Trusting in Oneself Entirely

What’s the Word on Self-Esteem? Trusting in Oneself Entirely Is A Sweet Feel!

Having the confidence in trusting oneself entirely  in our own thoughts as well as face with dignity challenges that are part of life.

A conviction and belief in one’s own right for freedom, peace, success and happiness. Trusting in oneself entirely is freedom.

Being with the internal knowing and state that you are of worth, value, respect, and validated in asserting your wants, needs and the achievement of your innermost desires.

Trusting in oneself entirely is a good vibe that thrives.

When a Person, Any Human, Can Trust in One’s Own Mind and To Know That They Are Worth a Life of Joy.

These Are Fundamental Feels of What Self-Esteem Encompasses & Trusting In Oneself Entirely

Self-esteem is not a fleeting feeling or something that comes and goes.

It is a fundamental essence and way of being in the world that inspires all aspects of a persons actions and behaviours.

There is a cycle and momentum that takes effect when self-esteem is in check – a feedback loop from the person and their sense of self-esteem is expressed in their behaviours.

Solid esteem leads to solid outcomes.

Low esteem leads to outcomes that ride a low vibe.

When a person is able to have full trust in the governance of their own mind as well as the ability to be fair and make rational judgments, that is trusting in oneself completely.

This person has a good governance over how they show up in the world and how their world unfolds.

Decision Making, Emotional Awareness, Conscious Action with Well Directed and Clear Thinking are all Aspects that are Related to a Persons Sense of Self. Trusting in Oneself Completely Aligns Here Too.

If a person lacks esteem in themselves and lacks trust in themselves and their Mind’s activities then the ability to thrive and overcome challenges proves to be an upward and resistantly charged momentum that works against them.

Which One Sounds Like A Better Vibe? Trusting In Oneself or Not?

Each and every one of us humans are given lives, and no matter how you arrived here and what situation you find yourself to be in, the truth will always remain that our own lives are up to us to navigate.

There are many aspects of our humanity that we need to govern and have a handle on to become successful participants in this game called life.

Your mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual well- being are aspects of your existence that are pivotal in which to cultivate a solid relationship with oneself.

Your Esteem of Self Regulates Your Ability to Govern Yourself Respectfully. Trusting in Oneself Entirely To Do This is A Supreme Thrive. 

To treat yourself with respect filters into how you approach the manner in which you nourish yourself, the care you take for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, the manner in which you approach tasks and events in your life, the resilience we demonstrate when faced with challenges and how you maintain relationships and interact with other people.

If a Person Feels Self-Respect & Esteem of Themselves, Then They Will Mirror that Response in Those With Whom They Exchange Their Energy.

Self Respect and demonstration of such in ones self-expression begets respect from the outer world. Trusting in oneself entirely is a very formidable personal energy to create.

It would be reasonable to denote than, that self loathing and lack of esteem in oneself would beget unfavourable situations and events to be drawn forth in that vain.

The Quantum mirror model principle supports this too. What you see outside of you is a direct reflection of your state of being.

If you are in a state of being of calm, clear and confidant energy, than you will see results in your environment that denote your relationship to this kind of energy.

The people whom you see begging for change are with a belief that they have to beg to survive.

A person with self-respect and good esteem will not be seen begging for anything.

Mental Health is something that is so prevalent in our life experience. Being able to circumvent, navigate and/or manage psychological issues is related to your esteem of self.

Trusting in oneself entirely is the key to survival and at the end of the day, no matter the influences you have had, or the present situation you find yourself within, you are the ambassador of your life experience.

That Includes Acknowledging & Understanding That It Is Indeed You Who Ends Up Teaching People How To Treat You.

When you tolerate disrespect, abuse, dishonorable and undignified behaviour from others, and it is normalized, than this is felt and omnipresent in every interaction in which you engage.

It has a huge impact on your emotional, social, mental and physical well-being.

We Were Made 2 B Loved & Reminded of Our Magnificent Worth & Capabilities.

Not to be done in a narcissistic and self serving manner, but in the Spirit of a dignified and happy human existence. We are all worthy and have a right to this, and I think it is the natural order of things, yet many people in today’s world are not tuned in to these aspects of themselves.

