alone that are responsible for formulating your own goals and your direction in life.

Explore your own callings, and then with ninja style decisiveness and clarity, determine what your OWN goals are and to write them as tangible aspects of your life experience that are your sole responsibility to delineate and conceptualize.

2. Concerning yourself with identifying the necessary actions to you make your goals achievable by way of your conscious choice and ability to act.

Getting from point A to point B in your vibe of self directed goals.

How do you do it?

Making a plan or a mind map to your intended accomplishments puts your purpose into motion by way of action.

3. Self monitoring to ensure your behaviours are aligning with your desired outcomes.

In order to be proactive and avoid and hindrances to our life’s path unfolding optimally, we need to take stock of our own actions and behaviours and be mature enough to acknowledge what is working for us and what is not, in terms of accomplishing our own goals.

Holding yourself accountable can be challenging, but if you are serious about a purposeful life and elevated outcomes in your life experience, then this is pivotal to your own success.

Accountability of self, by monitoring your own actions and behaviours allows you to remain dedicated and focused to the end goal in all areas of your execution and achievement of it.

4. Invested attention and reflection to the outcomes of one’s actions to ensure they are leading to the success of one’s intended goal.

Invested attention into ensuring that one’s strategies and efforts they are generating towards the achievement of their goals, are indeed, the best and most efficient methods that one can be using.

To be able to look at your actions and determine if they are indeed, proving fruitful, neutral or detrimental to your desired outcomes, is a thrivevibe.

Again, we go back to self-responsibility and being accountable.

It is an act of courage and great esteem within oneself to be able to reflect objectively on their own performance and acumen for their own results and then shift or alter them as a result of that discerning practice.

Take The Time To Take The Time.

Investing in Areas of Yourself with Reflection & Deliberate Focused Attention is Extremely Useful to a Purposeful Life. clarify your purpose