The Practice of Self Acceptance

An Esteemed Vibe & Gift For Your Well Being Is Found in The Practice of Self Acceptance

Our next pillar of self-esteem that takes us into a trajectory of expansion and optimal living is the practice of self acceptance.

If you are capable of being with yourself and invest in your best interests, than the practice of self acceptance proves to be an esteemed vibe and a beautiful gift for your well-being.

the practice of self esteem

What does it really mean to accept yourself?

It may feel completely natural to you to know who you are and how you feel and glow in your own skin. You also may not feel like that at all and maybe never even given yourself and your well-being a second thought.

As a person who has fielded neural stress and rewiring as well as repeated trauma and abuse and the subsequent recovery and healing of it, I only too well that feeling shameful of yourself, doubting your capabilities and judging who you are in a negative light only leads to further situations and experiences where this is magnified in your experience. acceptance of self

No matter what experiences shaped who you are today, you are in full governance and control of the outcomes in your life by way of how you manage your own body with the food and exercise you nourish it with and the thoughts and beliefs that you carry within you – consciously or subconsciously.

There is a simple principle at play in the Quantum model of viewing the world and that is based upon a mirror model of living.

The simple idea that who you are being, is what will be reflected back to you in your world’s circumstances.

IF you are berating yourself for being too fat, than chances are pretty good you will be or already are too fat. Nobody was ever made better by being told how bad they are and when you talk to yourself, you are casting spells. Your words have power.

Remember that.

It’s okay who and where you are, right now. You need only believe it. Are you able to do that?judgement free acceptance When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you notice the things you like and admire and are proud of about yourself or do you look at aspects of yourself and wish they were other than what you see?

Many people like to hold onto to their back stories and recycle patterns in which they need to feel heard and validated. When you are able to be accepting of yourself in your entirety, than there is no excess energy that proves to work against your efforts. authentic acceptance of yourselfA good deal of my psychological healing is accomplished through my acknowledgment of my optimal health and well-being event though at the time I was more incoherent in my brain wave function than coherent the majority of the time. I used words repeatedly to myself throughout the day in the form of an amalgam:

“Everyday I get better and better”

One day, it was actually beginning to prove true.

How you focus your attention and your words to yourself and your acceptance of yourself are crucial to your whole life’s journey.

journey forth into self acceptance

Back to the good work of Nathaniel Braden, he denotes the second pillar of self-esteem to be that of self acceptance where he defines it as:

“a refusal to be in and adversary relationship with myself.”

There are 3 levels to this meaning he gives and I will break them down here:

Level One:

The first level of self acceptance is a more primordial aspect of ourselves.

To consciously acknowledge and accept our natural egoism that is a byproduct of being a human being.

An Act of Self Affirmation 4 Your Right 2 Exist.

The nature of us as humans is expansion.

We are always in a game of contraction and expansion.

In order to be able to expand in a healthy and advantageous way in your life, you need to be accepting of yourself.

if your self rejection runs too deep, than however would you be able to cultivate a healthy life?

Implementing self acceptance into your experience versus self rejection is a pivotal and fundamental act necessary for a vibrant life. vibrant living withinAccepting yourself at the basic fundamental level of being human will be the difference between you value yourself, treating yourself with respect and standing up for your fundamental right to exist.

The voice of your Life Force is a subtle and powerful entity within you. This is the part of you that will always accept you and always support you – when you are in the depths of depression and near suicide, it may speak to you to go seek help.

If you are in the depths of grief and don’t know how you will continue, it will murmur to you that you are taken care of.

It is the highest aspect of your being and on this level of self acceptance it is a reward to you to acknowledge that which is within you that compels you forth but that you may not necessarily have a conscious relationship with.

Full Acceptance of Self Allows This Aspect of You to Be More Readily Heard & Heeded. When We Disconnect From Ourselves Our Self-Esteem Is The First Aspect of Our Well Being to Take the Hit.

Understanding yourself and accepting your uniqueness and allowing it to not only be, but to flourish is a beautiful segway to enriched living.

Level Two:

Self Acceptance entails our willingness to experience.

Experiential Acceptance of Self

Our inner motivation to experience rather than to disown ourselves and our experience of us in the world is the second level of self acceptance.

Whatever the present moment facts are of ourselves, our lives, and the life line we currently find ourselves riding, this level of self acceptance allows a person to be present and conscious to the realty of their own behaviour.

Demonstrating our own relationship to our emotional intelligence indicates a level of acceptance of self that one is capable and in full governance of their emotional intelligence and not the other way around. your relationship to emotionWhen you see people out and about having emotional reactions to the occurrences that they encounter, it is probably safe to say that these people could use with some emotional intelligence level up.

The truth is that you are free to choose and accept anything and everything about yourself.

When you are reactive to the events or people outside of yourself you are not with the experience of full self-acceptance.

