Your Four Functions of Esteemed Living & Ten Rules to Your Esteemed Thrive

Harnessing Normalcy in an Abnormal World

We as humans are inherently connected in our humanity.

Although the world structures itself on division, competition, separation and comparison, which are highly abnormal to your humanity, it is what it is and the man made laws of the world are in full swing.

Every human being, whether they be a man or a woman, black or white, rich or poor, crazy or sane are inherently born with four functions to keep them vibrating through their life experience

These four functions are feeling (tangible feeling states condition in the body), sensate (perceptions by the senses) , intuition ( your highest guidance of knowledge) and thinking (your creative deliberate life mechanism)

If your life has been derailed or you are in a state of lacking esteem of worth within your thrive of human experience it is key to be validated in terms of your human experience.

Do not put this task in the hands of another. You are your own human masterpiece and taking esteemed ownership of your validity is key to harnessing a thrive in your life force.

Valid life

Most often invalidation occurs when toxicity runs rampant, especially in a world where toxic narcissism and masculinity are demonstrable in the governmental structures of which command a good deal of the energy that people adhere to.

Instead of being invalidated in your basic right to an esteemed humanity by way of crazy makers and those whom do not take personal ownership or responsibility for the toxic energy they perpetuate in the world, honouring and freely affirming your feelings, sensations, intuiting and thinking can prove to yield to you a very empowering and esteemed vibration of which to govern yourself from.

If you have been invalidated in any aspects of these four proclivities to your human experience then honouring the validity of them can prove a game changer and make your world start to make more natural sense once again,

You will know what you feel, intuit what you intuit and think what you think. In esteem, In clarity. With these skills and natural abilities inherent in your humanity functioning in a validated and acknowledged healthy manner, you can then make healthy decisions for yourself.

As a result of your inner world transformation, the natural by product given the metaphysical mirror of reality will transform your outside world too.

Honouring your innate and God given freedoms are a path to nurturing yourself to a space of normalcy and esteem in your human experience.

Below you will discover or recognize ten rules, based on your four innate human freedoms that will enable you this esteem and normalcy in what has been an untethered, unnatural and abnormal world of recent.

With your own investment and an aptitude of experiential practice you will may find these guidelines immensely cathartic and healing to you and your entirety.



The Esteemed Vibratory Propulsion of the Self

Love train


Feeling what you feel is totally okay and allowed. Feelings are not right or wrong, they just are. No one on Earth has the right nor can they truthfully tell you how you feel. Allowing and accepting your emotional energy to come through you without attaching to them any identification is an honourable manner to enable yourself your own human experience with dignity.


Wanting what you want and asking for it is okay and perfectly acceptable. Getting your needs to be met is necessary. It is an esteemed vibration to assert the validity and meeting of ones own needs.


Seeing and hearing what you see and hear is valid and okay. Your experience is valid whether other people can understand and comprehend it or not.


Having fun is okay and necessary. In fact, in it highly encouraged. Life is meant to be fun, so have at it.


Being truthful, compelling truth and guiding your expressions in truth and honesty at all times is ESSENTIAL. This reduces any pain you encounter in your life as untruths and lies distort reality.


Knowing your limits and guiding yourself with integrity to delayed gratification is sometimes necessary and important. This too will reduce any pain you encounter in your life as you as in mastery over yourself and how you propel yourself in this life.


Developing a balanced sense of personal responsibility is CRUCIAL. This means fully accepting the consequences for what actions your propel in the world and refusing to accept the consequences of the actions of others.


Having understanding for yourself and allowing yourself to make mistakes is totally okay. Mistakes are our teachers, they help us experientially learn what yields our esteem and what lessons we have to learn in order to grow in our own human experience.


As co resonant humans connected to the unconditional space bred by emotional energy of which we all carry, respecting and valuing other peoples feelings, needs and wants is needed. Violation of this rule leads to lower esteemed vibrations within such as guilt, remorse, regret and hurtful consequences for everyone involved.


Having problems and conflicts in life is okay. However, the manner in which we take responsibility of them is imperative to ones own esteemed wealth. One must learn to recognize and gain the tools and aptitude to resolve them.

In knowings

Taking a look at the above ten rules how did you fare in terms of these traits of esteemed living within yourself?

Are your relationships positively normal or are they primarily dysfunctional?

Imagine the benefits you can yield by adhering to these ten rules. Sanity is like a breath of fresh air for the Soul.

Not allowing yourself to be pulled into the insanity of inauthentic living and taking ownership of your own esteem by focusing on your own energy and how you govern it in relationship to these ten rules is an esteemed thrive.

You have the capacity to destruct or construct your vibratory level of esteem in your own humanity.

Make your choices.

Make them wisely.