Personal Amalgams and Identity Alignment

Personal Amalgams & Identity Alignment LifeHack

Simple Words Can Shift Your Sense of Self & Way of Being in the World  When You Use Them Everyday & Develop Belief in Them.Personal Amalgams and Identity Alignment Lead You To Empowerment

choose your own words

A Personal Amalgam is a Great Way to Keep Your Inner Engineering Functioning Optimally.

Personal amalgams and identity go hand in hand.

How we show up in this world is a direct reflection of the stories that we carry within.

mirror principle in nature

In certain ways, through media advertising and entertainment that reaches the globe, society has created a mindset that beauty is somehow a delineated in a certain way and that in order to feel and be successful, you have to look a certain way, wear a certain style and be a certain weight.

Social Media and Other Media Sources have a huge influence on the media and ideas that a person absorbs.

If the person absorbing such material is not of discerning conscious mind, then the influence will filter into the perceptions and beliefs of the person who is engaged in this kind of absorption.

Someone who practices esteemed tools such as personal amalgams and identity alignment will be a self responsible individual.

Comparison and one-upmanship is something that is taught to us in school and in society.

It seems we have cultivated a consciousness in which we are always seeking our own worth outside of ourselves rather than cultivating and harnessing our unique gifts within. I see this with by 7 year old in his class.

He has that, she has this, he did this, she did that. I wonder what the shift would be should we choose to direct our children to their own unique gifts and talents and to focus on an inner cultivation of one’s gifts rather than seeking outside of oneself to what others are doing by way of comparison.

I instill the learning in our child, that the only control he can govern with certainty is himself.

His perceptions, his reactions, his self talk, his exercise, what he eats AND what he chooses to believe about what people tell him.

There was an instance when someone bullied by little guy about his rad, once super long, orange hair.

orange hair cutie bear

Clearly you can see how beautiful this little creature is, so I didn’t jump on the victim train, and said, “well, he is horribly misinformed and must be in some serious pain and hurt to be saying such nasty things.

“What do you think of your hair? I think it is awesome!”

Whenever I encounter a “he said this” “she said that” I always ask, “Do you believe them?” rather than get into a pissing match about who said what to who and who is right and who is wrong, because at the end of the day, what you feel and what you think and what you experience are all the right thing for you in that moment.

It’s called your evolution.

The Only Reason That You Feel Bad When Someone is Being a Bully is Because You Are Believing in What They Are Saying.

When you believe in yourself and you know for sure that you are golden, then words and actions of others become a reflection of them, and not you.

With this belief you are free.

Free to be exactly who you are and more often than not, the people who are trying to bring you down or point out your flaws, are probably suffering from a low esteem or sense of self and behaving in ways that express this inner state of being. Reactivity to misaligned individuals is a waste of your time.

Asking questions with compassion is the avenue I have come to know as being very effective because it puts the onus on the person to whom you are asking the questions.

Each one of us beings has a purpose, a gift, a connectivity to our own hearts and minds that is our right and dare I say duty, to make full expression of in this life.

It is a paradox in ways as we are all connected yet we are taught modalities of separation in our education and the governance of society.

We may look at the media sources and choose to feel a certain way about what we are seeing as well as take on any feelings of ourselves that may not be at the level that is being portrayed in the ads and most trending styles of now and the detrimental aspect of this kind of behaviour is that it is rooted in falsehood.

Each & Everyone of Us Are Beautiful in Our Own Unique Way.

we are all unique

One need only look at the example of Stephen Hawking when he was of this Earth.

A formidable man with a remarkable Mind yet aesthetically, not appearing like the ads that you see in the media, but the profound beauty he added to this world through his own unique combination of his Heart and tremendous Mind has left a lasting and impactful impression upon the world in which we all live.

stephen hawking photograph

Embracing diversity, acceptance and self actualization are all pursuits that are worthy of life lived in harmony with the dictates of our Hearts.

When my partner was a boy in school, having been born in the mid sixties, any person who had a disability in Mind or Body were segregated to different institutions of learning.

Fast forward to present day when we send our son to a school that integrates special needs children into the general population with all the other children.

In by view, whatever the state of your being, we are all, in our own way, and to varying degrees, special needs people.

Think About It.

We all have different and special needs to be based on our relationship to ourselves and where we have come from and who and what we are presently engaged.

The experiences that impact us on a profound emotionally heightened level, prove to shape who we are and how we interpret and decipher our experiences forward.

Factors of conditioning, beliefs and the relationship one keeps in terms of the inner dialogue and how they nourish their bodies with food and motion.

solitude adventures rely on self

As the collective consciousness levels up their awareness, it is becoming apparent that our old modalities of thinking and believing are not always aligned with our truest and most authentic selves.

What if, instead, we were directed and taught to accept ourselves completely.

What if we were taught from the outset that to be who we are, authentically, openly and honestly with no fear of judgement or reproach is where the gold is to be found?

Have you been taught to embrace yourself in every aspect of yourself?

Have people around you told you that you are too much of this or not enough of that?

People project a huge amount of their own internal world onto others. The internal world can be cleaned up with personal amalgams and identity alignment.