Self esteem affects all areas of our lives, and yet the very topic is not that commonly remarked upon in modalities of education.

It would do us, our humanity, a great service, should we inform, empower and educate ourselves about how to feel good in our skin and have within us the tools and strategies to handle ourselves to not only survive, but to thrive.

If the question of your worth and value is up for debate in your own mind’s eye and through your feeling states, than understanding and cultivating self-esteem can prove to really help, not only your outcomes, but the feelings of accomplishment and self reward that comes with achieving something and acknowledging your efforts & capabilities in your accomplishments.

Self-Esteem in Terms of our World Today & How Self-Esteem Plays a Role in our Global Community.

In today’s technologically driven society, self-esteem is on the decline and a good portion of adults and children walk around with questionable mindsets about their own worth and value.

How can we gain self-esteem or learn how to cultivate it when our brains are on hypnosis from the electromagnetic activity that is instant media absorption?

How is a young person able to tangibly relate to the natural world around them through a two-dimensional screen and understand their own relationship to the emotion in their body, their physical acumen and mental health?

They can’t.

That is not how we were built to thrive.

Technology was created by humans, and now, in many regards, it seems to be controlling the very source from which it was invented.

Conscious awareness and conscious parenting are aspects that filter into your ability to raise a child with good self-esteem.

If you yourself, as a parent or guardian have a diminished or non truthful relationship to your own worth, than however will be able to distill such wisdom to your offspring?

It is informational about the aptitude of discernment in terms of how much a parent/guardian will allow screen time for their child.

Screentime has replaced one to one interactions with parent and child and been normalized as “well, it is just the time we live in”

Any parent who tells me this, is allowing a collective misnomer guide their child’s neural health and I would question their own esteem of themselves in that they normalize and accept such a practice.

The amount of screen time that is documented amongst the collective is abundant and if one does not have a healthy sense of self or are taught to learn about how to govern themselves emotionally, mentally and physically before they are given an electromagnetic screen to impact their neural space, than the development of these aspects of ourselves are unable to express their natural functions in an empowering and expansive manner.

There seems to exist an extreme of great reactivity amongst the society in some respects and in others, complete disassociation from one another in terms of human interaction.

The behaviour and state of our overall human consciousness is mirrored in the state of our planet.

How Did We Become So Imbalanced?

One curiosity that has been with me for quite sometime is how we as humans, have made engaging in diminishing practices to our humanity and totally normalized them, whether it be the way we massacre our bodies in the name of healing, or adding materials of a toxic or chemical nature to the food in which we claim to be nourishing ourselves.

When Did We Become So Comfortable Being So Unkind 2 The Magnificient Technology That Are Our Brains & Bodies?

I wonder if everyone had a healthy esteem of themselves and knowledge of the quantum connectivity of our systems to the infinite universe that surrounds us, would we than be well-equipped to abolish the practices of this world that prove to diminish and deteriorate our quality of living?

Hate Crimes, Racism, Gun Violence, War, Greed and Gain at the expense of the Earth’s health.

Who is accepting and engaging in these kinds of mindsets and behaviours?

I can guarantee you, anyone who engages in, endorses and/or normalizes these practices, is lacking a true sense of self-worth and connectivity to the higher aspects of oneself and has completely disconnected from their Heart Space.

It may be to that people are just repeating the cycle of what they were taught by the generations that preceded them and haven’t enough knowledge or wisdom to break the cycle of dehumanizing and destructive behaviours because they are subconsciously ingrained within them and just don’t have an awareness or even know any better.

That’s kind of brutal way to be in the world, no?

It has been presented to me throughout my colourful life experience that everything is not as it seems.

I have met Robin Williams in a bar in which I worked where he entertained a large group of patrons for the entirety of the evening only to learn later of his shadow he was masking within that resulted in him taking his own life.

Anthony Bourdain is another example of a man, seemingly to have quite the life, but he, too, in despair and in a space of self where he too, ended his own life.