In order to neutrally accept all that is occurring around you, you need to have a strong developed sense of self and self acceptance otherwise any comment or advance towards you that is not aligned with dignity will prove to impact you.

That impact is not one of your advantage if it is out of your conscious awareness.

Being able to have a conscious enough relationship to yourself to know and be able to implement in your life that to accept and experience our feelings.

unconditional acceptance

Having an understanding too, that this carries no implication that our feeling states swill have the last say in what we choose to do but to understand that they are informational and prove as guidance for our preferences based upon who we are.

Are you able to sit in your skin for a good amount of time and feel complete ease and acceptance of all and who you are?

Many people give away their personal power due to lack of acceptance in themselves.

If you cannot fully accept who you are, than you can never see the consequence of that in your life experience.

How you feel about yourself, how you speak to yourself and the core beliefs you buy into about yourself are all aspects in your governance and all aspects that have a direct influence on the outcomes you experience in all areas of your life.

Full acceptance of yourself and full appreciation of yourself will enrich the fundamental structure upon which your core worth and identity may spring it yourself inner peace self is not an invitation for you to blindly go about and behave in any way you choose and than profess that it is all good because you accept who you are.

It is not an invitation to lack accountabillity in your life experience. In fact it would be quite the opposite.

To not accept where you can change your behviours and habits that are not serving your highest good would be to your benefit.

If you cannot admit you haven an issue with your anger, how are you to relinquish it?

If you are not willing to accept that you have destructive eating pattern that is related to your untapped or unresolved emotional issues, than how do you suppose you will be the authority in fixing them.

Self Acceptance is Acknowledging with Authenticity Where You Find Yourself Presently, Owning It & Then Having The Faith In Oneself To Know You Can Transform Into Whomever You Decide To Affirm Yourself To Be.

Level Three:

A compassionate friend to yourself.

Compassion Reduces Undesirable Behaviours Rather Than Condones/Enables Them

You cannot expect a person to become good by telling them how bad they are.

That includes the conversations you keep with yourself.

When you continually berate yourself, judge yourself, criticize yourself – all just different forms of not accepting yourself, than you cannot really expect your life’s circumstances to improve. If this is the vibrational theme you have playing in your internal dialogue, than you will only attract to yourself that which is resonant with your lack of acceptance within.

Having a compassionate heart towards yourself is imperative for accepting yourself in your entirety.

Having compassion for yourself is a pre requisite to being able to show compassion to others.

It is not your job to solve other peoples problems, but being a compassionate participant in life rather than one that turns its heart away to themselves or others is something that is intrinsically linked to your own esteem of your worth and your beliefs about the nature of the universe in which we exist.seeking human compassion For a very long time I was frustrated and standing in my own way because I refused to accept that I have a neurological wiring that requires me to do meditation and high intensity exercise before I am able to have coherence in my brain wave function.

The catalyst for me to discover this came in the form of unhealed suppressed emotional and physical traumas that were not acknowledged or repaired.

As a result, I just kept living in my head space and learned to function all the while suppressing some very pivotal and important emotional, psychological and social aptitudes and learning.

This is not a healthy way to be in the world and the repercussions a human system has to face as a result of witnessing and enduring repeated traumatic events, with no repair, is indicative of the exact opposite way to live and thrive.

I have and experiential knowledge of this and this is why I am a huge advocate for self-respect, self-love and self acceptance.

It is intrinsic to our abilities to govern and maintain a healthy life both internally and externally.

your empty cup needs fillingHaving a compassionate attitude towards completed acceptance of ourselves means being at peace with you we are, not necessarily all that we have perpetrated in our lives.

As a result of my neural stress, I used to fall victim to dissassociative and incoherent brain states that would propel to act and speak in ways that were indicative of the energy of my trauma.  Completely opposite to my nature which is rooted in the energy of love.  It was all kinds of ugly and destructive and led to moments where the practice of self acceptance was really challenging.

It is hard for me, at times, to sit in my own skin and be accepting of these actions I perpetrated that were not aligned with respect, worthiness or love.

The compassionate part of myself gives those experiences forgiveness and a rational acceptance of how I was wired. This is my practice of self acceptance and a positive vibe that I have awareness of it.

I am working on myself every day to ensure such expressions of disempowerment no longer emanate from me without my conscious control.

The key for me, was to be able to acknowledge and accept that this is how I was wired and these hiccups are not who I am, but a part of how I was made.

it is in black and white

In order to take control and transmute something – anything – you have acknowledge it and learn to accept it. This is the practice of self acceptance.

One Can Only Affect Change If They Acknowledge That Change Needs To Be Implemented.

A practice of self the acceptance wiil enable anyone to make those changes with efficacy.

Be good to yourself.

Invest in yourself.

At the end of the day, the week, the year, this life, you are in your own skin and will always be.

Accept it.

Love it.

Make the most of it.