Being consciously aware of yourself and where your attention is focused is supremely empowering.

Understanding yourself, who you are separate from whom other people have told you are is a vibe that thrives.

pix of me and my life

When you are able to cast off the chains of any conditioning or subconscious beliefs that do not serve you and delineate definitively who you are to be based on your own connection of heart and mind then you are in an empowered place.

Delineate first who you are.

Identifying your identity and being firm and decisive about who you are and what you intend to accomplish is HUGE in determining your success. Personal amalgams and identity tools are extremely useful.

This week in leveling up in your esteemed vibes of self, take a half hour out of your day to sit down and assess you.

Where you are at, where you want to be and basically script out the best version of yourself.

What is your identity?

who's bum does that belong to

Before I delved into story art, I was an animation generalist.

Within one year of using the personal amalgam “I am a successful storyboard artist in the animation and film industries.” and encompassing that identity by making conscious choices and actions that aligned with that statement – I was employed at an animation studio and then at another one and then a large film outfit kept me on as freelance.”

I didn’t have any expectations. I just decided to choose to delineate this part of by life for by career.

Words Are Supremely Powerful. Personal Amalgams and Identity Alignment Is Too. 

One need only see the expanded work that the people at MindValley,, Frederick Dodson and Vadim Zeland to see how ultimately awesome it is to be human in this day and age.

Being mindful of the kind of energy you absorb is important.

Where you focus your attention determines your expansion.

What kind of media do you absorb?

How much time are you investing in who you are?

How much is social media absorbing your focus?

How do you react to things?

Are you chill?

Does everything bother you?

Maintaining alignment within yourself as well as keeping on a trajectory forward of a decisive and delineated goal is a good way to navigate your vibe.

My amalgam for when I was navigation neural stress and at the height of by mental health issues?

The more I went to harp on the mental problems with therapists, the more exacerbated by condition seemed to appear.

connect the circuitry

After I absorbed some reality creation material in great depths I realize that the focus on the problem was giving me more of the problem.

When I implemented a personal amalgam throughout by day and several times throughout the day, I am now almost fully in complete governance of by complex neural stress.

Every day by amalgam was “I am in optimal health in Mind and Body. Every day, I get better and better.”

Within a month, my regulation was elevated and by tools that I have been working with magically seemed to take effect and I was left with the experience of the realization that when someone tells you something about yourself, a doctor, a therapist, a family member, just remember that no other person is living in your skin.

Does That Sound Too Simple?

in pursuit of magic

In my complex and colourful life experience I have come to understand that the most complex solutions have the simplest of solutions.

In most cases, it is the nature of the human condition to put up obstacles and problematic thoughts and behaviours that do not serve the simplicity of the answers of which you seek.

No other person can express your Souls unique journey.

You are the only one who is complete governance of your life experience.

Ultimately your family, your friends, your coworkers and anyone who you interact can have an impact on you but at the end of the day you are the architect of your life experience.

By way of your thought energy, your physiological energy and imagination

. A steady stream of thought without any resistance allows it to come into your life experience.

Being consciously aware of your beliefs and your conditioning provides you with a discerning awareness of the Self that enables you to connect and expand yourself.

This week, or, like right now, I invite you to make up your own personal amalgam that will prove to elevate and carry you towards the goals of your desires.

List of Amalgams

Below you will encounter that which could prove useful for you to use as reference and then you can put your twist on them or create your own entirely that is suited to your individual self.

“I am healthy in Mind and Body.”

“I am a connected, loving and loyal partner/friend/parent/guardian/daughter/sister/brother etc.”

“I am at Peace within”

“I am worthy of love”

“My world always takes care of me.”

“I am financially free.”

“Every day in every way, I get better and better.”

Make it simple, Make it short and make it something that you can see the potential within for where you are presently.

If you find that you are in reluctance to try it out, ask yourself why that may be.

You are deserving. You are valid. This is your life. This is you in creativity of your life canvas.

Keep the language positive, confidant and assured.

Your belief and persistence will yield to you the path or even the results that you are striving towards.

believe in who you are

If your mind is still looking for further complex solutions to your problem them you are adding more fuel to your problematic fire.

One good vibe to encompass, overall, is that the Universe in which we live is infinite.

That means that everything we experience, is inclusive.

Everything is meant to be here in our paths, and the reason these situations, people, events, etc come into our experience is a direct reflection of the karma we need to sort out for ourselves to understand, and nurture our truest selves.

Taking your own health in Mind and Body into your own hands and discerning your thought forms so that they are independent from any teachings or influence that has not indicated joy or pleasure to your highest desires, then that is you who is the one cultivating the kind of vibe you give off with how you direct your attention.

i fell in love here

Keep your attention on yourself.

On YOUR amalgams.

On YOUR goals.

On the best aspects of yourself and the parts you are eliminating or leveling up to expand your life experience.

All the outside stuff works itself out in unexpected and surprisingly delightful ways once you have a solid and consistent inner world of acceptance, love and nurturing.

Make Yourself A Priority.

Live in Your Skin With Pride.

What If You Were To Say As Much To Yourself?


Give it a try and see what happens…..