I am not with the factual knowledge that these deaths were a result of low self-esteem, but the ability for those men to seek help and heal, was not within their personal power, desire or management and it is not uncommon to witness a good portion of people wearing masks to fulfill obligation or to maintain an acceptable perception when inwardly, they are in sufficient despair and pain to end their own lives.

Those Examples Are Extreme, But In authenticity & Masking of Low Esteem Filters Into Marriages, Institutions of Learning, Industry… Anywhere Human Interaction is Taking Place.

When a person is in good esteem of themselves, than they need not diminish anyone in their dealings, they can be honest and forthright about their needs and desires.

Being able to speak up for oneself, to know oneself and to be at peace in one’s own skin is an affluent way to be in this world.

Self efficacy and esteem of the self is not only a personal issue, but it proves exponential in terms of the psychology in which we govern and interact within our societal structures.

What kind of shift would occur in the youth of today if a comprehensive outline be delineated and than implemented into the education system so as to educate, empower and elevate the humanity in which we live by teaching the inherent value and rewards that cultivating self esteem can offer?

A Result of Empowerment.

If all the kids were walking around confidant and secure, in the sense of true self-worth that yields kindness, humility and grace rather than seeking attention in the wrong ways to affirm one’s value through the most insecure, loud and abrasive manners.

A good portion of adults are walking around with poor self-esteem and raising children with the same kind of vibe.

The world is a crazy and tough place to be so to be well-equipped with a healthy sense of self and an assured and confidant foundational relationship within, allows for the craziness of the world to be navigated with greater ease and joy.

Our Behaviour is Influenced by our Relationship to the Self. Trusting in Oneself Entirely Affects the Way We Behave. 

In action, self-esteem is directly correlated to a person’s own rationality, their relationship to reality, their inner intuition, creative expression, independence, resilience with change, flexibility, and acknowledging and correcting errors.

A healthy self-esteem is in alignment with a healthy outlook on life and encompasses benevolence and cooperation with the world around you.

As a person who has navigated complex neural stress and has an intimate relationship with the brains ability to provide perceptions and behaviours of irrationality, cultivating esteem within myself was never a problem. I was the youngest of 7 children and a cute little baby girl after 3 rambunctious boys.

Everyone around me loved the crap out of me and did everything for me and even though the environment was one of toxic stress I knew who I was despite everything that was happening around me.

I honestly think my ability to maintain a solid sense of my own self since my first memory at 4yrs old has been what has allowed me to survive, overcome, heal and now thrive after the experiences I was subjected to and impacted by.

A commitment to maintaining and nurturing your Mind’s rationality is directly correlated with living consciously and successfully.

This is especially important if you are a parent too.

Your children absorb your behaviours and words as teachings.

It is subtle yet so profoundly powerful how we influence the little ones around us.

Guiding children in good esteem of ourselves as adults is what elevates our children’s generation to encompass the same value within.

A screen won’t do that.

For any child.

Self-esteem denotes respect for factual events in terms of being able to rationally delineate what is real and what is not.

Feeling of value and worth enables one not to distort events or situations that enable a victimization mindset.

The very nature of our reality entails understanding that the polarities of the world exist. With this truth maintaining balance by trusting in oneself entirely is a supreme thrive.

With cold, you know hot. With chaos, you understand the value of peace – the polarity of loving oneself or that of loathing oneself are two spectrums of the same Universal Law and have a profound impact on how the outcomes of your life unfold.

If a person is insecure and lacking in self-assurance as a result of low self-esteem, than the likelihood of that person estimating their own abilities rationally and realistically is highly unlikely.

A person, who has a healthy sense of self and is with a high esteem of themselves while maintaining humility will have an accurate assessment of their own capabilities and therefore be executing in alignment with their own beliefs of themselves.

The polarity of these two approaches to living within the self yield very different results and outcomes in terms of peoples perceptions and interactions. Trusting in oneself entirely is something that needs to be developed and invested within.

Cultivating self-esteem, understanding the inherent infrastructure of which a person is able to do so is an incredibly empowering practice for any human being, no matter the region of this planet in which they live.

Keep an eye out for more content down the pipe to do exactly that, should you be in a place where you need to, and in the meantime, be good to yourself and engage in life🙂